Deer Behavior B.S. Session with Bronson Strickland

Show Notes

If you haven't spent any time listening to Bronson Strickland about the research that himself and the rest of the Mississippi State University Deer Lab crew has completed, you're missing out. This episode is no different. Dan gets in to a great line of questioning about deer behavior. The guy discuss everything from how does choose buck to mate with, does a bucks aggression level impact his ability to breed if he is a smaller antlered and smaller bodied buck, and other general deer behavior questions. 

The second half of the episode is dedicated predicting deer movement and behavior. Dan talks with Bronson about hunting apps that claim to predict deer movement and whether or not that data can be trusted. This is a very insightful episode the will leave you thinking about deer behavior and comparing it to experiences you have had while hunting. Enjoy!

Show Transcript