DSS: Real Truth with Nathan Killen

Show Notes

In this week's Deer Season Special Bonus episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch is joined by Nathan Killen.  Nathan is well known for being an avid mountain hunter in the state of Virginia while focusing on mature bucks and also hunting with traditional archery equipment.  If you are trying to learn more about becoming a better mountain whitetail hunter, there are few people whose knowledge surpasses Nathan's - listen to as many podcasts with him as you can!  However, of any podcast he has been on, this episode speaks more wisdom than knowledge.

We touch on the giant 170" buck he recently harvested and the journey leading to the day he pulled the trigger.  But Nathan's message is more about the blessing of this harvest.  Nathan shares with us his faith in Jesus Christ, and how through his faith he has been blessed with more opportunity in life than he could ever imagine.  Nathan shares how he does not feel any deer he harvests is done by him, rather, the glory be to the Father in Heaven who has blessed him with this passion he has become pretty good at!  This episode is an awesome appreciation for the season and the real meaning behind Christmas!  Merry Christmas!

Show Transcript