Whitetail Update with NDA & ODW

Show Notes

This week, the guys have their longest episode to date. First off we start by talking with Tony from the open season outdoor show. This weekend March 17-20 is the Open Season Outdoor show in Columbus at the Ohio Expo Center. Tony gives a run down of speakers, special guests, vendors and more. Beat that cabin fever and get out to the show!

The main course for this week’s episode is the discussion with Mike Tonkovich and Lindsay Thomas Jr. Mike gives the insight from the Ohio Department of Wildlife and Lindsay gives the perspective from a national level of the current state of whitetail deer around the state and country. The guys cover many topics from harvests numbers, regulations, CWD and more. The CWD talk is a good discussion of different perspectives and thoughts. Bottom line, there is a lot of research still to do.

The guys have just been doing standard Dad stuff. Paul tip toed around Niagara Falls, while Andrew played lumber jack in the yard. Both are gearing up their turkey calls, and pissing their wives off in the process!


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