Early Season Whitetails with Tony Peterson

Show Notes

Tony Peterson of MeatEater joins John on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast this week. John recently found out that he has an opportunity to hunt velvet whitetails in Nebraska in just a few short weeks, and he couldn't think of anyone better to get advice from than Tony. Tony is a long time outdoor writer, host of the Foundations episodes of the Wired To Hunt podcast, MeatEater content contributor, and all out deer hunting nut. Tony has a knack for getting it done on quick out of state bow hunts, just like the one John is about to embark on.

John and Tony dive right into what it takes to kill an early season whitetail. John has a lot of cards stacked against him on this quick hunt, but Tony helps him shuffle the deck to try and sort a few things out. John will have only two or three days to locate and kill a buck in a mix of corn, CRP, and timber. Tony and John talk about where bucks might be bedding, what types of food sources they might be hitting, and how John might be able to get in between the two. Tony also talks about how much he enjoys hunting Oklahoma, and the guys spend some time talking about the current state of the deer herd and how it might improve. If you have ever wanted to tag an opening day whitetail, this is the episode to help you do it!

Show Transcript