Duck Huntin’, Aqua Dumpin’, and Kickin’ It Country

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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, the gang argues over the difference between country music and country radio and asks what makes up a country song … it’s usually something about boots, beer, woods, and mama right? The team also addresses two very important questions: 1) Do you take the chance of eating gas station breakfast before a hunt? And 2) What’s the worst part about planning a kid’s birthday party?

Bryaden goes on his first duck hunt with Derek and the guys recap the exciting two-day, late season public land hunt. Brayden jinxed it as Derek’s bag limit prediction was right on the money. Other hunt high points include talking about the trouble of properly identifying waterfowl on-the-wing and where you go when you “gotta go” wearing waders in the duck blind. They also talk about some duck hunting etiquette and share some tips and tactics that are sure to help you on your next hunt.

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SEO DESCRIPTION: On this episode of the GoWild [UNCENSORED] podcast the gang gets into it over country music and recaps their late season public land duck hunt.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] So, so I walked in just now and there's this fierce debate going on, um, about what is country music, and if you all know anything about me, this is Brad. I love country music. However, there's two different definitions of country music. Like there's the mass popular opinion of what is country, which is country radio, and then there's.

The real definition of country music, which I would say in this day on age is uh, like a tower Childers. Sturgell Simpson. Yeah. Chris Stapleton. Yeah. Like, you know, I agree with all, and then it goes down from there of like people that if we keep talking about, a lot of people won't know, but I entered this, the room and, uh, you guys are arguing about, what is it?

Luke Combs. So no, Morgan Wallen and Hardy, I'm being told, are not comfortable. They're, they're tractor at, he was duck hunting at the same time we were. What does that do with that being country music? He hunts, he fishes, he drinks, he wears boots. There's all kinds of artists and things, kind of genres that hunt.

And his music sounds country like [00:01:00] what, what define the country Sound. Well, if I dress somebody up in camo, are they Hunter? Uh, no. Okay. If Eminem sang about shooting and hunting and he does, he does sing about shooting. He, yes. different. He a hunter. Or, I mean, is he a country music singer? No, I think there's a sound as well, for sure.

Erica just wrote a Luke Bryant song right there. Yeah. I don't like Luke Bryan. I was saying actually, and I do like for the record, I really like old country as well. I'm just saying like it's all country under an umbrella. There's may be sub genres. I'm, I'll give you, I'll give you that, that it's all like, uh, the radio's gonna form it all in the country.

It's gonna throw it on there as a genre. Yeah. Pop country is not what I think is real country music, but it's pop, it's still under country. It's like, like Florida, Georgia line. I don't enjoy it, but I would say they're still country, Florida, Georgia line. They're not God at all. Effing off. I don't like them, but I say they're country like they, they are, they unfortunately are in a country, but I would put them in a, like you.

I like what you said, the umbrella. Okay. [00:02:00] And then we have like 12 subdivisions of pop you. You just keep getting worse and worse as this tree goes down. And then down in the seventh layer of hell is Florida, Georgia line. Fair enough. If you like Florida, Georgia line and you're listening to this and you want to come at me, I will go at this All the time's gonna go, I don't care.

Second freaking bad is the seventh layer of hell, the frozen layer and Dantes Inferno. Yeah. I can't remember. I can't remember all the rings. I don't know. There's a lot of rings of hell. Yeah. Country music. in today's world. The intro into Pop Taylor Swift. She started in country music. She played a guitar.

She was country for a very hot minute, but now they still play her music on country Radio, because she started there doesn't mean it's country music. Same with Carrie Underwood. Carrie Underwood is not country music. Okay. Girl artists aren't country. She's

So I would, I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. I would actually argue. I kidding. Uh, I mean, a lot of the, the female artists, uh, are the real lyricist of country music and it's always not, I mean, to me they've always [00:03:00] had a little bit more substance to their music, whereas guys like, I don't care what to say.

Going back to all of 'em. Uh, as old back, far back as you want to go. There's a whole lot of boots, beer. Yeah. The woods. That's a common theme for sure. Yeah. It's like that's always been there. And Mama and Mama and Mama. Yeah. Mama Tra Yeah. . That's, uh, the David Elco song. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Call Me by my name.

You didn't mention trains. You said it was, you didn't mention Mama. Yeah. Trucks, you didn't mention trucks. Pickup trucks. Yeah. . I'm right with where this landed. Well, prison. I can get on board with where everything is. I was a little hot and bothered before the show started, but I mean Okay. I'm glad that you knew you were in the wrong when we started.

I wouldn't say I'm the wrong, I don't, I don't think he still knows. I don't think I'm in the wrong. Yeah, we'll let him, I, I don't, I think if you met Morgan Wall, he'd be like, that's a country fellow. I mean, I think he's a country guy. I think he's a, uh, see, this is where Erica's not wrong though, is like, there's a lot of, uh, people that capitalize on the pop country genre.

Mm-hmm. , and they come in and they write the same six songs over and over again. I'd say he's one of the better new writers out. He's, he's a pretty good writer. There's a lot of [00:04:00] better artists out there that you are not listening to. . Yeah. Listen, I listen to a lot of artists, man. I'm, I'm, I like Morgan Wallen.

I like a few of his songs. He's good. He's not country. His Outlaw's album is not outlaw. It's not outlaw. I haven't listened to it, but I can just tell you. Morgan Wall, it's not outlaw music. Yeah, that's the name of the album. I know, I know. I'm just saying. Oh, okay. I'm saying he misbranded it. Oh, okay. But see that's the other thing.

Now, whatever, now people, but now people are trying to write on the St. Sturgell Simpson Coattails and be outlaw or they're trying to do the I said outlaw. It's dangerous. You don't even know the name of your favorite outlaw. This album. Oh no. Morgan Wall. I was thinking of Eric Church. Okay. Braden. Eric Church.

Eric Church is, uh, more on the, the right side of country than, than he's also a lot of rock and roll. Yeah. And so is Hardy Eric Church. Hardy is like metal and country. I liked Eric Church as a person until he canceled a concert last year for a basketball game. Oh. But it was Duke in North Carolina. I don't care, man.

Like people paid, they bought hotel rooms, [00:05:00] all that stuff like that. That's a dick. That's true. That is like, I was very disappointed to see that you would treat your fans like that. Mm-hmm. . So when Eric Church hears this on That's right. A podcast and you want to come at me, first of all Eric Church, log the show on.

Go Wild. That's right. If you could, uh, download go Anyways, it's a good jingle you've been working on that. Uh, just came to me. It's not country though. You're gonna have to work on this. It was pop country pop, which is its own genre. Anyways. All right, well that was good. Uh, what'd you guys do this?

Erica, what'd you do? Oh, I didn't do anything. Okay. Like nothing at all good songs. Um, like we celebrated 15 birthdays and That's right, you were talking about that. Yeah. Yeah. So that's sounds go through that. Super fun. Yeah. The pressure of, um, when you, when you have kids that like, like my son is at the, one of the younger in his class, so by the time it gets to us to pick a birthday place, all the good ones are taken like we already did that.

Yeah. Like this is a problem nobody talks [00:06:00] about. Hmm. But really, if you're like one of the younger kids in the. . I'm like, but now, cuz now they all wanna do the group birthdays used to, I can get away with the family birthday party, but now the kids all invite each other to the parties. Mm. It started and, uh, yeah, it started, so, uh, I end up, everybody else goes to the cheaper route and then the only options left are like the places where I end up, like looking at a $500 bill on Oh my kids' birthday.

Yeah, dude. It's crazy. Like some of these places are like, yeah, it's uh, it's, it's this much to rent the room and then it's this much per person and then you pay a fee this much per person. I'm like, just tell. how much it is. Yeah. So anyways, I'm just saying, nobody's talking about this problem, , we should invent an app for this.

Yeah, yeah, exactly. Just this one very micro niche problem that only appeals to, you know, like 30% of parents mm-hmm. that pay for birthday parties, which is not many. Yeah. Okay. Anyways, uh, I, I don't think I did anything. I, I, my wife worked all weekend. Yeah. And you all did your shot [00:07:00] wrap up already? Yeah, we did a shot wrap up on Friday, so I'll spare, uh, talking about that.

Yeah, I mean, I think we, we dove pretty deep. Is this, that's gonna launch before this show, right? Yeah, so we normally, or like every Monday mm-hmm. , but we wanted to do a shot wrap up. So we did that on Friday while it was fresh. Um, and then my body has like all weekend tried to adjust. I didn't think I was thrown off.

I thought I was doing pretty good. Chris even, uh, was copied on an email I wrote and he's like, I don't know how you can function today. Cause I wrote this big ta paragraph email to somebody and, uh, , but it caught up to me on Saturday. I don't know, it's like all of a sudden, all the jet lag and the time shift and the lack of sleep and talking to everybody for the entire day.

Oh, well, staying up in the casino until like, I was literally texting people in Kentucky that had woken up and I was still awake in Vegas. That was us. That was us. Oh yeah. Yeah. Jacob told me, he's like, I'm texting Braden right now. They just woke up and I'm like, I'm texting an investor. Well, it was like three hour time.

Yeah. We were waking up at like three 30 where we were Am so, oh, we were just getting [00:08:00] rolling then. Yeah. Yeah. So what was that like? We went three more hours after that. Yeah. . Yeah. It wasn't, I, I, I wanna clarify like we weren't. It wasn't a drunk, crazy party. There was a woman that offered us cocaine. Oh, that's cool.

Yeah, she just was like walking through this casino subtly offering it around. She did offer it to Zack. So Zack is the one that apparently looked like, he looks like he the most herself. Yeah, for sure. . So, but anyways, I was mostly just, uh, adjusting, catching up on work and nothing exciting. Um, I heard you guys did some stuff though.

Yeah, we did. We had a good time. Um, I guess, yeah, we, we have a bit of a story, so I guess we can talk. This is your first. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was a cool first intro into duck hunting. Definitely like a, uh, not a true intro to duck hunting as far as like the struggle to get out and all that stuff, from what I've heard.

But no, I, I would argue, I would say that it was definitely a true intro to duck hunting. Just we probably drew some of the easier, the, the two [00:09:00] spots we hunted those two days, we had fairly easy access. Yeah. We were in. A decent enough area as bad, as good as it gets in this state at least. Yeah. Um, I'm sure there's guys that got like some spots that are better, but, but it can definitely be a lot harder.

Yeah. I guess is what I'm saying. Yeah. Yeah. No, it was, it was super cool though, um, to get out there. We hung out with, We got dinner with a Go Wild member. Uh, our boy, Dane Myers. Oh, you met Dane? Yeah. Yeah. Dan, dude Dane's one of the OGs. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's The's what he said. The platform even started. He beta tested.

Yeah. From what I understand. Yeah. He was in, he was one of the first 100 people on the platform. Uh, met him through Instagram when we started posting. Yeah. You know, we, we started that Instagram account and that was back, dude, Instagram was just exploding still in 2016. Mm-hmm. , and I think we added like 10,000 followers in like 90 days or something.

Wow. And, and Jane saw what we were posting about and trying to build. Yeah. And I got to talking with, and he, he was one of the beta testers. Did you beta test [00:10:00] or did you download? No. Okay. No, he's like, he said his account was created like September, 2017, which I think that was the launch. Well, that's what it's probably dated at if he beta tested.

Uh, so even my account, even my account says September, 2017, my account was created that summer. Right, right. So Dane, Dane probably was like, we just, I remember, it's kind of funny, like, you know how things are decided here. Like Chris is like, what do you think of this? And I'm like, yeah, just do it. So when we rolled the beta testers, , uh, there was, or, or when we launched that date, it was actually, the date on your profile came way later.

Mm-hmm. . And I remember Chris asking me from him the, uh, yeah. Chris asked me, he's like, what should we do with all these people that were in the app technically before it launched? And I was like, Everybody goes in at launch date September 22nd. That was it. So I, if Dane was in at beta testing, he would've been, we rolled that out in June or July of that year.

Yeah. And then we tested, uh, I remember one of the, I'm, y'all can tell your story in a second, but one of the funnier things about that test, the beta test, we, uh, I don't remember something weird [00:11:00] happened with the trail mix. in the 11th hour, and I mean, like an hour before we rolled out the entire to a hundred people.

And this was like Jen Danella, this was Jeremiah Dowdy. We had, uh, this was, uh, Daniel Pruit. Mm-hmm. , like there was some big like. People that would go on to become, you know, Danielle's like years from working at me eat. Yeah. Um, this was not before Jeremiah. Yeah, Jer probably like, Jeremiah's grown quite a bit.

Then Jennifer Danella, she was on booths at shot show or at ata. I saw her picture, like print on a booth. Um, but it was kind of funny. The trail mix was hot garbage. I don't like some, for some reason Chris had built it to where it was super. there, we were just throwing content in there. Mm-hmm. . And it was like if one new post hit a trail, you would see all the other posts in that trail under it no matter what.

Like we just didn't have content to test. So it was like one of those things that just rolled out. So I remember going across, like literally right before we launched this thing, I was [00:12:00] like, uh, this is confusing. and he's like, yeah, I'll fix it. And then we just like totally scrapped the trail mix and dang launched it a few hours later.

like, it's just so different from how things That's cool run now. Like they go through a proper testing system and Yeah. Right. Yeah. Or at least more proper. Anyways, what'd y'all, y'all kill some ducks or something? We did. We killed. We killed. What'd y'all do? We killed some, not, not as much as that. You got dinner with Dane though?

Yeah, we did. And I gotta make an announcement. I asked Derek exactly how many ducks he thought we were gonna shoot on this trip, uh, for the last show that we did. And he said, two ducks. And the dude's a fortune teller. He was bang on two ducks. I was like, oh, you're being too modest buddy. , he do it. Lower your expectations

Derek did not want to do the prediction though because he said it jinx it. So maybe by you. Yeah. Maybe it became, maybe, yeah. Yeah. That you jinx. It could have been my fault. Yeah. Yeah. And y'all could have gotten like 20. Which is probably over some type of limit. Oh, that would've been like four times the best day that was out there.

But that's a [00:13:00] 24, 25 would've been one over a four man limit. Mm-hmm. . But that's just for one day. We didn't have to worry about that. We didn't have to worry about . So how did these days play out? Well, okay, let me, let me tell a little bit more of the story. Okay. So this is, I'm not gonna. Spot burn or anything.

But anyone, and I said this in the last episode, we did, like anyone that knows anything about waterfowl hunting in this state can very easily find out where we were, but I just don't wanna say what it was. But it's public land. It's WMA in Western Kentucky, and it operates on a quota, so, or like a, it's, it's a draw basically.

So every year you have to enter, and if you don't draw, then you get a point. Or if you draw, then you get dates to go hunt out there. And the way that it works is when you get drawn, you get two days. So, A group of us was a group of four, then it dropped to a group of three, now Brayden's in the group, so he's back to the group of four.

Um, for years we've been putting in, and I've hunted there before. No one else in this group though has hunted there. And one of the guys in our [00:14:00] group Drew this year. So we got our two dates. They were, I want to go ahead and say now they were, Later in the duck season than I wanted us to go. I wanted to go earlier in the season, but you get what you get.

Um, and you don't pitch a fit. Yeah. So we tough titty said the kitty, but the milk's still good. . Oh my God. Do you got, you got one ? Uh, nope. Nope. Okay. Yep. So that's what we got. Um, So we drove, it's, we, we stayed in Paducah. Um, we have two consecutive days to hunt, and the way that it works is in the morning, the WMA office opens at four 30 in the morning and you gotta be there at four 30.

If you're not there within a window or whatever, you four foot your spot. Um, so we were up. The story's getting Ernie really excited. Yeah, he's, Hey, he wants to ernie's my dog. For anybody that doesn't understand what's going on, I should have kicked him outta here for the show. But Ernie wants to be a bird dog.

His tails nailing the table. I just figured I'd bring him in today since I was gone for a week and he's like, probably been shut to the basement the whole time. happy to have him quote. No, you're good. So just, I, I [00:15:00] wanted to clarify for anybody that hears the weird sounds in the background. Yeah, he's, he's just excited.

Yeah. Derek Sale is wagging. Yeah. . Excited at all. Uh, Yeah, so anyways, four thirty's check in. We are up at basically three 30, the two mornings. And so that's why, you know, we were texting you guys in Vegas still. Get Ready. Drove out there at the wm a office. Um, the night before I'd like poured into OnX and satellite maps and was looking at other stuff that Kentucky Fish and Wildlife puts out for this wm a and was trying to find, you know, the spot that we wanted to hunt.

And so this WMAs broken into all these different units. There's like over a hundred of them. And when you go there in the morning, they have a list of like, Hey, these areas are open this morning. And then they do a random draw. You get a number, they draw your number. You say, I want this spot. When you get that spot, it's off the board.

No one else can go hunt there. You have to do that that morning before you even go and get set up. Mm-hmm. . So like Derek wasn't picking like, we're gonna go here. He was like making a list of priorities [00:16:00] of like, I was like, if this gets drawn, it's like fantasy duck hunting kind a little bit. Yeah. And I was like, this is the first spot I really wanna hunt.

Here's the second spot. And just down the list. And the first day we actually got the first spot that I wanted to hunt. Um, and I really. Wholeheartedly believe that that spot, if it was earlier in the season, or we just had, you know, new ducks in the area would've been a really good spot. But what's been going on here for the last week or so is the weather's been pretty tame.

We've been above freezing. I think the ducks that are in this area have been in this area for a while and they're getting very decoy and call shine, and they're getting really used to where hunters are and where it's safe for them. And the spot is kind of smack dab in between. , the Ohio River, and then part of the WMA that is refuge, so you can't hunt there.

And there's like this little sliver right in the middle. Mm-hmm. . And that's where we were. And so there's a lot of places they can go elsewhere. Yeah. And all morning it [00:17:00] was, and after I say that, I wanna like ask Braddon just his thoughts on the first day, but all morning for me, I'm not gonna say I'm a seasoned duck hunter, but like I kind of know what I'm doing.

And to me they just, they knew more than. Yeah, , that's not saying a whole lot. still all day. We just watch birds fly over us. And I think it's just because they knew exactly where they wanted to be. They were coming up off the roost and then they were just going to the refuge and oh, there was no way that we were gonna be able to call them down.

I mean, we tried, we had a couple groups kind of look at us. Um, another part too though, is this area that we were hunting, there was water in it, but not a lot of. and we, you want a lot of water. Mm-hmm. , so the ducks have somewhere to land. Um, but yeah, that's kind of how the first day went. I was gonna ask Braden, how, like your first impressions of your first day duck hunting?

Just day one. Don't. Yeah. Day one. Um. It was cool to, like, I, I had just got like all my gear and stuff, so like learning how to like pack in with all that water, I'm not used [00:18:00] to, like, even fly fishing and stuff is kind of different, like using the waiters and actually like slogging through a bunch of muck, carrying decoy bags and like doing that.

We didn't go far, but like, no. Getting a little taste of what that's like and seeing like, oh this is like what duck hunting territory. It looks like, you know, it looks kind of like, it looked a lot like the videos like that I had watched on YouTube and stuff. Mm-hmm. . and like got to hang out in a standup blind, which was cool.

Um, found out, you know, I was wearing the wrong hat. I had a big white patch on the front . Um, so it, it was just like, it was a bunch of learning, like listening to him and his two buddies, you know, talk terminology back and forth and, Hey, go put the decoys over here. Oh, hey, we had those fly over and they, you know, they didn't give us a look.

We're gonna go, or they gave us a look and they went somewhere else. We're gonna go pull some decoys and like listening to them talk about the strategy and cycling through calls and all that type of stuff. It was just, I was super interested the whole time cuz it's just completely new to me. Um, saw tons of geese, saw tons of ducks, started asking questions about like, okay, [00:19:00] that just flew by.

What was that? And started to learn like, okay, I'm now identifying, like that was a mallard, that was this, whatever. Mm-hmm. . Learned about Chichis. , anything that, anything that We're not hunting. So the Mexican restaurant? No, no. This is a, so a crow is a chichi? Uh, yeah. The it, me and my duck hunting buddies in our world, I'm sure every group has another name for this, but any, anything that's not a bird that we can hunt is a chichi.

Oh, this isn't uncommon. Yeah. Well, I mean, every duck hunting group, they have their own things or whatever. They have their own. Language and terminologies and, and all that. Okay. Yeah. Um, I, I've hunted with other groups of guys before and they'll call 'em like, Tweety birds or those are tweets or something like that.

Mm-hmm. . But yeah. Any, anything. We can't hunt. It's a chichi, so it's like, Hey, what's that out there? It's chichis, don't worry about it. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Don't pay attention to them, basically. So did it, you were worried, um, last week about being able to identify what you could shoot cuz you know, things were probably gonna happen fast.

Yeah. And you didn't wanna shoot the wrong thing. Yeah. Did that become more clear as the, as the [00:20:00] days went on? Um, I kind of like mallards or like, a little bit easier to key in on. But basically, I mean, hunting with Derek and these other guys, , it's, it's not like one guy stands up to shoot one bird. It's like we all stand up and I'm basically paying attention to what they're shooting at.

And what I was afraid of is like you listen to them talk about how like your bag, like you can have a certain number of this, this, this, this, this and your bag. And I was like, man, what if I accidentally shoot one more than I'm allowed and da da da da. Ended up not being a problem. We nowhere near our bag.

I was like, don't worry about that. That's not gonna be a problem. Even if we have a really good day, like it's just probably not gonna be a problem. But I basically would just. Found out that there's time to listen to Derek or whoever like else was with us, to say, you know, hey, you know, shoot that, or here comes two of these that you are allowed to shoot and you can, you know, it's, it's a lot less like deer hunting.

Where you, sorry. It was, you hadn't, it was distracting me. . Yeah. It's a lot giant hair hanging on your face. It's a lot less like deer hunting where you're like real [00:21:00] quiet and you're talking to each other like this. Mm-hmm. and everything is very still until the exact moment. It's like, okay, here comes a couple birds, get ready, shoot.

You know, like Yeah. Like at one point, like Quentin m Bardo, were sitting there talking on day two. Oh yeah. And they're just like sitting there talking while I'm working these birds and they, the birds turned and actually started coming and getting closer to us. And at that point I was like, Hey guys. I was like, shut up.

Like now I need you to be quiet. He was like, shut up, . Can you move around? Like they don't care. Uh, or I guess when they get close. When they get close, especially with where we were hunting and. , you know, we're hunting these flooded milo and cornfields in blinds that are kind of open on the top. Like when they start getting close, you don't wanna move.

There are times in duck hunting or just waterfowl hunting as a whole, where movement's actually good. Mm-hmm. , um, I even kind of mentioned it that second morning. Yeah. Which, we'll get into that here in a minute. But there was one point the second morning where I got, I was about to start like splashing water with my foot and kicking, because I was hoping that that was gonna attract, bring the ducks to us.

Oh wow. Yeah. Um, if you're hunting like flooded timber, that's another [00:22:00] time where like movement is, Good. You want to be splashing around and moving in the water. Cause, cause duck bad cause you see that the splashing, um, wow. But yeah, so that was day one and we hiked out of there. Unfortunately no birds. We didn't even shoot that day, which kind of made me feel good.

Um, , we, you, when you're done, you have to go back to the, the check-in station at the refu or at the WMA office and you have to fill out an information card and submit it to them. And that's just how they keep track of how many birds were harvested. Um, you know, how how many shots were taken, how many shots were taken that day.

It's a very well managed WMA for waterfowl. Um, so we went back there and filled that out. But when you do that, you actually have to drive over a little bridge and there's refuge that you're driving over on that bridge. And when we drove over there, Quite a few ducks out in the refuge, but not the amount of ducks that you'd be looking forward to know.

Like, hey, there's a lot of ducks in the area there. We saw maybe a hundred, 200 ducks out on the water in the refuge. Yeah, not a ton. And we've seen pictures of that thing being like chock full, like no room. [00:23:00] One of the other times to swim. One of the other times I hunted out there, we drove over and it was earlier in the season, we drove over that bridge and then I don't know how ducks were still landing in that water, but they were, I mean there was just ducks everywhere.

Yeah. Um, so anyways, went back to the office filled. All that information then drove back into Paducah, um, hung out in the hotel a little bit that night, got cleaned up, showers, everything like that. And then that's when we went out to supper that night with Dane and, um, . So a little bit on Dane too. Like I've met Dane a couple times now.

Me and him have been buddies for a couple years. He's kind of been, he's taught me a lot when it comes to waterfowl hunting. Cuz again, like I, I've Dane's a g He is, he's done it his whole life. He knows it very well. Um, I've only been doing it for four or five years now, roughly. I've still got a lot to learn.

And anytime I have a question about anything like Dane's, the first guy I go to, especially since he's local-ish, he's in Kentucky at least. So we got supper with him. I kind of picked his brain a little bit more at supper [00:24:00] about like, Hey, this is what we saw today. This is what we did, you know, traded some stories.

Um, next morning, same thing up at three 30. Actually woke up a little earlier that morning. ? We overachieved. Yeah, we woke up a little earlier that morning because we had to check out at the hotel that morning too. So there's just the, you know, getting all of our stuff in vehicles and out and everything like that.

And then I looked at my watch and we're getting ready to leave. I'm like, guys, we're like, Half hour ahead of schedule. So Braden's like, well let's go to McDonald's cuz if anyone knows Braden. I said McDaniels. Yeah, a class mc McDaniels. Yeah. If anyone knows Brayden, he loves McDaniels. So we're like halfway there and then I like it.

Dawns on me, I'm like, has anyone thought to look if they're even open necessarily? Turns out they're not. They were not. Clown was still sleeping. Yeah. So then we were like, whoa, let's go to a gas station. And then they hopefully have some good food. Well, they didn't have food, so then we ended up at another gas station and we got reesey's cups and.

You know Dr. Peppers, that was my breakfast that morning. There's no way I'm gonna go to a to eat a gas station. [00:25:00] before I go on a hunt. Oh. Like I just feel like it would be a, that's what you said, McDonald's. And I'm like, I feel like, uh, like you're just asking for Yeah. You talk about not sitting still. I'm gonna be going out to the

I'm, I'm well conditioned. The reeds for it. I don't have any issues. What do you, okay, so like when you're waiting in, in the water and stuff and you have to poop, like, do you just poop in the water? I mean, if you really gotta go an aqua dump. Yeah. . And then it's like floating around with your friends. No, you should avoid that if you can.

Yeah, I'm not gonna do it. I I've never, yeah, I've never done that. Mm. I'm not saying that's figure, there's never gonna be a time but about that. Yeah. No. Okay. So back at the WMA office, we find ourselves . Um, again, I have a list of spots that I wanna hunt and we, I think ended up drawing our second spot that day.

Oh. Um, cuz the, the first spot. Is it a different spot than the before? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. We actually, the one that we hunted the day before they [00:26:00] closed. Yeah, they did? Yeah. And I think they were kind of looking for a group to go out there and not get anything for them to close it, honestly. Cuz if you looked at the, the harvest reports from that spot for like the week or two prior, it was just tapering off.

Is that proud to be of service and not shoot ducks? is that just to give the birds a break there? Mm-hmm give the area a spot like so they'll open it back. After a period of time and there, and there's a lot of factors that I think go into it. I honestly couldn't tell you for sure, but I think water levels has a lot to do with it.

Yeah. Just how much pressure that spot has gotten. Um, so that spot was closed. The spot that we had hunted the first day, they had closed it the second day. So we had a list of spots we wanted to hunt. The second day, the spot that I had picked to be our number one got picked first, like first group that got called and we were the last group to get.

But thankfully the second spot that I had picked, no one else touched it. Um, so we went in and haunted that spot. Second day I got one thing on the first day I embarrassed Derek and all his and his two buddies, cuz we were like last pick. And they [00:27:00] finally called his number and I went, woo. like everyone else, everyone.

And Derek was like, shut up man. Everyone else in the check station is just like, It's four o'clock in the morning. We're all tired. We just wanna go hunt some ducks. Like a lot of these guys probably do this a lot. and Braden's over there. Just like this excited little kid on Christmas morning, , I was fired out.

Derek. Derek's like, he's not with us. . He gets you out to the truck. He's like, we don't do that here, son. Yeah. Everyone's in there and act like you've been there before. Everyone's in there and like all their gear that they wear under their waiters and everything, and Brad's wearing his Lululemon pants and all that.

Oh, pretty not true, but I wouldn't be embarrassed about it. . So we drive out to a spot on the second morning and this spot, the way it works is you, you know, there's a drop point, so, Park your truck, whatever, get all your gear out and it's really close to the blind. And then you hike all your gear in and then after you get set up, you go back, take your truck, and you drive it like pretty far away.

Not super far, but pretty far away, and park your truck somewhere [00:28:00] else. So we kind of split the group. Um, me and Bardo took the truck and then we loaded Quentin and Braden down with the e coy bags and other stuff, and. Like I said, I mean, it's early, it's dark still, and I just kind of point it and I'm like, walk that way and you should hit a blind eventually and we'll come find you.

So, and what had happened was, yeah, so what, what happened? Braden tell us, me and Quinton loaded up all of our stuff and start trekking the direction that Derek pointed, and so we're walking through. It's dry. It's dry, it's dry. and then it starts, you know, we start getting into water and then we're going through like ba a cornfield and like cornstalks are basically like head level and you're probably thigh deep water at that point.

Something like that. Near thigh deep water. We're just kind of waiting through, looking around in the. Pitch dark for a concealed stand i's what I say. This is interesting to me that like it's like, go find this thing that the birds can't see, but you should be able to see them in the dark having never been here before.

Well, it's on the map, but me and Quentin didn't have a map. So then we're like, we [00:29:00] got our headlamps, we're around's me and you with hunts and no maps. Well, I'm gonna let Bran tell his side of the story and then I'll tell how it worked out for me and Bardo when we got. I think you're gonna find the problem very quickly here, narrator voice.

It does not end well from birth. Oh, it wasn't that bad. It wasn't that bad. But we ended up like looking around and we like saw what we thought was kind of a rectangle in like the middle of the water, a ways away. And I was like, that looks like our best bet, man. Like, I didn't know if it was right or left.

And so we ended up seeing it and like wading through like a cornfield walking through like a row of corn, just like making the most noise possible. Which doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. But just like tearing stuff up and finally we found it and it went a lot easier for, for Derek. Yeah. We drive down and park the truck and then throw our waiters on and walk all the way back down the road that we just drove back to.

We get to the drop point sign and like our blind bags and shotguns are still laying there. We weren't gonna make them carry them for us. They had the decoy bags anyways, so we threw those on and I'm like, all right, let's just go. And we headed in the direction [00:30:00] that I knew that the blind was. Waited into some water, hit the cornstalks, looked a little bit to my right and saw a huge clearing.

Walked right through that clearing, walked right up to the blind and they were sitting there in the blind like, oh, hey, where? Where'd you guys come from? Right there. I was standing there with my head, like doing Morse coat at you guys. Did you not see? Oh my gosh. . I didn't see, I thought y'all were, you came right to the light.

I thought you were just dialed in. I thought we were communicating. No, I didn't. I didn't see no Morris code or anything. I didn't see . What were you spelling with your Morris? Help? . . So yeah, we meet up with them and. We go out and I'm looking at like, okay, this is the direction that this blind face is. We have a northwest wind, which was really good that day and I think helped us out.

Cause I think it brought some new ducks into the area. Um, and that's what you're hoping for in duck hunting. You're hoping for new ducks that aren't familiar with the area that you're hunting in, and they're not gonna be as shy to your decoy spreads. I mean, we're late in the season. These birds have been shot at all the way from Canada.

Texas. Mm. [00:31:00] Um, but, but you get into an area that they haven't been into yet that year, and it's, it's all new to them, so they just don't know what's what yet. Um, again, we're close to the Ohio River in this spot and we go out. Set our decoys up. I kind of made like a pocket way off on our right with the thought process being with the wind that we had.

The wind was gonna be blowing basically right in our faces, so the birds were gonna be finishing and decoy in from behind us. So I made this pocket to the right to close it off, and hopefully the birds were just funnel right in front of us and we get set up in the blind. Everyone's getting shotguns loaded, getting all their gear ready to go.

And it was probably 10 minutes before shooting light and we started hearing, you know, the sound that every duck hunter hears and loves. Is always chasing, like we start hearing the, the, the whistle of the wings and the wings cutting through the wind and we're hearing, you know, Drake's doing their Drake whistles and yep.

Braden. Braden learned how to do a Drake whistle. He has one duck call now, , I just wanna throw out there that we saw a lot more ducks the second day and the difference between the first day [00:32:00] and the second day it was, I had a Drake whistle on the second , so I was calling 'em in. So 10 minutes before we already got ducks circling over us and.

Finishing and landing into the, the pond that we're hunting. And I'm like, okay, this is good. Like that's, that's a really good sign when you got ducks hit in the water before shooting light. Like this is gonna be good. And I would say by the time shooting light hit, we probably had nearly 30 ducks on the pond on in this big flooded.

Cornfield that we were hunting in, and I don't know, maybe a minute or two before shooting light, I kind of like whispered down to the blind. We kind of played a game of telephone real quick. I was like, Hey. I was like, when shooting light hits we're not shooting yet. Granted, most of these ducks were hitting and then they were swimming to the other side.

Mm-hmm. , and then they were going up into the corn. Yeah. I was like, but when shooting light hits, like I want more ducks to hit this hole before we start shooting. I want this hole to start filling up with ducks. And that way we got a lot of ducks looking and coming in. And then is it to your benefit that there's.

hunters close by. Are they flushing up ducks? That what you're trying to catch their [00:33:00] ducks and that, that happened also later that morning. But so wait, do you shoot them on the water? You wanna shoot them in the air? Ideally, like when they're cupped up is, is the phrase or whatever. Um, that's when their wings are cupped down and their feet are down.

The landing gears are . That's when they're going the slowest and that's when they're gonna be the closest. And it's like right when they're hitting the water, um, you can retrieve, like they don't just. , you can retrieve them. No, I mean, they float on the water when they're, when they're dead. Now the thing ducks will do, um, if they're injured, sometimes they'll dive down into the water and they'll clamp onto something with their beaks and they'll just stay down there and die and you'll never find them.

Oh, that does happen. Um, that's why like, I tried to explain this to Braden at one point too. I was like, Hey, don't get upset. Like if you shoot a duck and it's on the water and we start shooting at your duck on the water, like we're not doing that to like upset you. Like we're doing that to make sure that this duck, we don't lose this duck.

Okay. Um, that's interesting. Yeah. Duck hunting. It's not like, don't. Yeah. But duck hunting is like, that's not my duck. [00:34:00] You can't do that in duck hunting. You can't be like, that's my duck. I'm gonna it it. That was a big difference on like dove hunting. I'm like, no, man, that was my dove. But waterfowl hunting, everybody's just shooting.

Yeah. Like it's, it's kind of chaos in some ways. Well, like the first duck we shot, I mean, it was a group effort. I think all of us hit that duck. But my buddy Quentin, who was on the left side of the blind, was the last one to put around in it, and it went down. So Bardo went out and retrieved it and came back and he is like, I'm pretty sure this was Quentin's Duck.

And it was like, cool. Yeah, like the group got a duck Quentin's taking it home, but like we got a duck. Yeah. Yeah. And he got, he was the one that drew of the four of us. and uh, that was the first duck he had ever shot at. Mm-hmm. , I think. Mm-hmm. as well. Yeah. So me and him did the same thing. But the funny thing about that was, um, like the full story of that, that duck like getting shot and everything, like we're all.

we're all four, basically like sitting on a bench. Derek's on the far right, Quinn's on the far left. Me and Barto are in the middle. I'm next to Derek. And, uh, all these ducks are pouring in, like, like Derek's talking about. And we're just, you know, first light comes around, we're [00:35:00] just sitting there like waiting for our chance.

And these two ducks just come like zipping by and they, like, Derek can tell, they're gonna kind of like circle around and then come from the right and then basical. Fly right in front of us. I think it was a Hannah and a Drake, right? Yeah. Mallard. And so Derek's like, get ready, get ready. And here they come.

And he's like, shoot 'em. So we all stand up. You can only have three shells in your gun. There's four of us. We emptied all 12. Like do, do, do. And then down this thing goes, bardo gets up, runs over there. Two more shots. , so, oh God. 14. Yeah. Cause he had to finish it on the water. 14 shots for one duck. It was, uh, We, we, we definitely could have gotten probably four to six ducks if we were better shots, but that's duck hunting.

Um, so why didn't you, why did you shoot the one, I mean, I know you just said it's better to get the ones that were landing, but why didn't you like shoot the ones on the water like you could have gotten? Well, you can. That's, and that's a thing in the duck [00:36:00] hunting world, it people turn their nose up at shooting ducks on the water.

Oh. . I honestly have nothing against it. I think every duck hunter, if they're honest with themself, has done it. I'm sure I'm gonna catch a lot of flack on this. There's gonna be these big time duck hunters that are like, I would never do that in, in my opinion, it's almost more ethical and we could get into this huge long conversation about ethics, but there's a much less likelihood of wounding a duck that is on the water.

Hmm. . Yeah. The, the arguments just, it's not as sporting. Okay. Like that's the counter-argument to what Yeah. That's why it was the same thing with, uh, do hunting is definitely not as, uh, I don't wanna offend anybody, but like pretentious as duck hunting. Yeah. Like duck hunters, you definitely get, like Derek's talking about mm-hmm.

You get some people that are, um, a little, I mean, it's a big investment. Like it, it has own little sophisticated Yeah. Mm-hmm. , it, it's just like deer hunting. It gets these bubbles of mm-hmm. of different, you know, people fly fishing's a probably a good example. Yeah. I mean anything, you know, you kind of start.

To build up, but it's just, uh, it's just that they're not moving and it's not [00:37:00] considered as like, fair my, to me, getting the ducks to decoy is the hard part. So if you've thrown out a good enough decoy spread and your calling is good enough to where that duck is now confident enough that he's gonna land on that water, she, the duck is gonna land on that body of water that you're hunting.

Mm-hmm. , that's the harder part in my. . Um, I mean, yeah, it takes like even down to braden's dumb hat, like not doing that. Having knowing the wind, that's the thing that we're not talking about, that if you're new, and I've only waterfowl hunted a little bit, but the, these guys understand like they're gonna get in the spot.

Imagine that. Where the wind, they know the wind so well that these birds are gonna be landing in front. , it's not as easy as it sounds like setting up in the perfect position for, for the wind where these birds are coming at them is very like, to me, that's one of the most impressive things when you, yeah.

You know, when I went up and waterfowl hunted with Mike, I couldn't believe the amount of discussion around the wind, arguing over the wind and what it was gonna do. Well, my a blah, blah, blah, like, [00:38:00] Sometimes 10 or 15 minutes of discussion just to decide which side we're gonna set up on, you know? Wow. Yeah.

And that's like where we were like, they have these fixed blinds. You don't actually have to hunt from those blinds. But we didn't bring anything down to like really make our own blinds in the field. Um, so we were kind of confound, like we, we were stuck to hunting their blinds basically. Mm-hmm. . And so, you know, I, we would get out there in the morning, I would say, here's our win.

This is what we're doing, that this is where I wanna throw the decoys, because this is where I think the ducks are gonna come from. I would ask Bardo, who's my buddy? Who's. , he's got about as much duck hunting experience as I do. I'd be like, here's my plan. What do you think? Like I would always run it by him and then ask if he had something else that he wanted to add to it.

And then as Braden mentioned, especially on the first day, I mean it you, throughout the day, you're adjusting things based off what you're seeing the ducks are doing. So that's the hard part in my opinion. And then the other thing too is like a bunch of ducks come in and hit the water. Okay, you shoot one on the water, well guess what?

All those other ducks are gonna start taking off now. So every shot that you're taking after that is. [00:39:00] Ducks flying away. And then I also wanna throw in the two ducks that we did kill that day. Both of 'em were on the wing, like we didn't shoot those ducks on the water. Right. Um, do you guys ever use the mojos?

Yeah. Yeah. Uh, we, we got to, so we, we have a mojo and we have a lucky duck, but they're both spinner equals. Yeah. And, and we, me and Bardo, I do a lot of my duck hunting with him. We joke, we, we've named him. One is Mo and the other one's lucky. Yeah. Mojo and Lucky Duck. But, so we were running both of those both days.

Or dove hunting. Those things are freaking money. Oh yeah. Is it like that with ducks too? Can be. Yeah, can be. Sometimes they can scare the ducks, really. It just depends on how pressured they are and everything like that. Yeah. I thought it was funny, like we have ducks on the water and you have these, these decoys that are sitting there spinning their wings or whatever.

Mm-hmm. and I hyster. I was like, what are the ducks like sitting on the water looking at that thing? Think. Like it, it's like some sitting there just levitating, just like right above like the surface of the water. Like how does that not spook them? He's, I mean, animals, animals can get spooked by decoys though.

[00:40:00] I mean, I've seen Oh yeah. I, I don't know enough about duck hunting cuz I haven't done it as much, but like I've seen turkeys get spooked by decoys plenty. Like, oh for sure. Plenty. Well, that's a big part of his game. Yeah. Of like, Hey, I. There's too many decoys out here. Yeah. Or there's like too much action or whatever, like Yeah.

That was what I think was going on a lot with day one, was we were hunting in a smaller area, didn't have as much water. We threw relatively small decoy spread compared to what some other guys will throw when they go out and hunt ducks. There's, there's also this mindset in duck hunting. Some people have like the idea that the more decoys the better no matter what.

Mm-hmm. and so I think we. , 18 floaters that first morning on the water, and by the time we came off of the water, I think there was like six. Yeah. Like I pulled that many out trying. And what was happening was ducks were coming. They would look at us, they would circle, and then they would leave. Didn't like it.

And I, I kept thinking to myself, But I think it's because there's just too many decoys on the water and they don't see a good, you said you were hunting a smaller body too, right? Yep. And I think that they just didn't see an area that they liked to try to come down and [00:41:00] land. So, uh, I got a couple minutes here left.

I'm kind of curious, uh, just overall, what, what surprised you about duck hunting that you didn't expect? Um, man. Um, besides navigation, that's always your challenge. Yeah, that's all. I'm navigationally challenged. You were using apple maps, weren't you? Yeah, man. Yeah. Um, I mean, I really found like the decoy setup to be really interesting.

And then I thought like, just like the calling in general, like I was sitting there listening to like Derek's cadence and like him cycling through different calls of like, it's kinda like Turkey hunting where he has like a box call, a diet frame call and a pot call, like they're all duck calls, but he can make like the, the timber cutter.

Mm-hmm. is like significantly louder and he can. Projected a lot farther out. And then he's got ones that are more like a finesse kind of call that like sound more accurate when they're closer and just like understanding kind of like the language of the ducks. A little bit of like, this is why you, Drake whistled ducks are looking for friends and we're telling 'em, Hey friends, we're down here.

Come be our friends. Uh, which is kind of sad. , we, we [00:42:00] agreed that that was a little sad because a Turkey you're shooting, he's kind of like the big. Jerk jock chasing around all the chicks in the woods. Ducks are just looking for homies and you're like, Hey, let's be friends. Then he comes out and you just shoot him or shoot his girlfriend.

Uh, I would also like to point out though real quick, almost every call we were using these last two days is You go go wild duck com. Yeah, that's right Hayes. Uh, yep. Hayes is mostly what we were using. We used. , a couple other ones here and there, but yeah, I have one that was a handmade turn call.

Yeah. So if you got a reward. Yeah, yeah. You know all these buddies you're sharing with to get on that UTV giveaway. That's right. Yeah. As you earn points, you could unlock a reward. Yeah. So what I'm just saying. Yeah. And then so, so you enjoyed it though? I loved it, man. Yeah. And just, I mean, I always love like, The element of like learning about the animal and stuff.

And I had heard them talk about, like, one of the most obvious things to me was the cupping. You keep hearing them like say cupping and like this is when you wanna shoot 'em. And like you can see pictures and stuff, but like seeing it in person, like you could see the colors of the duck, like Yeah. [00:43:00] Um, and then the ones we shot, the feathers on the wing, like they're iridescent.

They changed from like green to purple to blue. I mean, they're just, ducks are really pretty animals. Some of the most beautiful animals in nature in my opinion. Yeah. Yeah. Especially mallards it a wood duck. More pret, in my opinion. Prettier. But prettier than your possums, in different ways. , they're all pretty in their own way, so, um, Sounds fun.

Uh, yeah, it was great. Glad you got to go. Uh, yeah, me too. One thing I wanted to throw out before we end the show here, and uh, I hope you guys let us know how you like these longer shows. We we're changing the format a little bit. Uh, we, we normally had a hard cut off with the cameras, but we've kind of talked and we're just gonna let it roll.

And so we get some clips to be able to share on the socials, but, uh, you know, at no point to force a short podcast, I feel like we've done that sometimes. So if you like that, let us know. Uh, I wanted to throw out something that I've talked to Jacob about. Um, go. As you figured out with the UTV giveaway has a camo pattern coming out.

There's gonna be a more formal announcement of that, uh, coming, but I [00:44:00] think we're gonna go ahead and launch these hoodies. Sweet. So, yeah, so we're gonna just go ahead, like, I don't wanna wait on that until we're ready to officially launch the camo. So we're just gonna quietly, we're not gonna play up the camo a ton, but we're gonna launch those hoodie.

Sooner. And I, the reason I'm bringing that up, cause I'm thinking the, did the shot show one launched today or is it even another week? No. So this is like two weeks down the road that this show's gonna launch depending on how we launch shot. Like if we wanna do it as a bonus No. Or if we wanna do it as Monday, I'll talk to you about that.

But the reason I'm, I'm, I'm thinking that this show, by the time this is out, we'll have these live. Um, cause I kind of wanna launch 'em this week. And this is the 23rd of January. Yeah. So, um, I, we're gonna be launching these, uh, they're. The first hoodie we've had in forever. Yeah, I mean I don't even, I guess the last hoodie we had was those, uh, no, the red squa I think.

No, I think it was the branded, uh, just the simple, oh, it was the monster bottom, the proved all of us wrong. Mm-hmm. . That's right. So that was years ago. Uh, we just, you know, hoodies I will admit are kind of my least favorite thing [00:45:00] to. To buy cuz they're like, the boxes are just huge. Yeah. For very few products.

Derek knows all about this. Yeah. Hey, me and Jacob were moving around. Uh, yeah. You on Friday too? Yeah. Yeah. We were, uh, and Erica actually was in there. Uh, I overlooked. She did, she, uh, supervisor, no one over, uh, oversees a project like Erica . Um, mostly because we were just constrain, constrained for space.

Like I ended up stopping too. Jacob moved a bunch of stuff without us cuz we just couldn't get to him from help. We're looking down the hallway like, yeah, good luck. We're stuck. Yeah. I mean, the other day when I was moving a bunch of boxes and then dude shows up, he's like, Hey, I got seven of 11 boxes.

Yeah. I'm like, where are we gonna put these? Yeah. People, people, uh, don't understand how small our office is. Uh, poor Dan has no office left at, at this point. Inventory kept texting me, so I get just put it in my office. I'm like, I don't think you understand what, what your office looks like right now.

we've uh, we converted our podcast studio into storage space at this point. Anyways, those are launching. Uh, a lot of you guys keep asking for hoodies. We got hoodies. They're freaking sweet. Donovan Sears, the co-founder Go wild, who designs, uh, a good portion of the things that Erica [00:46:00] doesn't do. Uh, Donovan designed these and.

I love them. So, yeah. Uh, check out, shop. Go wild. I think we have a ta, uh, category just for go wild gear, right? That's probably where those will live. Yeah. And we also have these bill collector shirts. Oh, we do? Speaking of ducks, man, I forgot about the bill collector shirt. So this thing is freaking sweet too.

One of my favorite shirts, um, the, the bill collector sticker came about, and I think somebody's idea was to put like, we gotta put this on a shirt. Yeah. And so Donovan worked on this. Uh, it is the most Donovan vibe. I love this guy. Got, it's, it's got, it's like a skull with the, the bones across, uh, skull behind it, but the feet kind of finish it out.

It's banded and he's banded. He's banded. Uh, so I mean, just a super. What are the, what are those shirts? How much do they cost? You know? Mm. I think they're 24. Yeah. So, uh, you know, uh, super soft, not, yeah, they are, they're are normal, uh, the tribal end type stuff that we always see. And if you wear one, you automatically become a better duck.

Ah, I just wanna throw that That's true out there. Yeah, we made 'em in partnership with Federal too. Yep. Oh yeah, that's right. That's part of the federal series. So they have a Go Wild federal [00:47:00] logo on the back. Um, I should have worn my black cloud. I almost wore the black cloud, uh, sweatshirt today too.

Yeah, it would've been good. Um, but yeah, check those out too. So we got some new swag hitting and I think there's even a. Uh, there's more swag that'll be coming. We've got, we've got more on order. That'll be here soon. Yep. And go out camo. Alright. Uh, so today we have uh, Braden Ware, Erica Johnson, Derek Tolls, and Brad Lutrell.

If you could log this on plus hip post, uh, go to log time outdoor podcast. You'll find uncensored there and you can hit this show. Tag us. Let us know what you thought, and thanks for listening. See you. Bye bye.