Bowhunting B.S. Session w/ Dan Johnson

Show Notes

This week on the Pennsylvania Woodsman we chat with the boss man himself, the man behind Sportsmen's Empire, Mr. Dan Johnson.  We converse over our current life routine including family life with children and slowly lead into hunting season.  Dan discusses the recent changes in hunting properties he is experiencing from losing one of his main properties and having to pull his gear off the land without getting shot at!  Dan talks about his pursuit in finding a shooter around his home in Iowa, but also shares his philosophy when it comes to out of state hunts.

In recent years there has been an excellent push to get people outdoors and enjoy deer hunting on public land.  However, there is still an overwhelming amount of "deer shaming", pressuring people that they have to shoot the absolute biggest buck, as if they are inferior if they do not.  Dan compares his philosophy of targeting mature bucks close to home versus shooting something on an out of state trip that just makes him happy.  How does a guy from Iowa relate to people in Pennsylvania and the Northeast?  Dan is an individual that does what he wants without the influence of what other people think.  Most importantly, he flat out loves bowhunting.  There is a ton of philosophy and a touch of strategy in this week's episode!

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