End of Turkey Season Finale and Weighted Walleye Cheaters

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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, we wrapped up our turkey hunting season. Arica got out again. She did some yelping, scouted around, had some hens come in, and heard a few gobbles. She tried to work the hens wondering if they would get the gobblers to follow. How do deer and turkey use different senses? How important is a locator call for finding longbeards? Why do turkeys shock gobble?

Brayden and Phil got back out on their private piece. They had some birds on camera and gave it one final shot. They fooled with some hens but didn’t find any toms. They also went back to the public property they’ve been hunting and tried to strike something up. They got some gobbles and put the stalk on. Have you ever heard a turkey double gobble? They got set up and had one come in full strut but had an unfortunate mishap … find out what happened!

The guys are planning a walleye fishing trip to Lake Erie along with attending the Walleye Festival. We swap some tips for catching walleye. Catching them takes a little bit of finesse, some technical knowledge, and of course, a little luck and experience. We also talk about the weighted walleye cheaters. Do you think their consequences were enough for their actions?

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] All right. Welcome back to another week of Uncensored. We have Chris GL today, which is a treat he's rarely on. We try to get him on here, Erica Johnson. Dan Hood and Greenwood. Did you just forget my name? I I had a stroke. It's a rough Monday morning, but yeah, so it's I finished up Turkey season this past weekend and I have some stories to tell about that, but we'll save it, we'll talk about it in a little while.

Unless you think I should go into it now. For people that don't realize, go Out's office is right on the border of Kentucky and Indiana. Yeah. Half of our team is in Kentucky. Half of our team's in Indiana, Hoopa and Yay. So we have slightly different hunting seasons. And you guys got one extra weekend to Turkey hunt.

Yeah, this is in Indiana. Is Indiana over now? Yep. Sunday summer. Yesterday. Yesterday it ended. Did you get out this past weekend? I did. Oh, tell us. I was gonna make it seem like I got something, but I didn't. Spoiler [00:01:00] alert. So I, let's see, last week. There's a lot of turkeys out in the yard, and I think I told you guys last week that just wasn't working out for me.

But then someone told me that I could hunt on their property and I said, cool, I'm gonna try this out. Nice. Buy a pond and like a field of corn. And anyways, so I check out in the morning, Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe I did this like super early when the sun came up out there, found a tree, sat down deer playing around and stuff.

Turkey. A hen came in and I was like, great. But I wasn't hearing any gobbles at first. Close light. How close was it? The hen was like 150 yards. Oh, like in a field? Yeah. Okay. So it was in a field. I didn't hear any gobbles though at the beginning. So I was trying to do some calls thinking like maybe, I don't know if [00:02:00] they.

Here at the hen, which was me. That maybe they would come over and actually see the hen anyways that hen stayed around for a little bit. Deer stayed around for a little bit, nothing happened. No dice went home. Did you not hear any gobbles at all? Oh, I, okay. Yeah, so I did start to hear some goggle.

Goggles, goggles, some goggles quite a bit ways away. So I took a path and went down this hill towards where I thought it was set up, did some calls. By this time I was getting late and I was like, I should probably get to work. And I didn't hear anything anymore, so I don't know if it saw me or expected it was getting like, Eight 30 or so about that time, which still wasn't bad, but I just okay, we're done here.

So end of that day, the next day. I went out a little bit earlier cuz I was afraid that maybe I, it was starting to get daylight the first, the first day. Got set up, there was a raccoon, me and the raccoon came face to face and I was like, Ugh, [00:03:00] are you gonna attack me Avid? And didn't it like, turned around and ran.

And then sat down. These two little do I guess they were doughs. They were like frn in the field for a very long time. Deer are so dumb. Hey, like the Turkey, you could like, you move 150 yards away, like you move your pinky and they're like, ah, oh my God, I see you. The deer, like they, they saw me standing up at one point.

Yeah. Because I was coming in at first and they were out there and they were just like, huh. And then I like got next to the tree and they were like I don't know where it went. Gone. Anyways yeah, if the wind was blowing, Another way. You're fine with deer. Yeah. Turkeys are eyesight first, right?

Deer smell first. So it seems like sometimes even if the deer see you, like when I was out, my phone has this like hideous yellow case and I like got up and was taking pictures of deer. They looked at me and I just took some pictures and then they just kept doing their thing. It's and didn't even care, didn't feel threatened.

They're just [00:04:00] like, whatever. The guy, it's not deer season. I'm not worried about it. Yeah, they know. But then, So sit down for a little bit and pretty soon hen comes in like a larger hen and then a but it was still about 150 yards away, where the last one was the previous day. Then another one comes in and I was like, oh, this is a Tom.

And I was trying to like slowly get out the binoculars, be like, please be something. Please be a tom. It wasn't, it was a him. They, I sat there for about an hour with those two hens there, never heard anything called, cannot get a gobble at all. So I don't know if maybe they saw me coming in. I talked to the person that.

Let me hunt there. And they were like, from where you were, like he knows exactly where they're coming from. Like he's just been on this piece of property like all the time and he was like, no. Like the way it was set out, there's like hills and like brush and like [00:05:00] where they're coming from.

They wouldn't have been able to see me. So he says, so he was like, I just don't think that from where I, I know that they've been coming from, that they would've saw you then, especially like the timing that you came in. So anyways, I was like maybe if I call the hens closer to me, I'll finally call this Tom in.

Because if the Tom comes in at 150 yards away, like there's just no reason. Yeah. For them to Come over here. So maybe if I just go ahead and get 'em closer this time is gonna come in and things. Anyways, I was excited that I called the hens to me within 15 yards. No way. The hens were there.

Both of 'em. One of, what'd you do? I don't know. I'll tell you what I would be embarrassed to show you how I do this mouth call cuz I just,

yeah. Like I'm just. It ain't right. I, yeah, some people will tell you like the worst Turkey, like calls they've ever heard are from like a hin. Yeah. Like in the woods. Like they, I don't know, [00:06:00] like some of them sound like what you think they're gonna sound like. Some of them don't. It's weird I don't know, in that situation, trying to bring a hint over it, she probably just thought you were like comfortable feeding, hanging out and they kinda, or they were like, boss hens or something like that and they heard you calling and if you happen to be like, Calling over them.

At all. They might have gotten pissed and wanna come over there and set you straight. Yeah. They might have thought it was like three different hens. Yeah, it could have. Awesome. Erica has a unique ability to make her sound or make herself sound like four hens. Okay. I am two things. It's also probably why the turkeys weren't gobbling cuz they were like this crazy is we ain't no way.

But also I realized that for a couple days I had the call upside down. Oh yeah. That's fun. I've never tried that. Does it sound different? Sure. Yeah. Yeah, sure. The way that it was supposed to be, it sounded, this call specifically sounded a little bit more rassier. Yeah. Okay. This one was like, I'm really young.

I'm really, [00:07:00] I'm a you here. Anyways, it came over. It went in the woods behind me. The other ones I just, Finally gave up cuz I never heard anything and went back home. But then later that day I cut through that property on the golf cart to do something and I busted a Tom. Oh man.

Bummer. So do you have any al or alcohol or a crow call by chance? So next year that would definitely be something that like it's hard. In a situation where Tom is like hot, and like you're pretty good at calling and stuff, like you can get 'em to gobble to that for sure.

But an alcohol or a crow call, like you pretty much, it's just a shot, gobble or whatever. You can locate 'em. It's like in a situation where you were in where. You're like, okay, there's hens, there are there Tom's behind him? Uhhuh or Tom's coming that way. Like you could just throw out a hoot or a crow call and locate, and it's okay, the Tom is behind them, but he's over this direction behind him.

Oh, so I'm gonna adjust how I'm gonna set up and [00:08:00] I might move or whatever, based on that. Or maybe you don't hear anything at all. But that's been huge for me and Phil. You can, Make Turkey sounds all you want and stuff, but you never know, like maybe you're calling too quiet.

And there's like a ridge in the way or something like that. That alcohol or the crow call. It's just so loud that a lot of times you can get a gobble from condre of yards away. Is there like a physical call that you use or you just learn to do it with your mouth or Phil?

Phil does it just with his mouth. He does the crow and the owl. But there are calls for both. Okay. It's, I don't know. I don't know how much it matters like that. You sound very close to a crow or an owl, like I was messing with Phil this weekend. I was like, Hey, do a crow call and he does one, and I was like, no, a crow call.

Not like you're a woman getting stabbed in the middle of the woods. He's just it works though. It's more of just A loud, shocking noise that sounds like close enough to something they're used to. Yeah. And a lot of times you'll locate an owl and you can sit there and go back and forth with the owl, and that'll help too, because they're somewhere else.

And it's if they hear you and they call, [00:09:00] now they're going to get a gobbles even farther away. And if you're in the right place, you can hear it. And make plays on 'em. But that would definitely be something that, yeah, that's a good idea. Throw out next year. That's such a weird evolutionary.

Flaw. Because there's always that pause where you know, you, you'll hit a call and you'll wait and you'll be like, oh, there's nothing. And then all of a sudden you'll hear, a gobble off in the distance. So it's almost like they're thinking about it like, ah, should I give away my location? Oh.

So they're like, I'm right here. They're just like, oh man, it every time I shouldn't do that. It's the one thing that lets all the predators know where I'm at. Yeah. Keep on doing it. Yeah. I wonder is, did anybody know why they do it? The gobble, the shot, gobble. Oh, I would imagine it's like other birds where they're trying to alert other birds to, to something in the area, huh?

Maybe. Yeah. I don't know. But it's like specifically to a crow and an owl. Like those are like known to be the two. That everybody does. I just didn't know if there was something [00:10:00] specific about that, but I think that's just what's in nature. But like you said, they'll do it to anything loud. Yeah. Card door or whatever.

Yeah. Yeah. It was a good season though. You had you had some good chances it sounds like. Yeah, on we have been running all wee long with baseball games and this and that, and getting up early for whatever. I was gonna go out Saturday morning. Sunday morning I couldn't, but Saturday morning and an Nora was like, can I go with you Friday night?

She was like, can I go with you? And I did have access to this Blind building type thing. And I was like, oh, I think I will take yeah, you can go. And I was like, are you gonna get up early though? We gotta get up. It'll be dark outside. And she was like, yes, I wanted to go. So I woke up and I was like, oh man, I'm so tired.

We have been like running all the way long, but this is my last chance. Nora said she wanted to go, and I've never hunt with my kid before, but this was gonna be like the perfect. Time to do it. And so I go in her room and I'm like, Hey, do you wanna hunt with me? I'm going. And she was like, I'm so tired.

[00:11:00] And I was like, if I didn't ask you, you'd have been up already bothering me. Yeah. But anyways, so she didn't, and then I was like, I'm tired too. And I didn't either she's such a jerk. So that was my own fault, but yeah. No, that's fine. Anywho, that was 20 minutes of me not doing anything. No, that was good.

But you went out. Yeah, I went out Thursday evening with Phil on that private property that we hunt, working at Deer Hunt a lot out there. He had hunted it maybe three times before I, I didn't go with him. Yeah. That's why it was my first time Turkey hunting that property and. We actually had some turkeys on camera and we were talking about going out Thursday evening and I was like, dude, these guys are like asking to get shot.

I, we have got to go out there and at least give him a chance here. And so we went out and set up and the same thing. We had a hin come in at, 15 yards or so, and just hang out and just cluck for a little bit. And she ended up, she didn't walk right up to decoy, but.

She hung out for a little bit [00:12:00] and then she walked off and we heard several around us just walking, but zero gobbles the whole time. So we don't really know was it other hands or Toms or what? So we ended up, we left there. That was basically all we saw. And then Saturday morning we woke up and went out to some public, which we had been hunting one.

Area of public for the whole season and had good chances, but never really could calm in. And it's just a lot of ridges and a lot of brutal like areas that we hunt in. So we're like, let's go out to this one spot. We're gonna walk this horse trail that follows this ridge and call down through the finger ridges and stuff like that and locate, and we'll strike some up and we'll go from there.

And Phil actually texted me Friday night and he's pray for Gobbles tomorrow. Because I've literally never heard a gobble on this weekend in the past, like several years I've been hunting. So last weekend of the season is, a little more challenging. And I guess it's like the rut is over.

Pretty much, and I would guess, I don't really know that, but so we go out to the spot that we felt really good [00:13:00] about and it was me, Phil, and my buddy Tucker. And he had already. Shot his bird. I think he did like Thursday morning and so he was just coming with us. Tucker or Phil Tucker hat.

Yeah. And so he was just coming out just for fun. He's obsessed with Turkey hunting and he's just gonna drop back hall for us. And so we go out there and we get to our spot. Perfect time, good and early and start doing locating calls and everything and nothing. We hike all the way back down this thing Colin calling.

Not a single thing. We're like, gosh dang it. So we get outta there. But the reason we like this area was there's just all kinds of places that we can go. If we strike out, we just can roll around and get into other stuff. And so we go check like two other spots. I saw Tom in a field on some private that we had asked permission before, and they were like, no.

So couldn't go hunt that Turkey. And so we're just driving along and Phil's man, in the past I've heard a Turkey goblin down in this ravine, like over the past few years. Let's go pull over and get out and see [00:14:00] if we can locate him. And sure enough he calls and. We get a gobble and we're like, oh, okay.

We look on the map and it is like a horrendous hike into this spot. And part of the reason we went to this spot was like it was gonna be, a little less brutal walking and stuff. It was tough. But so it's the same place that I went with Phil. When I tell the story of why I call him Philly goat, like the first time I went or the second time I went deer hunting with him, I had a giant climber.

Stand not in shape by any means. And we go out there and we're like hiking up and down the stuff and I'm like literally having to sit down, take a knee just to get my breath and make it back to the truck. I did much better this time. Little better shape. Not carrying a climber, but anyway, so we got back there.

And so we get down to this ridge and we're like looking at the map and okay, there's a field over here. He's probably either in the field or around the field. It was private, it was fenced off, barbed wire. But we're like, okay, roughly gonna be in this area. So we start getting quiet, walking the ridge, [00:15:00] and he gobbles two times and we're just walking, like no calling, no nothing.

We're like, oh my gosh, this dude is. Fired up. So we go and we get set up real quick and Phil immediately starts calling a little bit cuz he while we were setting up, he's still just god go. I mean it was my heart that's like the hardest, my heart has been racing this whole season. I mean he was like very clearly.

Fired up. And so Phil starts calling and he's gobbling over top of Phil calling and Phil just keeps going and he's just ba and he did, this was the first double gobble I've ever heard, but it was like ba, I mean he like, literally it's called double gobble, and just lets you know that they're fired up and.

He's getting closer and closer, and Tucker is set up behind me and Phil where we are, and he's calling behind us because we didn't have a decoy out. And so we wanted we had to have the tom come in like closer to us and be looking for a decoy or a Turkey, like farther back so that he would actually make commit to coming in.

So I actually, I never saw this [00:16:00] Turkey where I was set up, but Phil watched this thing come down the field full strut. Come down. And where he was sitting, he wanted to make sure like he was on public before he shot. He literally hit wa he watched it crawl under the barbed wire fence come through, and it like steps into the woods at 30 yards.

And I'm just like watching Phil's mannerisms. I'm like, he can see a Turkey right now. I know that he's on it. He's like like tracking it, and wait, did he have his bow? No. Oh, okay. Shotgun. And so he's like following it down the field and then he stops and he's locked on.

And I hear it walking around. Tucker said he actually heard it drumming, which I just probably wasn't paying enough attention. And I see Phil pull the trigger and he goes, tink, oh no. Oh. And then I see him quickly reach up. Clear it eject that shell slam another one in. Oh. So he had a loaded the desperation shot and I'm like, okay.

He's I heard him take the shot. I [00:17:00] heard the like of the wings. And I'm like, okay, maybe he got it. So like I'm sitting still. And then I hear some running, and so then I pop up because I'm watch, I wanted to watch like basically this, the nose of this ridge, like I was if there was another one with him, which we were pretty sure there was it would've taken off running like down in that ridge and I was gonna shoot him if he came like around the corner.

Didn't happen. And I'm watching Phil and he's just like looking around and then he gets up and I like turn around and look at Tucker. I was like, did he get it? He's I don't know. It sounded like when it flew away it didn't sound good. And I was like, yeah, I like, hopefully he at least, we got it and we can track it down and go over to Phil.

And I was like, did you get it? And he must have responded, but I didn't hear him did and I said, Did you get him? He goes, did you not hear me? Like he was pissed? And I was like, no, I didn't. Did you get him? And he's no I don't think so. I'm like, what happened? And he's he tells the story and we don't know if [00:18:00] just it was like a firing pin issue or what happened, which did he look at the back of the shell?

So we found the, like we dug through all the leaves and we found the shell and. It like the fire or the primer. Primer was completely clean. There was literally No. So it's a indication. Yeah. And so our theory is what's his, it's a semi-automatic shotgun. And so there's that kind of, that lever that sticks off of where the breach is or whatever.

And we wonder if. Like a stick or something. He said he like, he pulled it back to look in, just make sure that there was a load and he's not, he did it quietly. He's said, I'm not sure that I got it completely back, generally engaged, but generally if that breach isn't shut all the way, you can't pull the trigger.

So he pulled and it like we heard it go off. So yeah, he should see if he has the bolt slightly open. Most guns, you can't pull the trigger and it won't drop the hammer. If that bolt's not. Shut all the way. Yeah. So we don't know. Cuz [00:19:00] then, he put another one in and it fired fine. So it's I guess he's got an excuse to get a new shotgun.

Yeah. It'd be hard. It'd be hard, man, if you, it's like a self-defense gun. If you ever have a jam, you're like, it's always in your head of what if the one time I needed at Jams? Yeah. He'd been talking all season about next year he wants to do like a single shot 20 gauge or four 10 or something with tss.

And I don't know. I'm sure he's more motivated to do that now after that happened. But yeah, so then we spent the rest of the day just like hiking, like through a bunch of terrible, thick stuff, trying to chase down any gole we could find. We heard one more gobble very far away for the whole rest of the day.

And that kind of wrapped it up, but, Finally, it's just not meant to be, man. I had, so I had my bead on one Tom's forehead this season, and we had a communication issue where Phil knew it was a Tom and I didn't because of where he saw it, but I, there was no way we would've been able to communicate what we've saw.

I had my [00:20:00] chance and then he had his chance. And that's all you can ask for. Really. Yeah. Like, when it comes down to the last few seconds, right? Of you have your bead on an animal ready to shoot, like you've accomplished everything you need to accomplish. It's just we gotta get that last few seconds figured out.

Phil's nothing he did wrong, it was just, a gun issue I didn't even see Tom this season. Yeah. Neither You've seen Tom's. Yeah, I heard him. Yeah. Lots of gobbles. So the whole go wild office. No one's shot a bird this season. Yeah, we all struck out. Yeah. It was tough. Jacob.

Jacob got close too, but no dice. I don't think Brad had very many close encounters. I think Brad only went out once. Once or twice. He was super busy. Yeah. So great season, man. It was better than last year and it seems like that's how our deer seasons have gone. We just get a little bit better each year and I'm excited for next year, but I'm also already fired up for deer season, shooting the bow, getting ready to, nice to shoot one this fall. Yeah. Kentucky Did the [00:21:00] elk draw on Saturday? Oh, they did. I didn't see any names. I knew I was looking for, Jacob and Derek and how did they enter?

Or whatever. Yeah. So they do the draw and they like live broadcast it. So I watched the live stream, I watched the recorded version of the live stream and just was like keeping my ears peeled for any names I recognize. And it's hard. I want to say like the best odds or like cow archery. And I think those odds are like one in 90.

Oh and then for like firearm bowl, it's like one in 180 I think. So can you imagine getting drawn for that? And then your chance goes in and then you have the gun issue. Oh, like you finally hit. And I was telling Amanda, my wife, that That she was like, oh, that would've been exciting, whatever.

And I'm like, yeah. It probably would've been like, if I'd gotten drawn, it probably would've been like six or $7,000. So she's oh my goodness. Yeah. For [00:22:00] a guide. Yeah. For a, are you required to do a guide? No, but they're saying that there's just so much private land, very little public land.

And that all of the herds know that private land where it's at. That private land people will make it very. Habitable for elk because they want the guides to pay them to use the land. So they're just like, if you don't get a guide, your chances are slimed to none. So you don't get any type of additional access with the draw.

You just get the tag. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but there's zones. And I think you have to apply for Two or three zones. Like first pick, second pick, third pick. And then I don't think then lets, you know what zone you have until three months before the hunt. So then you're scrambling for a guide cuz there's only so many guides and they're like, oh man, I actually, I was thinking I was gonna get zone three, but I actually got zone seven so I need to go with a different guide.

And it's hard to like scout. [00:23:00] So it sounds like. It's great that Kentucky has an ELK program, but it sounds like it would be, if you got drawn now, that means that it's gonna be like six months of stress getting in shape, scouting. You ain't gotta get ready if you stay ready, Dan.

Yeah, that's true. Does Indiana have elk Uhuh? Not that I know of, no. No. I wish we did. Yeah. But but yeah. Is Phil going on the walleye trip with us? No, he his wife is like weeks away from having their second baby. Yeah, but this is, we're just talking about what, in two weekends. So Yeah.

Dan, he's got weak or two. Dan doesn't serious. I was like where are you guys going? Lake Erie. Nice. The, it's a western basin of lake Erie, which is like, You look it up. Like it's one of the best trophy, walleye fishing places to fish in the country. And we're going with the same charter or whatever that we did last year, but this year we have two boats [00:24:00] and like an Airbnb and we're going up during Walleye Fest.

Nice. Which is they're derby, or not their derby, they're thunder. Like they have a permanent walleye metal structure in the middle of their town square. That they all like, Party around for days and so we're gonna go do that. That is awesome. The most like cra we party around this walleye statue I don't know if it's like worshiping.

Worshiping where I went to school in North Carolina in the mountains, North Carolina banner, I think it was banner, elk, or Beach. Mountain had a wooly worm festival. Braden's pull me over. But it was literally like, the little, you like to get outta the frame? The little worl wooly worms.

And they have a wooly worm festival. The whole town, it was like a festival built around this, and you'd find wooly worms in the wild and then you could race them. Like they, they had a big light. This. Yeah. That's awesome. It was a big thing and it brought a lot of money. To to the town.

So I'm sure this wildlife festival's the same sort of thing where it's, cuz you saw that those two guys just got jail time for the wildlife. Yeah. It was like 10 days [00:25:00] though. Yeah. What do y'all think about that? Because I saw a lot of people saying it wasn't enough. They, I think they got fined, they got 10 days in jail and maybe like surely they lost their license.

They also licensed for a couple years. The fine had to go to a charity or like a. Their boat got repoed, nonprofit. They were like pro walleye anglers. So that boat was not cheap. Pro quote unquote, they'd been, it seems like they'd been cheating for a while. For a couple of years. Yeah. I'm not saying they were good, but they were professional.

Like they had all the gear and sponsors. Yes. And so like their profession just got wiped out. Yeah, they got rid, they lost their boat and surely not making any more money for themselves. They were professional cheaters from what I understand. Professional cheaters. Yeah. Yeah. But it sounds like to me like everyone knew it with these guys.

Like they were stuffing these fish with so much weights. You'd look at a fish and you're like, oh, that fish that they got weighs twice as much as the fish I got. And [00:26:00] they're both the same length and thickness. So it just seemed it stinks to be that way, but you just, you just can't take people at the word anymore.

There's something. I'm gonna make a good plumbing Ready? Yes. Something looks fishy. It might be fishy Strong work. I was listening to the Mediar podcast when Jack Carr came on and Jack Carr was talking about, he got some really cool I can't remember what, it was like, some crazy collectible that was just like unde.

Oh. It was like it was a typewriter from what's the, there's like a few famous writers, Capote. Huh? Truman Capote. No, he's, dang it. Okay. Screw it. Jack Kerouac? No. He's a famous like poet and like old school Hemingway. I think it was Hemingway. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And so he has this typewriter from him, and he's telling Ronella this, and Ronella goes, oh, that's cool man.

I have the knife they use to cut open the walleye to expose the cheaters. Not to brag, but [00:27:00] I was like, that's funny. But it's become a like, Gigantic story like way outside of just like people that hunt and fit. I'm so ignorant of it. What is the crime actually? Is it that you cheated at a contest, portrait a tournament, or not portrait?

It's if I like Tom Brady deflated the balls or whatever, they're not putting 'em in prison. What's the difference between the good question. Yeah. Why isn't Tom Brady in jail Exactly. The. I think it's akin to, I wanna say it's forgery. I think Tom Brady's different, right? So I think the story with Tom Brady was that it was done without his knowledge.

Yeah. There was at least implausible to, but it's if I wreck my bat in mlb, I'm not going to prison for it. I might get a penalty. But Pete Roth didn't go to jail. It's true. I don't understand. Yeah, I think if you're intentionally defrauding people for money Okay. In any way. It's the same thing as saying oh, my kid has cancer donate to me.

And then your kid doesn't have cancer. Okay. It's oh, you're lying about, [00:28:00] you're going through effort to have people give you money. Okay. And so it's a fraud thing. And I think for that tournament, I think the prize money was like 30, $40,000. It's a healthy amount of money and it's gotta be violating fish and wildlife laws.

They. They were guilty of cheating. They pleaded guilty in March to cheating and unlawful ownership of wild animals. That's interesting. So that's a separate issue then. Yeah. I don't know how they would've. But yeah, it's, but the thing for them, the reason why I think it's such a big deal, it's because that community is so dependent on those tournaments.

Yeah. And that revenue that if people are like, oh it's his cheat anyway. Yeah. Then the tournament goes away, the wildlife festival goes away, and those communities really get hurt. So they're, they want it to go after 'em. Big time. Yeah. I'm still surprised the jail times involved. Surely that came from like the wildlife regulation violations, not the tournament.

I think it came from the tournament. I think it [00:29:00] was If you defraud people out of tens of thousands of dollars Yeah. Then you're going, I'm sure there's some contract he signed. That's exactly, yeah. Says it's a little different than Tom Brady too, because if it's just like a normal, like it's not like every game is its own like tournament that you like sign rules for.

Yeah. And sign up for, and there's regulation, it's I don't know. And he's operating like within a team. Yeah. Whereas these guys are just like their own thing with like in a tournament competing directly that day. Cheating people out of money. Yeah. Like Tom Brady's a bad comparison, but to me I would think that it's like you lose your license.

You're never allowed to be in a fishing tournament anymore. But I'm surprised they get jail time. It's a different Tom Brady is. Tom Brady, he's Tom Brady. Tom Brady isn't taking money. If he wins, he's not taking money from the other team. Okay? But Pete Rose was that's gambling I'm, but I'm saying like if you've got a bunch of people entering this competition and one person wins, then they're getting everyone else's money.

Where with Super Bowl, you're getting paid. He [00:30:00] might get a bonus for going to the Super Bowl, but that comes from the Patriots and Pete Rose always bet on himself to win. Did you really? I thought it was Pete Rose fan. Who was the guy who was like betting against his team. I think it was a manager.

There's been several. Yeah. I don't really know, but there's a big guy and he was just like, Betting against his team every which way. Yeah, he said they got 10 days in jail, one and a half years of probation. In addition, they were both ordered to pay a $2,500 fine, which was, which can be reduced in half if they make a $1,250 donation to a charitable organization focused on fishing and children.

That's life. They also have their fishing licenses suspended for three years. Years, which is the maximum suspension. They forfeited the ranger boat, motor trailer, and other gear use in the Walleye tournament, which was valued at 130,000. That's where they got hurt right there. They lost all their sponsors and all their ability to compete for three years.

Like now they gotta, and maybe they had another [00:31:00] job, right? And I wouldn't be surprised if they're getting sued by some of those sponsors saying, Hey, Yeah. Cuz all the pictures, they're standing there holding their life fish with their big jersey on with all these logos. Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised, but depend with their, if they had day jobs that were not this did they, nobody in the community is gonna wanna hire him.

Oh, they're gonna have to move. They can't, yeah. They'll have to move, have to get a house in like Honduras or something. Yeah. Or they'll just start being, doing bass fishing or. Ice fishing, or gosh, good name wear mustache. They still don't have a fishing license. Just for that state though.

Oh, in three federal. Yeah. I don't know. Yeah. There's no federal, it's not like a no-fly list. Yeah. Like you could just go to another state and get a license. Yeah. Yeah. That is the thing That's interesting. There was the Bomar, I think it was, is that the Belmar case where. Like they did all this, like allegedly did all this crazy stuff.

I'm not sure where all the case landed. I think there was some stuff that happened where the guides were doing things that they claimed they didn't know they were doing. There's, [00:32:00] so there's some negligence, I think last I read, but it's been a while since I caught up on it. But like they, and all of that big hubub, they basically only lost the ability to hunt in like a few states.

Like it was like, they can still go hunt Indiana presumably, or something like that. They didn't, I don't know, I don't. I don't know. I don't wanna like overreach and things like that, but it feels like in those situations okay, they did something bad in that state. Now we don't want 'em coming to our state to, to continue that behavior.

Yeah, I don't know all that stuff. I wish I kept up with a little bit more, but I'm outta the loop unless it's something major like that. You gonna take some weights to the Walla Tournament? Yeah. It's not a tournament. We're just doing it for fun. We're just eating 'em. So it's no prison time.

If you do bring the weights, then you'll be fine. Yeah. There's other ways we could get prison time, I'm sure. But hooking up with seagulls. Yeah that's one way. Yeah. What That's, that happens. Go there. Splash trip. Oh, all Dan. Had a little Oopsy, but it's okay. I didn't have an Oopsy. The Seagull had an Oopsy.

Yeah. [00:33:00] But but yeah, it'll be fun, man. I'm really excited. It doesn't feel like it was that long ago that we went, I guess we're going earlier in the season this year, so Yeah, we went at like the end of the season last year. Yeah. So we're going I think, not at the beginning of the season, but in the, it's the hot time.

It's the hot time. It's the rough for walleye. Yeah. It'll be good. Is this where you do the eight? No, that's a musky where you do the eight on the surface to like predator fish. No, these guys are, they're like, Last time we were going, they were like on the bottom. And so like you throw this hardness out it was just like a earth worm and like green bead, red bead, green bead, and then like a hook and a worm and weights obviously.

Yeah. It's not the most technical. No. A fishing, it seems like it's more about knowing the body of water, knowing the. Water temperatures, water columns, where the fish will be, that's where the real skill And will say, also, you need a guide if you're not in my area. Yeah, if you're not from the area, you need a hot tip.

And honestly, we're need a hot tip from [00:34:00] dance, hot tip where we were going. The kind of the hot tip seemed just to be like wherever everyone else is where the fish are. Yeah. Because they would just all be and there was some gamemanship as far as telling people where you were going. Oh yeah.

People would be driving by and other charters and saying, radioing our guy being like, you seeing anything? And they'd be like, Nope. Not seen anything. Some of them work for the same charter and they'll be honest with each other. But from what I understand, if you don't work for the same charter and someone asks, it's usually expected that you're just gonna be like, Nope, never seen one in my life.

Yeah. But there, what is the walleye? Yeah. Y'all there is a little bit of technique. I was the only one that caught, I caught two trophy wise. Okay, you all, I was watching you all. How did you do it, Braden? I did it to the letter of what the guide said. He there's a specific like technique where like you throw it out and you let it sink to the very, very bottom, and then you pop it a couple times and let it sink back to the very, very bo like, you let the whole slack come outta your line.

And I was watching these guys. They weren't doing that. Damn. So there's some technique I'm telling [00:35:00] you, and I want everybody to catch more fish. That's why I'm saying it. And if I he's calling you out. If I didn't, I wouldn't say anything. I want us all to catch a bunch of fish. All right.

We'll try the Brayden method. No, it's not my method, it's the guide, the dude that does it for a livings method. Yeah, I don't know what it is. Some about me having Slack in my line just always makes me nervous cause I feel like I'm gonna miss a hook set. Oh yeah. No, it doesn't, it didn't feel right.

But I was like, he said, do exactly what I say and you will catch big fish. And I was like, I'm gonna do exactly what he says. Yeah, that's true. Wait, so why was there so much slack in line? Because when you pop it makes all that slack and then it. Needs to come back down. When it, and you were reeling it in.

When lands on the bottom, it like, it's a very noticeable feeling like you, the slack in your line, it's deep. So like when it goes all the way down like a big football weight and when it hits the bottom, it like it, you can feel the slack come outta your line. Because see, slack would let the worm kind of drift down and [00:36:00] that'd be like the opportunity to strike.

And if I'm. Trying to keep tension on the line. So I can feel a hook set. Even if I can tell it's on the bottom, if the boat's slightly moving on the water and dragging. That worm might never. Settle down. Yeah. And you pop. So like it comes off the bottom right. And then flutters back down, and then each time it flutters back down, you let it hit the very bottom.

Because they're, they look like they're eating stuff off the bottom. So that's where you want yourself to be. And dude they're like predatory fish, so like they got teeth and everything. It's not like you're gonna miss a hook set, I don't think. Like for the most part they hammer it.

I can't think of any time that any of us like, Got a bite up from a walleye and it was probably like those little white perch or whatever. I don't know, dude, I feel like half the cast I made, I would keep tension on the line. I'd feel nothing, and then I'd pull up an empty hook. We were re-hook, we were putting worms on the hook.

There was, yeah. Fish just. But that's not walleye though. I think those were the pa pan fish. That's true. But getting it, every time you pull up the hook and it's empty, [00:37:00] you're like, oh, there was something biting on this. And I didn't feel anything. I think it's like getting sharked, like you had you know how sharks hang out?

You ever heard about that? Like salt? No. So like when you're saltwater fishing, like you can even catch a fish down deep or whatever. When you're reeling it in, it goes through like this layer of sharks, whatever, they hang out. And you can get sharks where they'll just come up and they'll just grab whatever you got on the line or your bait and they'll just Take the whole situation.

It was like that with those little white perch, that little layer that they're, they were in like a upper, more middle column, and so you'd really hear worm through there and that's when they would come in and you'd catch 'em. I caught a Gobi, like there was all kinds of little, it was fun though.

It's fun trip. I'm excited. It was so pretty. Yeah. Are the hooks really big? No, they're just like, is the bite different from a bass? Is it like more aggressive? Or just different? There was a technique to that too. I can't remember. I feel like it was like grab, let it run and then set it. But you don't have to set very hard.

No. It's more like they do the work, like they have teeth and they freaking hammer it. And it's just it's [00:38:00] not like a bass where like they shake their head, like when they get in their mouth, they shake their head and so you're real and the whole time and you can just it's like a heaviness.

Yeah. It literally feels because you caught a catfish. I did. Yeah. Oh my gosh. I forgot about that. I thing was, I got the video. You do? That thing was giant. But that felt different too cause it was shaking its head. Yeah. But while I pretty much like grab fight for a second and then they feel like, just wait, like it's just heavy.

You just feel your line, like it just feels like there's something heavy on the end of the year line. And the guide can literally watch. Like when you hook up with something, he'll be like, got a fish. And he'll look over and he'll be like, ah, that's not a Wally, or that's a walleye.

Like he can just tell like within seconds. With the catfish, he was like, ah, it's a catfish wow. Immediately. And it was, it's crazy giant. Like it was super, it was fun. But yeah man definitely looking forward to that. You got that coming up and then, that's, I'm gonna start golfing a little bit.

That's all I got. Co I know it's weird, but Phil loves to golf and. S that time, that's talk about one less hobby you need, man, you're gonna get sucked into that. Yeah. I don't know. I can go [00:39:00] fish or yeah, I can go fish morning, go golf afterwards or whatever when it gets too hot and go Braden is trying to do all the expensive hobby.

Yeah. Hunting, fishing, yeah. Brain's. Just looking for ways to set his money on fire. Yeah. If anyone knows anything. Yep. Gasoline and buy a boat. Buy a boat, a camper. That's in our future. Yeah. Yeah. Camp. We're just camper. Yeah, we're gonna have stuff to do and no money to do anything with, but that's okay.

All right. Thanks for thanks for listening another week guys. If you could leave us a five star review, we'd really appreciate it. Make sure you log the show on Go Wild and Tag Us. We got Chris gl, Erica Johnson. What's your name again? Mike Trout. Mike Trout, Dan Hood, and Braden Ware. Thanks guys.

See ya.