Wisconsin Bear Hunting with Hounds

Show Notes

In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast, Josh talks with his good buddy Ryan Denu about his father’s recent bear hunt in northern Wisconsin. Ryan is an avid outdoorsman who’s been hunting since he was a kid. While Ryan’s primary targets are deer and pheasants, bear hunting has held a special place in his heart since he first had the opportunity to experience it several years ago. Ryan accompanied his father on what will likely be his father’s only Wisconsin bear hunt due to the time it takes to acquire a coveted zone A tag. Ryan’s dad didn’t want it easy, and he got exactly what he was looking for on his hunt! He hunted for several days only to find out he and his hunting party had likely been tracking an infamous bear named Nike. Nike had a reputation for refusing to tree, standing his ground, and harming dogs. While Nike never treed, Ryan’s father was finally able to get a clean shot with the help of the hounds. This hunt is one he and Ryan will never forget, and makes for a story you won’t want to miss!

Show Transcript