Deer Camp - Gear and Stories- Don't Run Over the Bait Fish

Show Notes

Live from deer camp we recorded an episode from the annual scouting and shed hunting trip.  We go over some of our mishaps with camping and hunting.  Some key gear items that make these trips easier. 

Some stories told include racoons invading a tent to steal honey buns.  Installing a muffler with fishing line to make it home.  Only having enough gas money to sleep in your mini van to hunt 2 days.  

Other Topics:

-bed hunting

-scouting for a certain purpose

-installing a card table in wall tent

-never trust fireball shots

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] All right. Welcome to the Whitetail Experience Podcast. This is your host, Byron Horton. I appreciate you guys tuning in. We have a fun one today. This is not super tactical based. It is more, I guess there's some gear involved that would maybe help you in some sort of out-of-state, out of your house type hunting.

But this is a Deer Camp episode recorded at our annual scouting shed hunting trip. Found zero sheds . So not quite the most productive on the shed counter, but a solid weekend away. Had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs. Good. Reset everything you need. I will say if you are looking for some more tactical type information, I have been putting my scouting videos.

Little thoughts. Tips, tactical based information on Patreon because I don't want some of this information going out to the masses, and I appreciate those guys supporting the brand at a high level. With that being said, I think we're gonna get into today's episode. Oh, I have an update on the Ohio Wildlife, like future laws, regulations, [00:01:00] some of that stuff I found and in posting in my story, the email address I have found to, if you need information regarding or some of the proposed laws and have thoughts around them to email it's Wildlife dot Probably just be easier to watch the Instagram story for Whitetail experience. I'll be posting that a little bit more regularly, guys. Hope you enjoyed the e episode. I would say this is like Deer Camp story related.

Some gear items that allow Deer Camp to be good and some pretty good laughs. All right, guys, enjoy. Oh, I turn the tunes off. Oh, we gotta turn the tunes off. That, that would make for a good little intro folks. We are live at Deer Camp Shed camp, scouting camp. Yep. Yep. In an undisclosed location.

We might not even be in the same state that you think we're hunting. Never know. [00:02:00] never know with us. Vara loves to keep it secretive. We got some fireball packs being passed around here. Dave, damn, Dave, Andy and myself did some scouting today and then we just cooked up some brotts and we thought we'd do a podcast here live.

And we got some deer Camp stories for you. Yep. And we got Zoe in the building. Alonzo, he's been on the white cell experience from the very start. And but Naden been featured much, been quiet for the last few years. Here he is. Okay. What's going on guys? looking like Clark Kent and everything.

Yeah, so we gonna take these Fireballs, fireball shots to start it up immediately. Don't listen to audience. We have these little gas station special two announcers. I'm Ping. Oh gosh. . Wait. There's a story right there. Last time we had Fireball, me and Andy both yanked our brains out at scout, at the other big scouting camp.

Camp, yeah. Yeah. Me and Andy Midnight. I'm Yaking and then I hear somebody come out of the other tent. I go, is that you Andy ? [00:03:00] You need to cut in. Then the next day you got up and had to pull some tail cameras, right? Yeah. Oh, so like I was yaking and I looked over or whatever and you were, I was there yaking.

I was like, throw up like a rock on symbol. Like the rock on to keep on the yaking. This was because we were multiple tents and there's, you guys ended up outside same time, he had a little moment there, like Andy was about to call his wife to come get him. Oh yeah, for sure. And it was a long drive.

Byron pulled up. Byron paid up. I had a nap on the way home cuz I was so wounded. Byron pulled up from checking truck cameras, opened the door and rolled out of his truck. Just rolled out. I have nerve, no step down or nothing rolled right outta the vehicle. I had never given up in the. But to pull the first camera, I knelt and took a knee like two times.

There there's pictures of it. You'll have to clip those in here on this . When you, the next day when you went to go pull those cameras, one of the cameras caught you on pictures. Puking, right? Or no, just wounded right before you got into the frame, just. Super wounded holding toilet [00:04:00] paper and No, and there was a buck on camera.

There's a deer looking at me as I was walking in. You were like, this dearest definitely look at me as I was speaking. . Yeah. I was like, damn you. You did good. You pulled all on cameras. That was pretty quick. And you skipped all, every one of em. He's no, two . He had six. There's three that are still down there.

hopefully. Oh, I know one. That was two years ago. They're gone. He chalked them up. Yeah. I was fine. I woke up next day. Byron, three times more than y'all and he took a nap on the way home. Yeah. You guys passed me. Remember I left and I couldn't tell. He was in the McDonald's parking lot, sleeping. We were driving Hilarious.

I was talking to you like trying to calm me down like, Byron, don't throw up. Don't throw up. I was like, guys, I gotta, I Yeah. That was the hell of the night. That's the most wounded you've been is as of recent. A long time because back when we really drank like that, we were in college and we could handle it.

Yeah. Y'all are bitch. Cheers. Cheers.[00:05:00]

Guzzle. Guzzle. I take f Mine. Oh. Oh, . It's happening tonight. Oh, chase it. Chase it. Chase it. So I think chase it with another drink. I think the first story that needs to be told also, guys, watch the table noise with the recording. What? Don't touch the table. Yeah, just watch it. Don't be slamming it cuz it'll go.

Audio, but this is a custom table. Yeah. That story will be told a second because on the one here, Dave calls me. Yeah, . Yeah. When you were on the, me and Andy were right here. We went and set up the tent and realized none of the ropes were in it because this is a, it's Cabela's alac neck.

It's a wall tent. It has 16, poles around the edges, and you string 'em all out and you pull 'em all. And then Paige making noise over there with the strawberries and he pulled 'em all tight. But all the ropes were missing. And I called Byron, I'm like, Hey, you used this tent last.

Where are all the ropes at? You're like, oh shit they're back at the house. He's I'm already like almost there. And and he's but there's a Walmart not far away. [00:06:00] I can swing him there. And then I was like I got some extra rope. And I was like let's do this. Let I got some extra rope.

Me and Andy Ferrell, what we can do with this. You swing, grab some more at the Walmart. We'll figure out a plan here. We'll get this damn tent standing , this one way or another. And ended up being that big role of. Rope that I had. So I have a camping tote that's just full of just nonsense.

Mostly it's just a bunch of shit, like three things out of it get used every camping trip. But this camping trip, that damn full of rope that's been there for seven years paid off and if we get me, Andy got that tent standing with that. We had tie a million knots and stuff. It was. It's raining and cold, so it was a fight.

Windy as hell. We're leaning on ropes, so we're not able to secure everything down, so we're just trying to get this tip standing with like ropes biggest Parachute , yeah, exactly. With like minimal ropes and then . Yeah. It was a, it was just a little bit of a cluster, but we got her going though and.

Yeah. That was almost like an immediate debacle because this is what we had for the weekend. Yeah. We're in the Wal Tent [00:07:00] that's got the wood stove. It's cold, you know it's gonna be in the twentie. . This is our only chance of any warmth, even though it's 99 degrees near right now. . Yeah. Boring sweat.

So we, right beside it we have taken this Walton on several outings out state hunt. So yeah, scouting our shed hunts and there have been times where Dave stokes the wood stove so much. Annie and I will be like nearly naked, flopped low, literally sleeping bags wide over exposed. So I get to the point now where I bring my own tent.

And I got a little buddy heater and it's noticeably cooler like than Dave's Nice. Yeah. Wood stove. But I can at least go to sleep. . It's a fine line. I didn't grow up like with a wood stove. I don't have one like in my house. Yeah. I've never had a cabin where I've tended one, so I'm learning, but.

It's, I'm usually air on the side of it being a million degrees Dave. And Dave sleeps the furthest from the wood stove. And he also is a colder sleeper. And like me, I'm the opposite. Like I'm, I sleep hot and I want it super cold. Yeah. Yeah. So I bring my own tent, , every about that. And my little buddy [00:08:00] eater before we tell the raccoon story, I should tell this one as far as sleeping in the cold.

So I a couple years ago got to be on the DeCosta, Illinois lease or whatever for a season, and I drove out there to hunt. And he, Cisco and Justin were there and hunted. The evening hunt, set up my tent. By this time it's nine 30, and I'm like, oh, man. Like, all right, set it up. I go to get in there.

I'm like, dude, I didn't bring a sleeping bag. , I have my cot, my pad, my pillow, no bag, , Walmart's 45 minutes away. So I'm doing the math. I'm like, okay, 45 minute drive, 15, 30 minute Jack around Walmart. Dude, I won't be back till 1130. . I said, forget it. I bundled up with all the hunting clothes I had slept in your boots, bibs, boots no, just socks. I didn't do boots, but yeah you know how you bring like maybe an extra vest and like your lighter jacket, just, dude, I loaded it up, but I did it. We've been there doing that. Yeah, we've done it in a minivan. Yeah. Tell that story. We were [00:09:00] young and I think I was in college maybe, or.

Yeah, I had to, I was in college 19, and we we just we saved up. We were saving pinch and pennies for gas money to go hunting. You told me you found quarters in the couchy or college. Yeah. Oh yeah. I used that all the time. And, but that, that, yeah, the finding of change in the minivan was a different trip, but that happened too.

But talking about that trip. Yeah. We went down there, it was gun season, I think mu Muzz load season. It was muzz alert season, so it was even later in the year. And we went down there and we were like, oh, we're go, we're gonna be able to hunt the weekend, but we can hunt two days if we just sleep in the van.

But we, I don't have the gas money to, you got gas money to do one, one down, one back. Yeah. So you can either hunt both days or only one. So we hunted all day and then we literally slept in the minivan in every single piece of clothing we had. The nine yards. Like literally just woke up and just stepped out and went hunting.

That was cheap clothing back then too. Oh, this is all, everything. Walmart, you know the thousand hoodies. There wasn't a nice [00:10:00] Marino, just the Walmart, slayers Gray real tree basically. Real tree gray we used, call it. Cause that's about three washes. It's just gray. You just got the gray T-shirt at that point.

Oh, did so did you ever wake up in the middle of the night? I've slept in my vehicle a few times and started it and let it run for I didn't know minutes. I have no idea. I, yeah. Yeah. No, we didn't have, I don't, we thought it would've cross this gas. I think like the gaslight like might've been on and we might've been like an hour away.

just see what happens. The gaslight was on when we went fishing for it two hours. Did dude that trip. Me and Andy went fishing at the High River when. Young. I don't know if I've to story on a podcast or not probably, but we went fishing maybe 16, 17. Yeah, we were young and we drove down to the High River.

Andy had an uncle who lived down there and he had this pond that's like way back in the woods, back some two track, and we're like, yeah, we're gonna go fish this pond. And no, there, there was actually two times. There's multiple trips. Yeah. Yeah. [00:11:00] Was the trip that was the White Castle trip with the minivan or was it in the suburban?

minivan cuz we was digging for change in the minivan. In the minivan, yeah. Yeah. So there's, yeah, we've had dev, we went to this pond two times, probably the worst two weekends of my life.

That caught the gas one though. Yeah we went there in the minivan and we were outta gas. And Andy lost a shoe on that trip. One shoe, like the Gaslight was just one. . The gaslight was on and it was on for a while and then eventually, like it was still on. And when. You would go the hill and let off the gas going down the hill.

you'd go up the hill and let off the gas going the, because we passed two gas stations in the middle of nowhere, but they were closed, like broad daylight, like Yeah. Middle of nowhere. Those were ridiculous. But yeah, you were definitely, yeah, we had the gas, yeah, I had 10 bucks to put in it, but, or I was just gonna go negative on my account and just, I'll just go beg the bank to, to not forgive my overdraft.

Yeah, forgive my overdraft, which I did a few times. . [00:12:00] But but yeah but the other trip, the other crazy trip to this pond, we went down there fishing and we had his dad's old suburban. It was like a, it was like a 88 square body. 88, yeah. It was a square by Suburban. And we drove it, all the way down to the High River.

Basically. We're. And so there's this huge pond and big mudhole that you gotta go through to get back to this pond that his grandpa or great-uncle or whatever he is stocked how many, 30 years ago big, which, so it's got some big flatheads in it. And so we were going to fish that pond and we caught a bunch of bluegill take up there.

We had 'em in this tote. We had a little aerator going, a little bubble. And the totes, like SLOs around the back tote is not the best thing. You should have a, like some better system for the, for our, listen, back in the day, Andy and Dave did some fish. Yeah, we did a lot of, some fish a lot when we were broke.

back in the day. Yeah. Broke with nothing to do. No responsibilities, no kids. They just walked down the river. You ain't baiting, huh? We'll catch 'em on the way. Not nothing. We'll find a creek or something. Throw. We know we ain't got no worms. Nah, I flew a couple rocks. Catch worm. Catch 'em. Yeah. Catch three, four blue [00:13:00] gills.

You can go catch flathead. That's all you need. But so we used to do that basically. It's a lot though. Yeah, we fished some catfish tournaments and stuff. Yeah. But yeah, we did a lot of big flathead fishing. So there's this big mud hole you gotta go through to get back to the pond. And we're like, okay, let's line it up.

Let's get ready to go. And then right before Andy, Andy was driving it right before he went to try to punch through this mud hole. I was like, wait. , let's take the blue gills and stuff out. Cause we don't want them sloshing around and losing half of 'em in the back of the truck, . So we're like, okay. So we take 'em out the back and we, I set 'em like right behind the truck, and I'm like, all right.

Like You're good. Ready to go. Andy goes What? Hammers it in reverse. . runs them over immediately. We baby these things the whole way down that hours catching these baits and just killed them all. All immediately. Just catching pieces. Pieces, keeping them alive. Swaping on the ground. We had five A Raiders.

They're gonna army cause live mate, you want live mate for Flathead, . Oh. , we killed them all [00:14:00] in a second. Immediately we were throwing them in the mud club, in the mud hole that we were about to drive through and just keep 'em alive. Like I gotta throw 'em in the mud hole. We had we'll come back and try and net 'em out here later or something like, we had our pillows and sleeping bags and blankets in the back and the wheel wass of the truck was rusted through.

So like mud was just flying through, getting on the blanket. Pillows, everything we had love was just coming in top of the side cab. It's, yeah, then we go, then we're making through, we salvage whatever fish we can get, whatever bait we can get, and we fish. You end up catching a big one that night.

Yeah, I think I caught a big one. I think we had a couple other runs and of 'em catch, we only got one fish, but flathead fish. And if anybody knows you got one big one, like that's a good night. But. Somebody go leave. Soon as then starts the truck up. Whole muffler falls off. Whole exhaustion, , not just the, not just the muffler.

like only up to the calver. It all just ping. They're like, oh shit. And it's like raining. It started raining so now we're like laying down on the ground in the mud hole. [00:15:00] Basically tying this whole exhaust system back on with fish and wire . Fish. The fish and line. Yeah. Look legit. Fish and wire fish and line it like we chalked up our neck, cut it up, use some of it to tie

Then when we go down and we get back to the damn mud hole, the infamous mud hole on our way out leaving the bait killer. Yeah. And he is like, all right, we stopped and we're. Ready. You know you go take this route. Hug this ridge here. Hammer through it. We can get through it. Halfway through the mud hole, this fucking stair wheel pops off.

the steering wheel comes off. Dad's truck wheel. Sweet ass GT Grant, St. Wood grain steering wheel. Someone never screwed it on and it popped it right off. I stopped dead smack in the middle of this two wheel drive vehicle. We were stuck middle of nowhere. No other vehicle will get us out. That's it. We're on our own.

We're 19 years old. . [00:16:00] That's it. But yeah. What are you gonna do? Look it out. We started going finding rocks and finding sticks. Any kind, big tires. Grain bark. We found it all. Just threw it all. Yeah. We, yeah, we ended up getting out eventually. But you, oh man, that was a trip there. We'd take him back as we tell his dad's yeah, it's gotten, it's gotten exhaust leak or something.

His dad's alright, I'll take it over my buddy over here at the mul shop. He takes it over there If dad didn't even look at it. Didn't he look at it? Takes it over there. His buddy comes out what the hell did you do this thing? Yeah, there's fish water everywhere. My, yeah. My dad took it to the muffler shop and we didn't think nothing of it.

He took it to the muffler shop guy comes out sir Do you know you're exhaust is hell on by fishing line . And my dad just shook his head and laughed like some boys . At least we kept this stuff. All they had to do was rew it, but, and we saved it. We salvaged this whole entire 14 foot long exhaust.

Yeah. This suburban. Yeah. Yeah. [00:17:00] We saw us exhaust on old blue . It was a whole thing because it was still having a little held on in some areas by a couple hangers. Yeah. Yeah. And we couldn't get those loose. We had enough tools. No, we, this was like . So that was I don't even know. We went down to rabbit hole.

We talking about gas and stuff. Back when we first, no, back when we we slept in the minivan that night. So we were talking about camping trips. Yeah. Peyton, are you listening to volume on that? She's Turn down please. All right. We had interruptions. Yeah. But yeah, we slept in the cold though. And that night in the minivan, every stitch of Walmart clothing we had on boots and Oh, every boots and all guns load when I first Turkey hunted.

My wife won't listen to this podcast. Me and my ex, ex-girlfriend, she would come, she would, we would camp in the back of my mom's exterra down there. I had some private ground back in the day in Megs County, and they had birds, and I was like, I'm, I want a Turkey hunt. Saturday mornings. You about CAT with her getting in her back room.

Yeah. Hot. A gili soup. Paintball gilli soup, a back ball. You didn't kill any, did you? Nah. You killed one [00:18:00] before. Zero before Yto experience. I think I killed the First Birds. Yeah. Did together. The double dip was both of our first birds. Yeah. Yeah. That's actually, that, that video doesn't get that many.

It's phenomenal. It doesn't get that many views. It's actually a really good video about nobody watch it. Yeah. It's, but it's like well edited. There's some cool ass shots in it. Yeah. We get the bird I shot on film, what year was that? Three year first year whitetail beams. 16. Oh, 1670. So that was like when you just started editing.

Yeah. Yeah. And then the camera died after I shot mine, and then, so I'm filming with the phone, the whole second half of the film and . That was a crazy story though. Oh, you like laid down, didn't you? I laid down, I down, he shot over my head. I laid down no, no selfie mode. David behind me. Dave and I, like first day we got duped by a circuit that came behind him.

Yeah. And we said, if that ever happens again, we'll just fucking stand up and shoot him. So the bird, the second bird, my bird that ends up dying comes behind us. And so I said, [00:19:00] Dave, on three, I'll stand up. You roll. Believe beneath my feet. Cuz I was like, the shotgun will be past you, right? Yeah.

There's no chance I can shoot Dave. Yeah. So we said 1, 2, 3. Dave does like a ninja roll to my feet and I stand up and this bird fucking matrix. My pattern at 12 yards . And then I pause for a second, look at Dave, like I just missed a shot. And then last in Mohicans mode, run over the bank and he's standing there at 35 and I hit him.

Yeah. So yeah. So I've been, yeah. So I'm when Byron shoots, I'm laying down on my back with my, with the phone held up just in the air above me. Shooting behind me. Yeah. Yeah. The bird's back there somewhere. I'm just filming leaves just straight up by. I thought I might have been filming something.

I don't know. He shoots misses, he gets up, starts running. I'm just running with him. Just running with the camera. Just you don't know what's like running with my phone. You know how hard it's too to run with your phone through the woods. Trying keep it still. Trying to keep it still. And then not only that but like you're looking at the screen Cause I'm making sure, trying to make sure he's on the screen as I'm running, I'm just running into all kinds of shit.

Like hitting shit. Me hood running the hitting in the head. [00:20:00] He shoots again and then I think you might have shot it twice. Did you shoot once or twice looking down the hill? No, when it was down the hill. I hit you on the first one. We dropped it and then we ran down hill de starts running more and I'm like, do you need any more bullets?

Like ? You can see. I think he, I think I saved in the video like, do you need more bullets, ? I'm like 30 hours behind him. I started throwing them shelves. This one. This one. But then what? What we didn't catch on film fully. was, I'm still filming. And we're like, all we do is double dip. We're like pumped, yeah. We're fist bumping stuff and this bird's laying there and he has a movie, we're like, oh, he dead. This bird comes to life like no other thing in my, and I, for a minute there was still recording. I don't know if I pressed a button in the scramble, but he's like at our feet, like going crazy, and I'm like a to stomping, just like cri, I'm Crip walking, trying to get him, trying to get up my foot on something. Trying to kick. He's trying to spur me. I'm like ha. I'm like doing high knees. I'm doing plyometrics, trying to stand on this thing. I bet you know, . [00:21:00] Finally we get it. . I've seen that in a bunch of Turkey videos, like guys standing on 'em after they shoot.

Yeah, but nobody says why. Are they gonna run away? He mean he, he had some Does it ruin the feathering? He was very lively when he got, when he came back to life. Yeah. If they're flopping around, they're just, he wasn't flopping. He was dead. Dead. Mine was flopping when we ran up to it and I stepped on his head Yeah.

As he was flopping. And he died like three seconds later. Yeah. But his wasn't moving. He kicked you or tried to It was going crazy right into my feet. You could, I got a video clip of. In the last three seconds of it, it's just you just hear it just may have it. It's just, yeah, it was constant.

I remember that day at work you guys killed, I'm like, fist pumping. Hell yeah. First Turkey down last day of the season and then five minutes later you're like, oh, we see some Turkey, over in the field. I'm like, yeah, cool. 10 minutes later or half hour, however long. We killed another one.

Double dip. I'm like screaming ecstatic in the middle world. Gosh. , they killed, dude. They were here. It was crazy. And it's, yeah, and [00:22:00] we don't turn, so shit was, oh I walk around the woods. I don't even know. Goggles. Is it coming? Maybe. I don't know. Oh yeah. No idea about Turkey talk. Let's get back to deer cam because this time last year we're pretty prepared.

Like we got our food situation dialed. We got our like preps, only two bins for gear. , but you guys had a bandit you did not account for last year, . Oh, that was a couple years ago. Oh, the visitor in the tent. Oh yeah. He got, yeah, the visitor tent was a couple. It wasn't here. Oh, it wasn't here. It was.

where were we? We were in maybe don't say. Yeah, we were down. You were down there, weren't you? No, we were in different state out yonder. Yeah. And and we were camping at this , we were at this campground and it was hilarious. So we, so it was, we camp two nights. So Friday night, we're out roaming around in the evenings and we.

We, we happened to go by, we had to throw some trash in the, they had a dumpster. Is that a camp ground? Big green dumpster? Yeah, just a big green thing. So we gotta throw our trash in there. We see there's a [00:23:00] raccoon in there alive who can't get out, and we're like, ah. So we end up going and getting a a big long stick, that, that reached down.

This is the bottom that reached. And we stuck it in there, like at an angle, like okay. We kinda left him like, okay, look, now he can get out, but our campsite's two spots away maybe from this dumpster. then that night, this damn coon is fucking with our tent like the whole night.

And Andy's scaring it off and stuff. And then that night's no big deal. . Damn. You brought bug over there. Thinking about it. Thinking about it. So a is drinking these monster B six percenters, not third drinks. They are 6%. Yes. 6%. This ain't no, you didn't even finish your fireball. Nah you finish your fort.

Don't make him finish the door. Don't make him. You just heard me. You want me to finish that ? No, we, we don't need you Super wounded. Yeah. They're pretty good though. So yeah. People that have seen the Beast Energy drinks in the stores, Arod is a fan. Yeah. You said the green's best. The green is the best.

The green taste exactly like a green. Inter mean know Monster Energy. Zoe, what would you say about the white? [00:24:00] This is your first taste. Yeah. They had a white, yeah, the white one tastes just like the white monster energy. The one with no sugar tastes just like a, the one I'm drinking now is a scary berry, which is, that's just his name.

It's really good though. They caffeinated. Are they like, no. Four Loco You interesting. . I have no idea. It's a malt beverage. That's all I know. Okay. Y'all are malt. It's good. There's a peachy peach that I don't, it's okay, but there's no pink mon, there's no peach monsters. Yeah. I don't think there's a peach monster on.

How would they make a peach? This is a scary monster berry. I don't think there's no like berry monster. There's like a fruit punch or something though. Yeah, it's pretty good. Yeah. No, there's like Berry Dracula one, isn't it? All right, I'm gonna circle back to hand. It's pretty good though. So nine number two.

Same thing after you saved the raccoon's, life saved it. So now the raccoon's fucking with our 10. Again, we're just assuming it's the same raccoon, but it probably is. and it's in there messing with our 10, Andy's scaring it off, shooting it off like multiple times throughout night. I'm just like, fuck that raccoon man.

Like you're waking me up cuz you're best off this here. That's what you take a mag flashlight for, [00:25:00] right? So the next morning we wake up and a trail mix bag that we were snacking on that night. Is now. It was outside our tent scattered. Scattered. About hundred percent was inside. Yeah, hundred percent was inside.

So at some point in time that night, he snuck in our tent. We need to name this raccoon. We had the mr.

So Mr. Frias came into your tat. And took our tails. He might have took a honey bun. I don't know. He might took all kinda shit. Who knows how long he was in there? Remember I went in the woods behind the tent. Found like a what kind of ugly stick. I think I found a good ugly stick fishing pole.

Yeah. The woods. Yeah. Brand new. Wasn't broken eyes or nothing. We were low. We were in the woods finding firewood. A $40. Fishing rod, like an eight foot sturdy stick fishing rod. , Mr. No, he probably stole it from somewhere else. Mr. Free. [00:26:00] Mr. Free. Mr. Frees was taking all kinds of shit. That's all I know.

It was a nice fishing rod. Oh, one of us still has it. I don't remember which one of it is. Yeah, it's Someone got it for sure. Yeah, he took it , we got it. But yeah he came in, our came in. I like woke up and he was like, s screwing out the door. He was just gone. honey buns, tr mix, took everything right in there.

Snuck it up with Dave. He probably was for a little bit. Wasn't Dave snoring? He said, I'm outta here. . Yeah I will say that as a pro tip, when you do these camping trips, clearly you're surrounded by dudes that. Snore. I bring earbuds with the Bluetooth or whatever. Yeah, I remember that one cam trip worse than me.

That one Camby trip. You were putting earbuds in. I'm like, you going to sleep with earbuds? And I was like, what are you listening to? And you just listen to someone talk. But yeah, that's, yeah. Do you go sleep to podcast All the time? Most of the time. Yeah. Yeah. Like most of the time you go sleep in the [00:27:00] pocket, how can he sleep with it, like in your ear?

So in the ears it's obviously a little more annoying. At home. I like Cause you feel it in your ear. Yeah. Cuz you feel it. But like at the same time it does block out. Yeah. What about at home? How do you sleep? No. Normally if when I go to bed it's, it, dude, I'll put a podcast on, doesn't matter. 30 seconds.

And I'm a brick's not snoring. Right now I'm sleeping at a separate room. A fan been, I've been getting up for my son and she's getting up with the baby. Yeah. Do you sleep with a fan on or anything? Sometimes, yeah. For noise. Yeah. I sleep not really for noise, but we sleep with a fan on, yeah.

But we did early days. You did just earbuds with what? With us? When it was me and you. You just like those nos like shooters. Oh, those SLS were for me, my foams. Oh yeah. A hundred percent . Yeah. I'll put yeah, like you're gonna the shooting range. I'll put those in it. If I better hope you sleep.

Go to sleep. Befores. Yeah. Oh, that's hard too. Cause I put the head down. It's out. You'll be up first cause you ain't gonna sleep. usually fall asleep by the fire and. Work my way back in here. I've seen that before. . Yeah. There go last last year a sends me a picture at [00:28:00] 10 30, night number two of scouting Trip

Yeah. Yeah. Dave was, I looked out and Dave was like sleeping by the fire. His boots was kicked up on the fire ring, probably catching on fire. I have no idea. , I got melted rings in my CROs. . Yeah. Then he came to sleep and it was real windy and I went to go take a piss or something and I unzipped the front door.

And that was the direction the wind was facing. And the wind just caught the tent and it blew up . And I was scared. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't shut the door. The wind was just taking over . I finally got the door shut. , it was scary. I put my head under the covers and went to sleep. Was like, hope for the best.

We might blow away. Blow right off his hill side. . Dave's out there. Just sleep by the fire. Yep, sleep through it. He's out there sleeping. , it was a bad. Yeah, that's, it was rough. It was a rough night. It wasn't raining. No. No, but it was just like windy. Just real windy. No, that felt good. I was like, are we gonna find any sheds tomorrow?

Nope. Yeah, [00:29:00] we'll find one between the four of us. Nope. 15, 1500 sheds. . I had shed bucks on trail cam today. I was like, dude, I gotta be close. Yeah. Me and Andy found some some pretty good signs today. We got a, like a location. We wanna check out this area in general. and we found a spot, like a spot, but you know how you gotta find the spot that's in the spot?

Type thing. So we were scouting out this area and we found if you're gonna come in here and hunt, here's where you wanna hunt, yeah. And so we found that. And so that was good. And so it's a, yeah, it could be. Do you think there was oaks around? It could be early season or it could be.

I've been marking a lot of oaks. I feel like in the past five, six years I've been marking a lot of beds and I'm, next year hopefully getting a little more evening hunts. I've been marking like the first white oak close to this bedding area or whatever. Just hopefully, I'm not a good bed hunter.

That's just not my game. But maybe that'll, I don't know, increase my chances knowing the first better oak towards some of the bedding that I've marked. [00:30:00] Yeah, I'm, I can't do the bed thing either that much because like you're banking your entire effort for that entire evening. on If he's laying there.

If he's laying there, yeah. At that moment. Yeah. No, that, but then he's gotta come your way, come your way. Once he watch, now you can find, finding the bug bed is one thing. Find out, figuring out where they're go, where they're going is also difficult. Now, I know I've heard like info say there's gonna be usually there's one beat down trail coming out of a bunk bed.

That's where he's leaving every night because he is going to the same area every night. . Whereas when he's coming back in the morning, he's coming in from different directions because he might be coming in from different wind directions, so he might be Jay hooking in differently and whatnot. So you're not going to get like a beat down trail coming into the bed.

You're gonna get a beat down trail leaving, cuz he is usually going to towards the same food source. So I have heard that, I've looked at beds. I've tried to do that. I don't know, it's I find it really difficult to be [00:31:00] like to hunt when I'm not. Confident in the spot. Yeah. And it's ah, I got one bed here that I know is a good bed.

There's a good wind for it. He should be bend there on this wind. I should sit here. And it's just ah. It's really hard for me to be like banking my entire evening on that. I don't get that many e evenings to go hunt. So it's like I'm banking on this. I'd rather take a higher percentage chance like an oak flat near a handful of beds I've found.

Sure. I'd rather take that. Higher percentage chance than, you got a higher play to see deer. Not even just bucks, but just see deer. Yeah. Yeah. That's the way I've leaned towards If, if I was hunting, like some of these big buck killing guys, they hunt 70, 80, 90 days a year.

, it's another. Step, you can do that. Then, , I'm on when I can, and it's, it's increasingly gotten less here as of late. But, kids are getting older. Maybe I can start getting back in the woods more, but I'll never be to that level.

Yeah. You're getting to the activity stage of kids. Yeah. Now they're gonna start [00:32:00] doing shit, which is fine, right? That's, yeah. That's just the stage of life, right? And I played sports. If we played sports, I never wanted to be a coach. . Yeah. Even though I played, old sports and stuff, when I played football through college, I never was like, oh, I wanna be a coach.

And now immediately I'm like basically thrown into coaching. . It's because it's like after the first like week and they see, it's just no, no parents want to, and then finally somebody. Okay, I could do it then. Then I see them coaching, Peyton's team, and they don't know a thing about the sport that they're coaching even remotely.

I'm like, okay, like I'll do it and so I did that for like a couple seasons of soccer, which I didn't even play soccer, and then now I'm just like, okay, I'm just a designated coach now, yeah. At least I don't, I have girls, so you know, if I had some. crazy athlete boy, who was going into potentially going D one good sports.

I don't think I, I don't want to go that, I don't want to go to that level of coaching. Yeah. Even [00:33:00] remotely, I know a lot of a lot of ex players get into coaching. Yeah. Yeah. You've been coaching, right? So Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You were helping with high school. High school. Yeah.

Yeah. I used to referee a little bit for side hustle. Never I guess I coached back in the day. I coached diving in the summer and then lifeguard. What's your plans for Brody? Because you got a, you got a boy, are you planning on being his head coach his whole life or No? I secretly hope he, he goes to basketball and not soccer, , even if he does basketball, you're probably, you're soccer out of his, out of all the parents of his basketball teams until he gets to middle school.

You're probably going to be the one who knows basketball the best. Oh, guaranteed you're gonna be any place in defense. Yeah. That, that'll, you know what, but that'll be a blessing. . Yeah. When that day comes. Yeah. Let's line it up. My hunting days will be limited, whatever. But then you get to that point somewhere.

You've been coach, so you've been coaching him from when he is a, when he is five, and starts soccer up to when he's, 13 and heading into high. You gonna just, you're just gonna be able to just let it [00:34:00] go. Sure. And just be like, oh, I'll just let the high school coaches do it. Yeah. Maybe. Yeah, no, you're gonna have to be a coach entire life, dude.

Then I'll probably have hundred. You're gonna be the coach entire life. I'll probably have to like, dude I'll, I don't know. Yeah. You're pretty skilled too. Like you're not just like just, but yeah, I would probably get Brody, like his own trainer ish and we'd do some one-on-one stuff.

Yeah. I see that happening. I did that. Like I did some speed training in the off seasons and. Had some additional coaching at the age of 10 through 13. To set myself up a little better. My parents, I didn't get none of that shit. What is he, three or four? Me and Andy was playing on the streets.

the streets, , the asphalt. We did literally, yeah, you got pushed down a couple cars, you're like, oh yeah, that person's no problem. Usually you line, usually you find a spot in the street where the cars are parked at. So you can use the cars as touchdowns. Yeah, not really. So you find you find a good distance there hey, parked here, parked here.

We got like good little 40 yard stretch. We're playing three on three, two hand tag in the street. Curbs are out. Yeah, curves are out. And you get three downs every time. It'll be [00:35:00] moss. It's all toe. Touchers. . All curved. All curved toe touch catchers, . All right, we're gonna wrap this podcast up.

I think we're gonna play some Muno or Yai here at. Deer game shed cam. Yeah, some miraco. Some Miraco from 1979. I don't think I've ever played Raco. It's easy made before you're born. This numbers game. Accountant. You'd be all right. All right, team harder and bucks. We're out. We're out.