Eat What You Kill with Jeremy Critchfield

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On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by a huge advocate for #eatwhatyoukill, Jeremy Critchfield.  Jeremy is the HuntChef and host on Sportsman’s Channel.  With 34 years in the culinary profession and a lifetime in the woods, Jeremy has a huge knowledge base and passion for wildgame and the wildharvest.  We unpack some food for though ideas, and then put the bead on using your harvested wild turkey.  Settle in for an incredible chat on this episode of Huntavore.

Jeremy Critchfield is the co-host of the Sportsman’s Channel Show MTN TOP Outdoors, and a wildgame chef.  With a lifetime of experience, Jeremy has made it his business to bring wildgame out of the shadows of being gamey, and into the true light of being real, wholesome, delicious food.  HuntChef even went to the lengths of trademarking #eatwhatyoukill.  Nick and Jeremy unpack that idea on how we as sportsmen have a 2 fold approach.  First is to show the public that we are here for food and meat as much as or even more than the killshot.  Second would be to ourselves.  We have a responsibility to get the most from our harvest, give thanks for the animal, and to share with others why we go to such lengths and why it's our personal passion to take our meat supply from the woods.

Jeremy gives us a challenge to take our turkey breast meat to the next level.  He suggests that by sheeting out a breast, using a sharp knife to butterfly out that piece of white meat, and add a stuffing of your choosing.  Roll the sheet back up and cook under a slow even heat.  Slice the meat cross the roll and serve a “pinwheel” looking serving of delicous whitemeat and stuffing.  Its called a roulade but Jeremy says its not difficult to prepare this crowd pleaser.  Jeremy has also put his expertise into a whole line of seasonings and rubs.  Check it out at:

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