Improving Your Hunting Habitat

Show Notes

On this episode of The nomadic Outdoorsman Dan is joined once again by Ben Williams to talk about what we can all be doing between now and hunting season to create a better habitat and ecosystem on our hunting properties.

Ben runs Ol' Tin Cup Habitat Restoration and Enhancement and works at Future Forest Properties LLC. Ol’ Tin Cup’s goal is to take your property on your budget and turn it into what you've always wanted it to be. Not only with hunters in mind but all landowners looking to maximize habitat and property for the benefit of the wildlife and overall greater ecosystem health. Creating happy land owners and more successful hunters afield is what Ben is all about. Ben works hard to help landowners get quality work done at a price they can afford. His goal is to help everyone get their property moving toward. “Healthier Habitats, Healthier Wildlife, and a More Enjoyable Outdoor Experience.” Dan and Ben discuss dozens of ways to prepare for the upcoming season that will benefit wildlife.

Show Transcript