Ep. 9 - No Foreplay: Target Panic vs. Buck Fever

Show Notes

On this "No Foreplay" episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan is joined by Andy May to discuss the difference between target panic and buck fever. Andy shares his story about acquiring target panic several years ago and what he did to to get out of his archery slump. He talks about pin movement, jerking right before the shot, where to find information that will help you beat target panic, and different styles of shooting, AKA command vs surprise shooting.

Andy then moves on to "buck fever" He feels that buck fever is completely different that target panic and is completely normal for all hunters to go through. Andy suggest breathing in for 3 seconds, then exhaling for 3 seconds in order to slow down your heart-rate. Just another informative episode with an experienced hunter and archer. ENJOY & SHARE!

Show Transcript