Doing The Right Thing

Show Notes

Joining Marcus on the podcast this week is Mike Schmillen. Mike is the owner of 2% Certified, River City Tile & Stone. The guys cover a lot of ground in this conversation including how Mike started the business, the importance of spending time with young kids outdoors and the importance of giving back to conservation. Having grown up in the outdoors and been exposed to conservation work at a young age, Mike is doing his best to pass that same love and passion along to his family. Mike tells a good story about some work he and his team did last year helping remove and repair fencing to allow for easier pronghorn migration in southwest Montana; how not only will it help the pronghorn, but all of the other species in the area as well. Mike and his crew are not only getting involved in large scale projects like that, but are doing a ton of work locally in Minnesota as well. Mike is all about doing the right thing to ensure that generations to come are afforded the same opportunities we are today.

Show Transcript