Deer Camp 2022 Hunt Recap

Show Notes

Most hunters have a polar reaction to the orange army and rifle season; you either love it or you hate it.  While the tactics and styles used in rifle season drastically vary compared to archery tackle, it is still an opportunity for hunters to share one commonality - enjoy creation and the pursuit of big game.  Mitch used to dread the 2 week firearm season as this meant added hunting pressure in his hunting area, complexity to archery hunting, and the remote possibility that a target buck could be harvested by someone else.  Over time though, he has realized that no one owns the deer we chase, and when one dies another takes its place.  So instead of allowing the opening of firearm season to dampen the enjoyment of deer hunting, Mitch embraces it with friends and family.

On this week's episode, Mitch sits down at the breakfast table on a rainy morning at the close of a successful 2-day group hunt at deer camp.  Joining him is long-time friend and hunting buddy, Clayton Good, as well as a new guest and familiar voice on the Sportsmen's Empire Podcast Network, Andrew Muntz from the Ohio Outdoors Podcast.  Also at the end we are greeted by Mitch's Father, Jeff, who decided to hop on and share his side of the hunt including the buck he shot during the last drive of day 2.  We share stories, explain drive set-up and strategy, and the failures and successes that occurred throughout the week.  This episode leaves us ready for next year!  Thanks for listening!

Show Transcript