Pennsylvania Triple Trophy Season Breakdown

Show Notes

It is quite an accomplishment for hunters in the Keystone state to harvest a bear, whitetail buck, and spring turkey in one season; otherwise known as the Triple Trophy. For many it is something that may only happen once in their lifetime, however, there are always a few exceptions. On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, we have a season breakdown with Dayton Hess, who just finished his third Triple Trophy!

Dayton is truly a diehard that utilizes every possible moment he can to gather intel for his hunting areas. You may have heard other guests on this show say they scout more than they hunt and Dayton is no exception! With the use of cameras, glassing, and boots on the ground scouting, he consistently puts himself in bow range of his target animal. Tune in for the strategy behind all three of these big game species as there are plenty of tips to help you this fall!

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