Habitat and Hunting Enhancement w/ Josh Raley

Show Notes

When emotional attachment is present with a hunting property, it can become difficult to implement the correct habitat improvements without some guidance.  Trying to learn on your own is possible, but can also be costly.  It's not uncommon to install food plots, road systems, or implement logging, only to realize later the practice was placed in the wrong section of the property, or even implemented wrong.  It's overwhelming compiling habitat improvement recommendations, especially if you take into account multiple professional opinions.  If you're considering having a habitat specialist consult your property, it's important that you work with someone you trust and has strong communication skills to reach your desired goals.  . 

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman Podcast, we chat with Josh Raley.  Josh is the host of the How to Hunt Deer Podcast, Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast, and also a property consultant with Whitetail Partners in Georgia.  Josh has a wide range of deer hunting experience throughout the country and understands how to manipulate property in an advantageous manner.  We discuss setting goals and objectives for a property, assessing where the highest priorities lie for improvements, and dive into a host of habitat project topics.  Josh explains the misunderstood aspects of hinge cutting, hunting access, invasive species management, and other private land habitat strategy.  We wrap up discussing what we as landowners and managers can be doing right now to improve the landscape.  It's time for some sweat equity!  

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