Early Season Deep Dive with Rendell Erik

Show Notes

On today's episode of the DIY Sportsman podcast, Garrett has a part-two discussion with Rendell Erik. They talked about summer work in the last episode, but this one focuses a lot more on early season hunting and strategy. It's a conversational format, where they just talk and throughout the process dive into quite a few specific rabbit holes. The recording starts talking about hunting fresh sign versus hunting spots that you found in post-season without fresh sign. But then they shift to talking about crop rotations and early season ag field setups and bedding, how many deer will bed corn but you can still glass or set up on them while they're in that pattern before the harvest. They also discuss hill country, including how to take advantage of wind switches, learning to identify key transition areas in river-bottoms to set up on, primary versus secondary food and browse in staging areas, what to do differently in areas with a high tonnage per acre of browse, using wind and thermals, and even set up specifics like height in the tree on early season hunts among other things.

Show Transcript