DIY Land Transformation and Sharing the Hunt

Show Notes

There is something special about digging in the dirt, especially, when you know the dirt under your fingernails belongs to you. On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, we chat with Mike Daquilante about his experiences manipulating his 130 acre farm in western Pennsylvania.  For 25+ years, Mike has been removing invasives, planting food plots, and trying to leave his property better than when he first purchased it.  He loves to live by the motto, "it's not our's, it's just our turn."

While Mike surely enjoys his time in the field and has hunting strategies up his sleeve, that's not entirely what this episode is about.  Instead, he discusses his success stories and learning experiences during that time.  He also expresses the fulfillment of giving back.  Mike has shared his property with family, friends, and youth looking to tag their first deer and turkey.  It's a great reminder to not have blinders on during hunting season and to share the experiences we seek each fall.

Show Transcript