The Right Gear For Habitat Improvement

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In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes), Anthony Barnum (Outdoor Writer), and Mark Cobb (Stihl Dealer) discuss important equipment to own for managing your hunting property. Buying the correct gear can save time, wear and tear, and your life. From chainsaws to chaps this episode explores different models from homeowner, ranch to professional equipment and how these are used afield.

Making the wrong investment in equipment can be costly and each contributor explains what they would do differently. Mark provides recommendations and alternatives to buying expensive equipment that can save you money. Jon discusses the mistakes he has made over the years and what equipment he uses and recommends on your property. Additionally, Anthony is faced with a choice of upgrading his chainsaw and is walked through his prior choices and why they need to change as he undertakes a timber harvest.

Mark dives into chains and what selection should be made in various conditions. Mark discusses failures he has seen afield and how some landowners can get in over their head quickly and how not to make that mistake. Lastly, Mark provides an uncommon recommendation that can be a major lifesaver that is a must for anyone considering working on their property with a chainsaw.

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