Gearing Up for GAOS

Show Notes

• We are now streaming on the Sportsmen’s Empire podcast network! 

• Jacob and his family went fishing over the weekend.

• Why are trailers so hard to handle?

• Dry camping vs wet camping: Which do you prefer? 

• What would your ideal camper setup look like?

• The new “Floor is Lava” show on Netflix–don’t miss it!

• Writing the script for our version of a “Top Gear” hunting edition episode.

• Does the outdoor industry have the largest population of dudes named Dan?

• The team is gearing up for the Great American Outdoor Show (GAOS): Stop by wearing your GoWild hat to get a little extra something-something.

• Brad is still out to prove that Dogman exists!

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Show Transcript

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People would not believe how often we start a show with technical difficulties. It's it's every three weeks at least. Every one and a half weeks. one and a half. One and a half. Speaking of been very skilled podcasters, we are proud to announce effective today. You guys probably already heard this, but I wanna talk about it a.

Dan Johnson, the founder of Sportsman's Empire, and and Braden and us have been working through a partnership and we are joining Sportsman's Empire. Yeah. Which is to me a bigger deal than it sounds. It sounds [00:01:00] like we just moved our feet around, but if you don't know what's up, but.

We, we have gotten really good at the video side of this. We've gotten I feel like the show format finally works, all the podcast, we did 200 episodes on other formats with guest format, and we just learned we're not good at that. And this has been really fun. It's low pressure and it makes the stories really good, I think.

And then Sharon of the shorts and the video side we've done well at, but we're just not good at running podcasts. And Dan is, and so Dan though, likes that we're a bunch of goobers. That was actually the selling point. I think Braden, you talked to him about this. Yeah, we're joining a rank of like super legit podcast.

Yeah, so I guess he just needed like an anchor to Yeah, . Just like balance all the scales. , you got Paul Campbell teaching people how to slate turkeys. You got like the best hounds man in the world. You got Dan Johnson, who's Slays Parker McDonald. Yeah, I'm sorry it wasn't water like it's, you got toothpicks and then you got toothpicks.

Story number one on this podcast. Yeah. I'm really proud to to, we're bringing them down a notch. Yeah. Bringing 'em back to [00:02:00] reality. So it's elf, you bring us down a whole in a good way. . That's us. You're not a cotton head in any mus. Yeah, we are that though. But I'm excited about it, man.

Dan, and then there'll be some things we're talking to Dan about. some ways we can integrate better with Sportsman's Empire. And I think that'll hopefully happen, later this summer. I don't know exactly when, we didn't put a date out on that, but yeah, there's some other ways that we think we can work together.

Yeah. And Dan is gonna join this show. We're still trying to figure out like technically how we're gonna do that. Yeah. But we're gonna get Dan. Johnson from Sportsman's Empire to join our show every now and then. So yeah, Dan will pop in and instead of us talking about how we like wh it all weekend, we'll have somebody that actually knows what they're doing.

Yeah. Yeah. We're bringing his network down a touch. He's bringing our podcast up a touch , whenever he comes, it'll make the real deal meeting in the mediocre middle. That's right. . That's right. Yeah. But that's pretty fun. So the news today broke this morning through bow Yep. [00:03:00] And I hope to.

A couple other places. We'll see what's up. I was up this morning, it was the first thing in my email. So exciting stuff for this Monday. I didn't do anything exciting over the weekend, though. I did it a little bit. We it was warm here. It got up to 50 something and yeah, but that meant like cleaning the garage for me.

Yeah. So you know, I love how Jacob is setting this up as if the weather was the reason he went out and fished on a weekend. Wait a minute, who said I fish? Whoa. It was like 50 degrees. So that's how he pitched it. Honestly, it wasn't the weather, it was the fact that I've been traveling and gone and my wife needed to get the kids out of the house.

And It warmed up enough. It's let's take the kids and the dog and go hike. And of course as soon as she says, go hike, my wheels turn. Are we taking fishing rods? Yeah. Where'd you're not gonna hike. Can you say where we went? Yeah, I can say where we went. So we went over to just the Parklands, that's our go-to cuz it's.

15 minutes from the house. There's a creek the kids can run around. One kid can chase crawfish and me and [00:04:00] my older son fish for a little bit. Nothing. No luck. No, not a bite. The water was still up a little bit, but it, the color of the water was really good. So I would say like today, tomorrow, it should.

Pretty good fishing. If anybody can get there. It's always the like day after or the day after that it was good. It wasn't . I'm sure it's great. Tomorrow or yesterday. That's that whole, the whole surfing thing should have been here yesterday. Exactly. I mean deer hunting or anything else.

It's man, they were moving yesterday. No, cab real hot now. They're not moving. What was crazy though, is, There had been some flooding not too long ago. , so the topography of the creek bed had changed and like the edge of the creek and stuff. And it was windy that day. And you know those big old sycamore trees that are out there?

, we're walking with the kids and I hear this huge tree that's probably. Probably 36 inches at the bottom, creaking at the bottom of the tree. And my kids are walking through and I'm like, guys run because I, here I'm not gonna watch this tree fall on my kids. So I'm [00:05:00] like having them sprint through, waiting for Liz and the dogs to come up and I'm just, it was intense there for a second, but nothing.

So how'd the new pup do on the hike? Dad worry? Oh, he does fine. Yeah, he does great. He he loves getting in the creek. That's cool. So he gets in bites at the water, typical dog stuff that probably didn't help with the fishing, I guess they were in another part. Okay. All right. Liz is Liz. Liz understands, she's cool.

She's always I'm very thankful cuz every time we go to the creek and I take a fishing garage, she's I'll go over here with the two little ones and you and Jennys can fish over here and take the dog. And she's cool about that. Yeah, dude, I went to the RV Bocho. Oh yeah, I went to that last year. I forgot I You were asking what I did.

I was like, nothing , I forgot. I went to that. I basically got talked into like seriously looking at the camera . Oh no, dude. I didn't know what they cost and I got there. I was like, I could get some of these used. I think maybe that. Yeah, they work. Yeah. They're [00:06:00] way more reasonable. I mean on the, like the 17 footers, yeah. Like the little pool behind is I could, me and Sav and maybe one other couple could make this work. So Yeah. I wouldn't go any bigger than that. With your truck though? Oh, it can handle up to 11,000. , I might not. The there's handle and it's the same reason we're not taking my SUV back to Gaos.

, my dad had an F-150 and had a, like a 30 foot trailer and it can handle. But it's, it's like the surest. Bomb out your transmission. I assure you I couldn't handle a 30 foot trailer either. . Yeah, there's that. Yeah, we moved. I've seen you back up without a trailer. So we moved the UTV the other day and we had dropped it off.

So now we have an empty trailer, which is much easier to pull than a 3,500 pound. Utv. I'm like, you wanna drive? You want practice and drive this back? Nope. And his dad's over there. He is you need to drop Bud. . . He made you? No, he's talking to Jacob. Oh, Jacob. I thought, yeah, I thought Richie was trying to get a little lesson for you.

No, he knows. He knows as well as anybody. [00:07:00] Yeah. You know what's funny? Those shorter trailers, the shorter the trailer, the harder it is to back up. They're more so then I look at a 30 footer more. Cool. All right. The 17 foot, like the 17 foot's a lot. I'm more talking like I have a eight foot trailer. And like it's jackknife city if you can't drive a trailer.

Yeah. So even Gladys will jackknife real fast too. Amanda and I were went last year and we're like, we should get a trailer. And then we realized we never take any time off and we're like, when would we, what? Two weekends a year? We would be out sleeping it out the yard. Erica gets out a ton on a weekend, so she does, but Erica's saying, , and this might just be a immediate post covid thing, but she's saying you gotta reserve those spots.

That's my, it depends on the campsite. That's true. My, my parents do a lot and they'll do it like a few weeks out. Yeah. It, she, where she was talking about is super popular. . So there's definitely campsite that my parents will look at and they have to book 'em six months out, but not all of 'em are like that.

And that's like state campgrounds. R. Campgrounds [00:08:00] where there's K o A, there's privately owned stuff. Yeah. I'm guessing you would probably want one go like off grid. Not like a fancy, I don't know about, for the first one, we looked at some that were, So like I don't wanna do a popup. Like I just basically decided I don't wanna have to deal with the drying and all that stuff.

The moldy popup things like my parents did that when we grew up and they said it was fun to camp in, but it sucked afterwards. They make these ones now that are hard sided, A-frame popups that have solar panels on 'em, and I could, I don't know, me and Sav were kinda like, I don't know, maybe like we could look at this doesn't have a bathroom SAB didn't like that, so most campgrounds do.

Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. See, that was I'm letting her draw her lines, whatever she wants, yeah. If she'll go camping with me, then cool. Yeah. But the whole thing wet camp, like when you're dry camping, you don't have to deal with all the, I know. It's like the gray water. It's just my dad was walking me through it all and I'm like, it's rough.

It is a lot of work. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. We're looking at it, I we're looking at what layout we want and all that stuff, but I was really surprised at Big, they make a 17 [00:09:00] foot feel. Yeah. There's a there's a couch and a little table and multiple sleeping areas, a shower, a toilet.

I was like, man, this is pretty legit. So yeah, I don't know. I think she could be convinced I have that truck tent that. She will not camp with me in and that's fine. It's for hunting, but yeah, it'd be fun to have a little a little camper before Turkey season to be able to just cram people in there and go shoot turkeys for a few days.

But I have a trailer that's just an old beater trailer. If you ever want to practice with somebody's trailer that doesn't care about it, let me know. Okay. You could run it into whatever. It's my hand me down for my dad. And. . The where I have to back up into my, my gates will sometimes close while I'm backing up.

So I've busted the taillights off this thing . That means it's just, yeah. Like they're huge barn gates that I've built to be able to get my trailer in and out of there. But they're so heavy that if the wind starts blowing they're not stopping. Yeah. And it's like downhill. So I've busted out, but I've thought a lot about just making a roughneck, build out a plywood camper.

[00:10:00] Yeah. For what you're talking about. Yeah. I haven't done it. That's all you need. Those are my favorite. I don't know if you guys ever watched Top Gear, but they would, every now and then have a, an episode where they'd hook up a travel trailer to some like Lamborghini, and then they'd just proceed to trash it until it's just like a, they'd, run it through other trailers and Yeah.

Tip it over and stuff. They were so much fun. Yeah. Now Rutledge Wood is the host of Flores Lava. , when is that? It's like a you. You know as a kid you would jump from couch like playing all that. There's a show on Netflix called Flores Lava and the host of Top Gear rode with Wood is now the host of Flores Lava, which I'm not sure, I guess it's an ascent cuz top gear was kind of niche and now this is like one of Netflix most watched shows that must be Top Gear America.

Oh, you watched, okay. British one. Yeah, Rutledge. He watched no, he's in this scenario. Dan is right. That was the more popular one I assumed he was talking about. Cuz they actually, they ripped everything off. Yeah. But the coolest episode the American one did was when the Ford Raptor came out and then there was that aftermarket No.

Was it, or no, it might have just been a [00:11:00] wrap. I think there was a velo Raptor aftermarket that they put on this thing behind a seat and then a do a halo jump. Jumped. So the raptor had to go five miles and the halo jumper had to go five miles and the dude comes down and is like diving and this truck is racing and I'm sure it's all fake, but it was awesome.

Like at the end of it, they're both like flying in at the same time. This Raptor's jumping. And that was the first time I'd ever heard of a Ford Raptor. This was years and years ago. Far before pre-kids. But that's, that was like the peak show. And then I didn't watch anymore. Yeah. Give it up.

They do some epic. Specials is one where they were in Mongolia and they just like parachute drop kit car that they have to assemble in like Mongolia and then drive it like 3000 miles out in town. We should do the hunting version of that where we just drop you off and we just assure you that tags are covered and you're left with a string, a stick and a an old napped broadhead and you gotta figure it.

Yeah. Do you remember? Because it's not hard enough and we don't fail enough. It, we should sand nearly killed himself. [00:12:00] We high-tech climbing equipment. Imagine Yeah. We are not the characters in this show. No. We're producer in the pros. We could do that to Derek. You remember? Stop in the middle of nowhere, be like, Hey, we'll meet you at this thing.

It's just a note. Find your way out at this state point. What's the sci-fi? The the 3000 or whatever where the three, like the guys would sit and watch, you know what I'm talking about, Dana? Were the aliens dropping 'em back off? N no. Where the old where they would watch old sci-fi movies, but the guys would sit in the front row and just commentate scifi.

Oh, mystery Science Theater. 3000. Yes. That it'll be like, But it'll be the four of us sitting here watching. Yeah. It'd be like sitting behind us at the Badlands film festival and it's just us making stupid commentary the whole time. I think we're onto something. Let's pitch this to Dan Johnson with Sports' Empire, and we're gonna, we're gonna be his first video show.

Can we talk about for a second how, and we talked about this at Shot, show how this industry, the hunting outdoor industry, has a larger percentage of Dans. Then a lot of Dan, any other industry I've been in [00:13:00] and it's getting very confusing cuz you just had to put in Dan Johnson. Yeah. Because constantly I'll just overhear you guys be like, Hey, have you talked to Dan?

And I'll be like, what? What are you talking, what's the other Dan on Dan Johnson's network with the Dan Matthews. Dan Matthews. Dan Matthews is on. Yeah. Yeah. So he's got two shows. We now have three. Dan's on the Sportsmans Empire. Yeah. We met with some, I feel like some Dans that shot. That was very confusing.

It's getting a little too much. Yeah. I might. Although you guys usually call me Dan Hood, he'll usually throw both of them in there. We can just rebrand you or Dan what I'm sure. I'm sure it'll be very professional. Whatever you read. . , he'd be like, Jerry from Parks and Rec and the name just changes every three months.

Gary, Larry, Jerry, what's but So busy week, this week with CAO's coming up. Yeah, so today's Monday. Tomorrow is pack up day. Wednesday we leave today. We got we gotta check the tires. Check the lights. [00:14:00] Probably should have done that a week ago. No, because if something's wrong now, we'll just know as we're getting on the road.

Yeah. You can't fix it now. Yeah. There's a tire shop across the street. That's true. We're good. If it was to figure out, out, yeah. They're pretty good. I speaking of which, you gotta pick me, you're picking me up from or maybe taking me back cuz I have a tire issue that I'm dealing with today too.

All kinds of tire issues going on. Yeah. But then the I'll tell you about this later. Braden's very confused. I need to ride whatever man I need to ride to Costco sounds fun. And you're the only one that goes that way. So the leaving on Wednesday though, then Dan, Eric and I will set up Thursday, Friday show starts Saturday.

and then it's like platooning in and out of there like crazy. Dan and Eric are work at Sunday and then the oh two guys join Tuesday. So if you're listening to this today, it's a Monday and now Tuesday, Wednesday are oh two guys. And then you show up with Jacob when we're there. Tuesday after around lunchtime, Dan goes home.

Tuesday we will be at the booth Wednesday, I think post Amish meat pocket. When we get [00:15:00] there. Yeah. So you're going, so you're going Amish meat pocket, then come to Booth. Yes. Airport to Amish Meat Pocket. Yes. You are second on Tuesday. Yeah, absolutely. Hope Dana doesn't have to poop. Is it just Dan for a while?

I can diaper it. , I can diaper all the whole astronaut schedule. The whole time we're playing the schedule. It's, oh, I can hold my poop that long. Or you can put it, yeah. Yeah. It's like how necessary is it gonna get? How many hours could Dan stand in the booth without having to go to the bathroom?

Hopefully Jacob and Braden's flight don't get, doesn't get delayed. Paul and Andrew will be there. Oh, that. And Monday, Bo Martin will be there as well. Okay. So yeah, if you're listening to this today and you're in the area, Bo Morton's gonna be in the booth, man. That's cool. And then you guys show up Wednesday, you said?

Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. And then Dan's going home at some point. And then I show back up on Friday. So this is, and by in the area, I don't know if we mentioned Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Yeah. At Great American Outdoor Show. Our boy Glen might. Cool. [00:16:00] He's trying to decide if he's gonna make it. The so this show's awesome.

It's 650,000 acre 650,000 square feet, which is 14 acres of. Space. It's insane. And there's a thousand exhibitors. There will be 200,000 people come through. Midweek is a little lighter, as you would imagine. Monday, Tuesday is the slowest and then it ramps up a little by little every day. And then the last two days will be nuts.

Although last year I felt like the first opening day was the busiest in terms of foot traffic. But we had our best day I think, cuz we finally figured out what we were doing on selling stuff. Our best day was like the last two. But yeah, so hopefully we don't get the flu, Braden and I got wiped out last year.

I should share that video of me looking like a skeleton. Oh yeah, dude, I will never forget coming. Bring us bringing stuff out and you're in the trailer and you look like. Death warmed over. I don't even think you were warmed over. You were just dead. Just dead. like death. It's oh my gosh. You gotta get outta here.

Yes. Squeeze possible. I saw that we're supposed to get walloped with winter weather. Oh, great. Again, [00:17:00] right when we get up there. Yeah. Perfect. Once we get up there, as long as I'm not driving through it again. Remember last time there was like just sheets of ice, like there were no gutters on the building, so the rain would just sheet off the building and just create a sheet of ice.

Oh, so like it's so dead. 10 feet at the tri shows. Yeah, the 10 feet trying to get into the building. You'd just be like walking in the place somehow. This is why it was 60 pound boxes. Yeah. But that's why I parked where we did when we loaded up. Yeah. Because the other side where everybody else was going to is literally at six feet of ice is it's probably 12 feet.

Yeah. It just pulls right there cuz it's a ramp. Yeah. Oh my god. People are just skating all over the place. But everybody's waiting in line for that. And I asked the security, I'm like, can we unload here? And he is I don't care. Like whatever you want to do. Yeah. So they're real. , but last year for anyone that was at our booth last year, it was like half merchandising, half.

Let's let people know about Go Wild with a little photo booth and a little interactive component. Now it's all merchandise. Nobody, everybody wanted to take photos of Qua. Nobody wanted to do the photo booth. Yeah. So we shut the photo booth down halfway through the show last year. So we're just not bringing that back.

And [00:18:00] it will be did you build? No, I'm not. Did we build the two more? Did we do that? You did that we, yes we did. Brad, listen, Dan in the mouse, in his pocket. Dan leadership 1 0 1. It's always a team effort. . Yes. We did it at, on like Saturday afternoon. That's what I thought. Cool. Good work.

We framed up a door. Got ball already. No, I just couldn't remember. I didn't know who, I knew Dan was leading the initiative, but I just remembered we had two walls to build. Me and Don. . Oh, cool. Did it? No, but it's gonna be a lot of merch. I think we're bringing twice as much merch as we did last time.

We're bringing a lot of hounds men stuff, a lot more optics, a lot cooler optics. We were, last year, we brought like just a ton of the same optic. We're like, let's get 50 of this. One ven, we just red dot. Yeah. Those were great. Those must move really well. But we, we have a wider br breadth of optics for sure.

So we got a lot of fiber and. Pricing them well, and we've only got three or four of cool optics. So the earlier you can get to the show, the better it'll be out. There are some things that there's not a lot [00:19:00] of, yep. I'm like one and two. Yeah. Yeah. One and two. We're bringing that, we were bringing that watch.

We priced it so well. Jacob's I'll buy it. . It's a dead mind. Just pull it out of the Yeah. Everything packed up. So first sale, Gaos. We got a custom sticker. We do. The stickers are sweet. Sweet. Yeah. Then those won't be sold, so you'll only be able to get them there for free. For free. So 500 I think, yeah, those will go probably before the second weekend.

We're a go wild hat. We've got a little something for you. If you come by the booth with a Gow wild hat on. We did a shirt last year. We do it for a free advertising. We like people walking around wearing a Go Wild gear. And we did shirts last year and it's so cold. Everyone just wears a jacket over it.

So we're like, it's do we make branded Carhartts? Or we just ask people to wear hats? Yeah. Hats. I'm looking for the Dogman guy because you know what, for one whole year you've been Yeah, I've been getting hounded that I didn't get a photo of Dogman from the guy that showed me a picture that was the most convincing picture of Dogman that I've ever [00:20:00] seen.

And everybody's oh, you're making it up. Cuz you would've had a photo if it was real. But I just met this guy. It felt like a violation of his privacy to be like, can I take a picture of your phone? But he showed me that picture of the two wolf like creatures. And I, we have a video of it that I'm still getting comments on my social right now.

This morning I woke up and this woman sent me five mess, or five comments. On the post explaining the difference between dogman and werewolf and how there was interbreeding and how all this, hold on. Woohoo. Dogman and werewolves have interbreed. No. What do you call that? That she was talking about werewolves are, were interbreed with people, but dog dogman was never humanoid.

It was always wolf and then went upright. Oh, this is the whole thing. Makes sense. That checks out. Those are stuff but I love imagination. She's just like going to town. I didn't even respond to any of it. Did she have personal experience with this thing? It sounded like it. Okay. They always say it with confidence, but then when I say it with confidence, I saw this photo, I get roasted, so I'm gonna be looking, I wanna see [00:21:00] this photo.

I don't care if you post it anywhere else. I want to see this. Yeah. Kicks or didn't happen. I actually do remember the dude's face. So if he comes through, I will be like you, Hey, you trail cam photos, let's go right now. Give me your phone. So that's what I'm most excited about is being able to prove that Dogman exists out of Gaos.

What are you gonna bribe him with? If he's nah, I don't know. Like you want a free flashlight or something? Yeah. Yeah. Guardian light. Yeah. To guard you from Dog Man, if you can show me a real dogman picture. 50 bucks per I'll get you in the booth. I'll be slinging 50 bucks for real dog man pictures.

You're gonna regret saying that. We'll get you on the podcast. Yeah. Yeah. Are we doing a podcast from Gay? Yeah. Yeah. I think you guys are with Paul and Andrew. I won't be or somebody will be, but somebody. Yeah, we're gonna, guys, we're definitely bringing this set up. Probably no video of it, but just a podcast, right?

Is that just me and Erica there? We'll talk about it. We'll figure it out. It'll be a nice little surprise for all, including you, Dan. I love surprises, . All right, I think that is it for today. Make sure you guys are logging the show. The feed has not [00:22:00] changed, which you probably figured out because you're still here.

But you can go to plus log time outdoor podcast and you have Braden Ware. Hood, Danal, the animal, the original. Dan, you just go one name like Seal, Prince, gosh, or Madonna. Wish it was one name. I was one name. I would Dan Timothy. It's, that's pretty common too. Have fun. Steal my identity isn't, there's a lot of Tims in the hunting industry.

What's the last four of your social again? Yeah. Have fun with my shitty credit score. . Yeah. Maybe they can improve it for you. . Oh God. And we got Jacob. Kentucky Waterfall Night since we're doing the nicknames. And I'm Brad Laro. Thanks for listening.