Deer Management Journey

Show Notes

In this podcast Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Ryan Audet (Client) discuss the journey of owning and transforming a hunting property. Ryan is a recent client located in Vermont that has gone through the consulting and implementation process with Jon, and his journey and know-how has allowed him to transform multiple properties he manages. Jon and Ryan discuss the importance of having a vision and being empowered to make changes.  

Jon discusses the importance of long- or short-term objectives and setting goals that work toward an overall vision. Ryan discusses his ideas and philosophy and why he decided to hire a consultant. Jon explains why consulting is important to setting the stage to lay out a proper plan that will support goals. Ryan explains how he benefited from the onsite consulting and implementation work, and how he has taken the strategies and established his “Deer Lense” to make his small and large property turn into better future hunting property.

Jon discusses the empowerment mindset and how that will lead you down the road to push yourself to make changes to your property. Jon and Ryan discuss the tools required, Ryan’s mindset and how hard work and applying it to the property has already helped. Ryan explains what changes he has seen as a result of making changes to his properties.

Jon explains his Deer Lense and how to transform and level up food plots, timber and fields.  Jon and Ryan explain specific strategies for both small and large hunting properties. Ryan and Jon discuss the importance of social hubs on the landscape. Jon explains how to create better bedding areas. Jon demystifies the ideas around inside versus outside hunting properties. Jon explains doe and buck bedding and why many hunters are unsure if there truly is a difference.  Jon explains how YouTube related information can be more of a problem in establishing true principles to property management and design.

Show Transcript