Dream Hunting Season Bear and Bucks

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Josh Streichert (JWS Logging) discuss the marathon of hunting and how persistence can pay off. Josh explains his hunting season and his family priorities during the season. Josh details his first early season deer hunt and harvest with his kids. Josh explains how at times he throws caution to the wind and just goes after deer, particularly when his kids are interested in hunting.

Josh discusses his kids recent hunting experience and interest in being a part of the outdoors. Josh explains how he is enjoying his property and sometimes being on your property means more than the focus on being successful at chasing mature deer. Josh discusses his first black bear harvest and how that added to his dream hunting season.

Josh explains how persistence pays off and learning more about hunting pressured deer. Josh explains his history with a mature buck and pressure on his land, and trying not to be overly concerned with the early season pressure. Josh and Jon talk about getting youth involved and other ways to look at deer from a harvest decision. Josh explains the history and life of the mature deer he killed, and the specific steps he took to harvest the deer. Josh discusses hunting the Adirondacks and surviving all day sits. Josh breaks down what it took to intercept and harvest a mature buck in December. Josh and Jon provide recommendations on what is required to go after one mature buck. Jon discusses cellular cameras and how they can be used for to gain more intelligence and information on the deer you hunt.  

Show Transcript