Effective Black Bear Hunting Drives and Tactics

Show Notes

This week on the Pennsylvania Woodsman Mitch and Robby have a round table discussion with some experienced PA black bear hunters.  Returning to the podcast is Mark Lesher, along with Chris (Chopper) Schroeder and Robby's dad, Rob Henne.  We cover a multitude of topics including scouting, finding food, reading terrain, adapting to hunting pressure, planning drives with the wind in mind, communicating effectively in group hunts, and much more.  Pennsylvania is a target rich environment for black bears, as the habitat manipulation and quality management plan have sustained a growing population.  Even with this in mind, roughly 3,000 to 4,000 bears are harvested annually out of 200,000+ bear licenses sold!

Unique to this conversation is the fact that while our guests have hunted slightly different terrain and food sources for bears, many of their tactics mirror.  For instance, it is common for many bear drives to involve yelling and noise.  While this helps to keep those walking in line, the theory also is that it will encourage movement towards a post of standers.  However, while that may be effective at times, the group discusses how and why they refrain from making noise during drives, and how added stealth often leads them to higher success.  Whether you are a novice bear hunter or well experienced, this is a conversation that anyone can learn something from!

Show Transcript