Deer Populations and Density Dependence

Show Notes

In this podcast Moriah Boggess (Deer Biologist, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission) and Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) discuss considerations and the science behind deer populations and density dependence. Moriah explains how to sustain a robust, quality deer herd. The importance of deer density dependence is critical to the planning and management of a herd. Moriah explains density dependence and both contributors discuss landscape carrying capacity and related population dynamics.

Moriah explains what occurs when deer populations are too high. Moriah breaks down habitat quality in multiple scenarios and how certain areas are better situated to support deer populations. Moriah and Jon discuss ways to help improve your property when deer populations are too high. Moriah discusses stress periods in the north and south and how impactful those are on the deer we are trying to support with our management tactics.

Moriah explains how to increase your carry capacity for deer. Additionally, discussions on maximizing and optimizing deer numbers to support hunting properties are broken down further. Moriah provides some rules to consider to increase buck quality and how a biologist evaluates a quality buck. Moriah and Jon end with maintaining appropriate densities and understanding dependence based on the landscape types, nutrition, epigenetics and diseases that impact the deer we are trying to support. Moriah explains the impacts of habitat and other conditions that affect fawn recruitment.

Show Transcript