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Today’s show opens with us talking about wild game meat. We discuss what we all have stockpiled in our freezers and ways to extend the life of something like deer hearts in the refrigerator. We also dive into a hunter’s delicacy – spam and Vienna sausages. Dan goes into how to this day he still enjoys cooking spam with some of his meals. We’ve definitely had our fair share of these in the woods. Is spam a part of your go to kit when going for a long sit in the stand?

We also talk about our other ventures such as No Lowballers sponsored by Over there we cover any and everything firearms. With many guests in the firearm industry, it’s a super informative and fun listen. Make sure you guys head over there and check it out, you can catch the audio version wherever you listen to podcast and catch the full video version on Youtube at

Closing out we talk about some of the cool new things we have coming at GoWild. One of the things we’ve launched is called Holler Commerce. Holler allows creators to create their own Shop which will allow creators to be supported by their audience purchasing directly from their shop. It removes some of the hoops and jumps that creators currently have to go through with “creator codes”. This will allow the creators to focus more on content while giving their listeners or fans a much easier way to support them through products that you guys are already going to purchase.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Dude, I go on these cycles of forgetting I have all game and my, we're living very similar to, I know your lifestyle where it's like, Oh God, it's five o'clock and I don't know what we're eating for dinner. And I thought you were smelling your fingers, but you were taking, I thought so we no one knows what's happening if you're listening, but Jacob just Pulled up his two fingers, which is how we check to make sure the mic is an appropriate distance away from your face.

And it I did, I thought he had already done that because we started recording and I thought he was just sniffing his fingers. Do y'all remember that old MTV promo with the guy that would Sniff his finger. No, I remember the SNL girl that would molest Shane's character with her checkered pits. No, I'll find that MTV thing for you later.

But anyways. I did have a buddy one time who came up and he's like man that cigar I just smoked was weird. Smell my finger and he stuck it up and it was like pure butthole So for those of you that don't know [00:01:00] Uncensored we do every week and we choose who's gonna be on it and try to come up with the topic and for this one Brad sat here for about five minutes wondering how we would kick off this What a way we've kicked off I was going there until we went to that so no, I yeah, I wanted to see if you're like this, so I have at any given moment, I have a freezer full of wild game and it's starting to get pretty, I'm not worried yet.

If I don't kill a deer by December, I might be starting to get depleted on some stuff. But like I, last year I went real heavy on grind cause I realized like I love the roast, but they take so long to thaw. And with my lifestyle, I'm like, Oh man, it's five o'clock and I've forgotten to make dinner and I can pull out a flattened pack of one pound grind and I can make that tonight.

Like I can get it. Slightly thawed out quickly or I've even had do you microwave far do you know dude? I even know the day I didn't have any time and I took a full frozen Flat thing of meat threw [00:02:00] it in the oven or the skillet with some butter and just started flipping it over Scraping off the cook and it's like I honestly couldn't tell that much of a difference it's that's better than the microwave because I feel like the microwave makes it gets mushy nasty It gets mushy.

So this it turned out to the day like the frozen block thing was fine I can't remember we were making I think I was making tacos but a lot of times I'll overcommit and that's what I've done right now. And then I'll pull out like three giant roasts and I'm like, that's Barbacoa. That's a, that's going to be just a smoked roast cause it's a football roast.

And then that blah, blah, blah. I planned it all out in my head. And then I don't do it. And then at the end of it, I'm like, Oh God, this has been thawing out for 10 days. Yeah. I'm there right now in that I have all these deer hearts that have been in my freezer. And I was like, dude I got to just pull these things out and go.

And now I'm sitting here and I've got a lot going on right now tonight. I've got a bunch of kids activities. My parents have been in town and I'm just like, I don't know when I'm going to smoke these things. I almost called Derek to be like, dude, do you want three deer hearts? Cause you [00:03:00] know, you got probably a more time when you're on, when he, when Derek's off, he's got days to, to do what he wants, but then he's probably going hunting or something.

So anyways, I'm trying to, I need to like. Smoke some deer hearts tonight. I can't even do it tonight. I'm gonna have to wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning tomorrow to smoke these things. Is your freezer in the garage or basement? So is mine. I always forget to go down there and see what's in there.

Have you brined them? No. You could throw them in some brine for a couple days. Yeah, that might help extend them a little bit, be some salt on them. Have you brined hearts? What do you do? Jeremiah's recipe. Jeremiah's got a heart, Brian. Yeah. Okay. I'll have to find it to send it to you but even then I'm like, okay, now I get to the weekend and I've got a cub scout camp out all weekend.

I don't know what I'm going to do this. Yeah. I don't know. You might find somebody that wants them in the next three days. I probably pulled them out over the weekend. So it's been three or four days. They probably just truly got thought out yesterday. Yeah. Yeah. If I brined them right now, I could probably smoke those on Sunday.

Oh yeah, I would. Dude, [00:04:00] I used to not be worried about food stuff. And then the internet has changed my mind on this. I used to eat leftovers a week late, whatever, not worry about it. But I've seen like three random articles lately, where like a kid reheats pasta and died from bacteria.

There's some kind of pasta virus that forms in leftover pasta. And then another one with rice the other day. And I'm like, dude, I do that all the time. And these are healthy people that just keel over from some kind of bacteria that forms in reheating leftovers. Man, I like to roll the dice. Yeah. If I can survive on reheated spam, many times in my childhood, you reheat spam.

Oh yeah, dude. For sure. First of all, who has spam leftovers? It's only a little can. Oh, no, we have spam leftover. Wait, you eat spam still? Today? Yeah, that was a real statement. Usually cut it up, cube it, and pan sauté it. Pan fry it. Yeah, pan fry it. Okay, I'm okay with that. What do you eat it with?

Usually breakfast foods. Eggs. Yeah, okay. I, that's, so you're treating it like a summer sausage. We'll also do like a red beans and [00:05:00] rice in Spain. Ooh, cornbread? Throw some cornbread in there? Like in the red, mix it up? No, not together. Oh, but on the plate? Yeah. Spam's probably single handedly responsible for American heart disease.

I have to buy the low sodium because the regular kind that I used to eat is too much. There's so much packed into those things. And that is what causes for a long time. People were worried about, I think there was some confusion about while game and heart disease people were like, Oh, but red meat causes heart disease and it's yeah when you load it full of cure salt and sugar And you're putting that stuff in your gut and your body's like freaking out about how to operate.

We, you're basically like, it's like pouring salt on a slug instead it's your intestines. Yeah. Salting the slug from the inside out. Yeah. I'm not gonna trash talk spam and spam Hormel. If you're listening, you're looking for a sponsor or to sponsor someone, you're gonna sponsor spam. To be spams influencer.

You think if they reach out, it'll go to your spam. It'll be like, I'll post a video of every time I skunk. [00:06:00] Out hunting, which is every time. And then it'll just me being sad, eating a can of spam back at the truck's, the trombone place, time for some spam, or just loading like a hundred cans of it into your freezer for the winter.

Anyways, I grew up eating vi I, I think I say this wrong. We always call 'em Vinny Weenies. Vienna? Yeah, but we call them Baini. Baini weenies. Baini weenies. Hold on. That's what we call them. Don't judge me. But that, and then the ultimate nasty ass canned meat, which is just potted meat.

The Hormel canned beef. I, it's not beef, dude. It's like meat product. It's byproduct that they couldn't do anything else with. And I don't know, just grind it up and see if, yeah, we literally called it potted meat growing up and my papa would eat this stuff all the time and I would come into the kitchen.

He'd be sitting there with a can of potted meat and those orange peanut butter crackers and scooping them. And[00:07:00] it was actually really good as a kid. And I would probably still really enjoy it right now. If you had some, how old? Sure. Yeah. Then, or how long did he live? How long did he live?

He was like, 83, I think. Case in point. Listen, man, my Died a champion. My, my granny, Key to longevity. My granny, which was my great grandmother, lived to 93. And she dipped religiously. It was the craziest thing. I've never seen another... I'm sure women do dip, but I've never met another woman that does.

But my granny was the best at it. She would buy... I don't know if she bought it in this or put it in this, but she would have, it wasn't like dip, like canned dip like we think of. It was the snuff. And so it was in a big medicinal... Container like it looked like a giant pill bottle and she'd keep this long spoon and she would we come in and she'd sit down And she would pull this lip out and I think like from 90 years of doing this her lip was just you know Especially stretchy, but dude, she would put the [00:08:00] biggest spoonful of that stuff.

You've ever seen in your mouth and she lived to 93 Yeah, so you've heard it here first kids. Tobacco and Spam. Tobacco, Spam, potted meat. I gotta say, I started off hating on the meat, but now I'm like, I don't know, it worked for the last generation. Yeah, I like it. Everything in, in I don't dislike it.

It's, the regular is too salty for me. Yeah, but going back to your cooking up wild game, I have plenty of wild game. The thing I don't have is sides. I don't I have like frozen green beans or rice, but I never have any fresh side So I was like, oh I could cook up this meat and then I like look to see we do have any fresh potatoes Wait, potatoes is like the easiest thing cuz they don't go bad.

I mean they go bad. They do eventually What you're talking like you don't live two minutes from a grocery store You're just meaning like you can't you don't plan for it. We don't plan. I'm trying to change we leave there's certain things we'll just buy in bulk, like potatoes, and have them, and so now I got a meat and I got a potato, and maybe I got something in the fridge, but if not, we'll just do meat and [00:09:00] potatoes sometimes.

Yeah, but you got the kiddos that can work through that stuff, just me and Amanda. No, dude, my kids are... When I eat by myself, I could just eat meat I don't need any sides. Yeah, true. We've just got the survival in that situation. I was like guess we're not eating a green tonight. Yeah.

And then we'll give the kids a bag of frozen. Anyways. We really went, I didn't know where this was going to go. I'm hungry now. Thanks. The one thing we knew we were going to talk about, we still haven't talked about which speaking of sponsorship, there's my segue, it was too late. I think it was two minutes late though.

I should have done it like when you said it and then we would have avoided talking about potatoes. We were going to share some fun stuff that, so we haven't really, we've been talking about hunting season. I thought you said we're going to be sponsored by Gun Broker. We are sponsored by Gun Broker. We are sponsored by Gun Broker.

That's a good point. I thought that was the lead in. Thank you. That is a good point to stop for a moment and just say that we're so grateful for being sponsored by gunbroker. com and If you haven't checked out I got it I got a shout out the show that we also do with gunbroker. com Which is a combination of us three [00:10:00] idiots sitting down with real experts who actually know things Logan Metish or what was his nickname for himself the other day?

Logan off, beef, Logan off, beef, Logan off which we all have a lot of we'll keep this a little more censored on where those jokes went to. But the, Logan is the host. We usually have somebody rotating in and out from gun broker or sometimes they're bringing in their other teammates.

We had Smith and Wesson you guys are, what's the next one going to be? They're going down to Arkansas. Walther and Daisy. Yeah. And a museum, someone's museum, a field museum. Marshall's, U. S. Marshall's Museum. That's cool. The show's really taken off and if you're not, if you enjoy this kind of banter about spam and, potatoes, you would really like No Lowballers.

You will actually enjoy. Yeah, you would actually enjoy learning things. No it's cool because we come in there and, we'll do this episode about like pop culture guns. And I'm there, I'm like, yeah man, I'm a Han Solo fan, but Logan's yeah, but did you know? And then he tells you the [00:11:00] gun that gun was modified from, and all the things it's sold for, and hey, even these rubber replicas sell for this amount of money.

And it's a really cool podcast. Yeah, I was gonna say it's the opposite of this podcast. This podcast is a bunch of dummies like the 5 percent of this podcast that's good. And then they are... Very intelligent people that know a lot. And then sometimes I'll get on there and just ask my dumb questions.

They're like, that's not at all how this thing is. I literally sit there and listen, they just rattle off model numbers for firearms from a hundred years ago. From memory. And then they'll screw something up and they'll kick themselves. And I'll be like, Oh, that was Dwight that invented the 1893, not Richard, such an idiot, like what I would have never known.

Just kept going anyways. Gun broker. Yeah. Thank you. Gun broker. Shout out. Nice segue into that. If you don't have your deer rifle, go get it. Go get it. So the, we haven't talked about go wild and what's going on there. We had a, I don't know if you guys mentioned it, but I think we did actually.

I think it was on an episode where we like on the go outside. One thing we've [00:12:00] been working on this year is more brands and more brands and more brands. Back in September we introduced 250.

camping brands, camping, hiking outdoor gear. We've got like climbing. We got some but like bike there's bike racks and roof racks and car accessories. And I think we pulled in some fitness stuff or like the ultra marathon trail run type stuff. Yeah. But there's a lot of we have tents, we have sleeping bags now and like things that hunters are already buying.

But they're more ancillary, things that are a little bit outside of that. We got a lot of consumables, we got a lot of batteries and field spray and backpacking food and, Dutch ovens and like all kinds of cool stuff now. Our Dutch ovens are, everyone's looking at our Dutch ovens.

The so that, that was a big effort from GoWild. And we have been working on this it's not really top secret product, but we've been working on another product of GoWild that's not really under the GoWild umbrella brand. And so we launched this Product called holler commerce, and holler [00:13:00] commerce is taking everything that we built at go out from a shopping perspective and making it accessible for other brands to use.

That's where it started off was focusing on, okay, other publishers like media organizations could use this. If instead of linking out to other affiliates, they could have their own shop. They can use our tech. We'll take a cut of what they make. Win, right? And we did that. We launched it in September.

With outdoors. com, you can go check that out. It's a really cool cool thing that we're doing with that. But the other thing that I think our audience will care. is that for literally years since we launched this shop, creators have told us, and I've even had members say, I wish you could build this.

They said, I want to support my favorite podcaster when I, when I buy gear, could you guys build it so that when I buy gear from. The hunting public's gearbox, they get credit for it. And we, there was a lot of reasons that gets complicated because what if they click on Beaumart tonics, gearbox, and then the hunting public, and then, it's all these attribution [00:14:00] questions, we were doing stuff where we would give promo codes to a creator to use on a podcast.

And then those promo codes would leak. That is a problem on the internet. And then everyone's, and then we got to change it. It's like the poor creator has to go through and update everything. It sucks. It sucks for everybody. There's this landscape of affiliate marketing out there and the audience is familiar with this stuff.

You hear guys say like shop, Joe 10. And if you use my code, you get 10 percent off and they're getting paid out of that. They get a cut out of that. If they say shop my links in my bio, they get paid when that goes through most of the time, if the affiliate links work. For a long time, creators have said, man, I love gear box.

I wish I could get a cut of what I was driving though. That'd be really fair to me. And we said, that's absolutely true, but it's harder than it sounds. For reasons I won't nerd out on. So with holler. What we've built and what we're launching in a couple of weeks from the date of this recording.

And potentially by the time you're hearing this, it might even be live. But what we're launching is effectively Hey creators, you wanted this, we're now just going to give you access to our store. You create your own [00:15:00] shop. And now. You get a cut of everything that's sold there. So it doesn't, it's not about what links did they click and all this stuff.

It's no, man, we're going to sponsors you. Yeah. Doesn't matter. None of that matters if you can set up a shop. Dan Johnson is the guy that we're working with. One of the guys that's going to come on and launch a shop. Nine finger chronicles. So Dan's got a store. You go to Dan's store.

I don't care what else you click on. You check out on Dan's store. You're going to help monetize Dan's podcast. You're going to help Dan create content. You're going to help support the thing that you love, but listen to the Dan show and it's with something that you were going to buy anyways, right?

That's, what's really cool about this is you could go buy it through a big box store that doesn't even know you exist or even care, right? Like it's like a drop in the bucket, even in the hour. Or you could buy it with this creator who gets a really nice cut out of what you're doing. And it's meaningful to them, it's helpful to them.

I'm super excited about this product because it. To me despite what some people in the industry are saying right [00:16:00] now, and I think we're going to do a show about this later of some movements that are anti influencer. I am on the other end of the spectrum where, I think influencers are awesome in, in.

If there, there's some that are bad news, right? There's always bad actors that kill for the wrong reasons and hunt for the wrong reasons, but we won't work with those people. We don't but guys that are teaching people how to do it. I think it's really cool. Like I, Bo Martonix podcast is awesome.

Like we hope to get Bo, work with, he'd be great fit for this if he wants to. But Eric Clark guy, that's really, Having conversations about just helping people find their first success on hunting and fishing. It's not about Hey, here's how you kill a 200 inch deer.

It's here's how you kill your first year. And I think that is really important for hunting culture. And so this gives us a chance to support those guys content. And I think, it's really, it's, and it's the, so far the creators that we were talking to love it too, because it gets them out of this world of if you're going to click the link in the [00:17:00] bio, make sure you click this one over here.

If you're going to buy this product, you're going to click this one over here. If you buy this product and then those links change, they got to go update all the podcasts they've ever done. Like it sucks. Yeah. And the other thing, we've. We've made friends with a bunch of these people throughout the last four or five years.

And we've sponsored some of the shows and done that kind of thing with them. But this is a way that we can, for the, a very long term time period help influence their business, help support their business and more people for that matter. It's like our marketing budget only goes so far, but as far as the holler commerce sharing of this margin that can be spread across.

Hundreds of stores that, we're now partnered with in supporting. And so I like that we are giving these people the ability to make more money, to support their shows, support their sites, make more content that we all consume and love. And it's not something that's okay. I'm just sending a check or I'm Patreon giving them money.

It feels a little better when it's okay. I'm already buying [00:18:00] the scope for my rifle. I'm going to get it here and know that it's supporting. Paul and Andrew, because, I like what they're doing. Yeah. There's this big misconception with a lot of this anti influencer conversations happening that these, all these influencers making huge money and that you're talking about an upper echelon that, breaks into even six figures.

You're talking about the top 1%. Most guys just want to, be able to. Have some freedom with their content, have some most of its side hustle money to be truthful. Like most of these guys are working Full time jobs. I think doesn't Randy Newberg even still work as another job or I don't know like it's not uncommon, right?

Even a lot of these big name influencers are still working. I Say what you want about cam Haynes, but I know up until a couple years ago I think he was still working at like a water treatment plant or something like it, you know had a It's literally a normal nine to five job. And if those guys at that level are doing it, the idea that, you could have [00:19:00] 30, 000 Instagram followers and you're going to ride off into the sunset to wallow in your piles of cash at your private deer camp.

Like it's just foolish. It's just not, it's not pro athlete money. No. I Garmin.

Gear, Vortex gear, that's all mapped. Anywhere you go, as long as you're going to a a real retailer, it's going to be the same 299. 99. You're speaking nerd. Basically what Dan's saying is that there's a price that, we operate with, that the brand's set, and everybody's selling at that rate.

And everyone's selling at that rate. So it's not like going to a big box store, you're necessarily getting a better deal. It's just, who do you want to get that commission? Jeff Bezos to get your money, or do you want, some podcaster that you listen to all the time? And our idea is that if you're already engaging with this podcaster, making that checkout as seamless as possible, so you don't have to be like, Oh, I'll have to remember to go [00:20:00] wild.

Later tonight or when I get home or when I get done, with whatever and load the site and search for this gear. If, we can use our tech like we've been using our tech to embed everything, combine their merch stores, their affiliate links, their shop, all of that stuff into one ecosystem.

So you have your one stop shop, it's going to be huge and it's going to be, a lot of having a store on online was different. 20 years ago, right? It was an advantage. So much of this has been commoditized now to the point to where I think our average shipping window is like 2.

8 days, right? Amazon's in the same timeframe. That, yeah, maybe you could buy something to get it that night, but for the most part, like we deliver super fast. You're getting the same, customer service. You had to put up with Dan. If you reach out to customer service sometimes.

And that's the other thing is, yeah. Is the reason we are launching this, and the reason why the launch is being so successful is we've got some real die hard, go wild members that are putting in constant orders with us, and I guarantee, [00:21:00] David Nowakowski jumps into mind, who's been, as soon as we launch the store, he's ordering gear.

And I've probably reached out to him with more bugs of, hey, something weird's happening, blah blah blah blah blah. But those members that were willing to beta test with us as we refine our unique, because we're not a Shopify store. We're not some out of the box solution. We are custom built to, to deliver the best customer experience for people.

Cater to the industry, going back to like, When we started doing a shop, it's not like there was anybody that's like we have an out of the box solution that helps you show You know the type of fish people are catching with this product. That's not a thing You know, we custom built that now we're rolling it forward to support your favorite creators So I think you know, we won't spend 30 minutes talking about the promotion of this but from our hardcore fans who show up and listen to us talk about eating spam every week or whatever the dumb thing we're talking about this is Brad speaking.

If, my, my ask of you guys is if creators that you love and [00:22:00] support, send them our way, man. Brayden Ware, who's not on the show today. I'm told Brayden sounds just like me on the show, apparently, which to me, like I hear no similarity, but I think it was Adam the other day told me that on a go wild log that we sounded similar which maybe that means I sound smart, I'm almost as intelligent as Brayden.

But anyways, if you want to recommend a podcaster reach out to Brayden Ware, W A R E on, on the go out app, ask him like what, how can I get, my favorite guy or gal using holler? And that's awesome. We'd love to support them. We're rolling this out in a beta test, which means it's, probably going to be a little wonky. That's what beta means. And it means we're testing it out this November. We'll work out the bugs as Dan said, that's part of the process when you're starting. But feeling really good about it. So I just want, we wanted to hit some of the stuff going on here at the office today.

We're really close to, once we get through deer season, man, it's going to be holidays and then we're going to shot show and what we'll talk, speaking of shows, I'll hit this. Cause I always get asked where we're going. We dial back our show volume [00:23:00] this year. We're not going to do great American outdoor show which I'm sad to say for some of you guys that come we that show takes a lot of a toll on us physically, man.

That's a 14 day. Trip for us spread it spreads our team out real thin 14 hour literally tried to kill brad and brad for an hour days on Your feet all day getting the flu you know coughing up blood in the shower. It's all the things have happened. I am going to miss the amish Meat pockets.

Yeah but we won't be up in Pennsylvania, but we will be at shot show, which I know a lot of you guys, that's an industry show. So a lot of you guys won't get in. We might be popping into A. T. A. For the day, which is the archery trade show. But for the most part, our focus is on going to shot. And being there with gun broker, man.

Gun broker is going to have a podcast booth. We're going to be recording with them and, really focused on no lowballers for that event. And then Jacob and I and Dan will be there. We'll wander off. Brayden will be there. Gosh, we got a lot of people going. It's going to be good.

We're going to have some, I don't want to name drop anyone, but we're going to have some special guests. Yeah. Don't name drop anybody yet. Somebody's going to flake. [00:24:00] That's what happens. But there's some good stuff in the pipeline. that if we just get half we'll be good. Yeah. All if you're going to log this show, it is Jacob Knight, Dan Hood, and Brad Luttrell on here, if you want to give us a tag and tell us if you like, do you like spam?

We were just, sometimes you guys log these shows. So like months behind and we don't remember what. Dumb stuff. We said someone had tagged Dan today and said, my God, Dan, I would have died if that happened to me. And Dan's I don't even remember what I did. And then I re it was the episode where I almost fell out of a tree.

Yeah. And I relived it and then had PTSD. I was like, Oh no, I'm feeling that bringing back all these bad memories. So if you're watching a short or something that he saw Dan Twitch, and that's what's going on, but all right guys, thanks for listening. We appreciate you. Thanks Gun Broker.