Emperor’s Table Series: Mitchell Shirk

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by host of the Pennsylvania Woodsmen Podcast, Mitchell Shirk.  Together the guys unpack the unique hunting traditions of Pennsylvania, and how they also relate to many of the Northern states' big woods traditions.  Mitchell also tells about bears and bear hunting, a practice that gets him very excited.  And to finish off the discussion, Mitchell lays out his favorite celebration meal, and his dish to pass at the Emperor's Table.  Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy this episode of Huntavore.

Mitchell Shirk says that he didn’t find podcasting, but podcasting found him.  As host of the Pennsylvania Woodsman Podcast, he brings a unique skill set of hunting big woods for deer and bears with coordinated drives. These drives could be a few friends and a woodlot, to 20+ hunters over several miles.  Bringing a team effort to a normally solo style of hunt.  Hunting for black bear specifically becomes a huge trophy, for the fact that in a no bait state, and given the range of bears coming into range of shooter is rare.  Mitchell tells the story of how his and his grandfather share getting their first bears on the same hunt.  Being a novice in the kitchen, Mitchell appreciates using minimal to basic seasonings on wild game, letting the flavor of the animal come through.  Mitchell is a regular contributor to the Sportsmen’ Empire network, and you can follow along with him @pennsylvaniawoodsmanpodcast on Instagram.

Show Transcript