Deer & Country Music

Show Notes

Summer has arrived! Turkeys aren’t gobbling, bass are spawning, Bucks are starting to pop that beautiful velvet, the leaves are out and Paul got his first sunburn. Times are good in Ohio! Muntz packed the family up and headed to Disney Land so Paul is flying solo on the intro this week. Lots of cool events coming up in Ohio. Friday June 24Dustin Huff will join the guys for the second episode of the O2 Summer concert series. Dustin will be singing some songs and talking about his world record Typical Whitetail Buck harvest from 2021. The Deer will also be joining the show. Archery Hike, Send it Slam, Tethrd Teach and Train are all events to look forward to in summer of 2022. Follow the show on Instagram @the.o2.podcast and GoWild at The O2 Podcast. Be sure to check out Instagram for the FREE GIVEAWAY!

Alan Carl is a country singer from Ohio. Alan was an American Idol finalist last year and is one dang good country singer and a passionate Deer hunter. Alan joins the guys for the first live podcast show of the Summer Concert Series. The show went down at the Granville Brewery and Taproom, Thanks to Ross and the crew for allowing us to invade the bar. Music was played, beer was consumed, hunting tales were told all in one glorious night. Alan tells us what it’s like moving to Nashville, hunting big New Jersey Deer, flying to Hollywood for American Idol and the absolute grind musicians go through to make it big. Alan plays some original songs for us and hammers out some classic songs for the crowd. Enjoy the show!

Show Transcript