Deer Biology with Clint Mccoy of the Ohio Division of Wildlife

Show Notes

This week the guys sit down and talk about white-tailed deer basics with Clint Mccoy of ODW.  Clint is a deer biologist for the state, and covers what exactly is happening with the Ohio heard in the month of November.  Know thy Enemy right?  Okay, the deer aren’t the enemy, but they are the target.  

Paul and Andrew are doing what they do best in the woods.  Nothing. Well, they are getting better, but still putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  Both had encounters with shooter bucks this week, but spoiler alert, no racks on the wall.  It’s all part of the process.  Hunting deer isn’t easy, and can be quite the roller coaster of emotions along the way.

The woods are on fire right now, so hopefully you can find to get out and get the job done.  Please tag us in social media posts and we will do our best to get everybody recognized!

Have a great week and good luck to those getting out into the great Outdoors of Ohio!

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