Extend Your Turkey Season with Paul Campbell

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Turkey hunters in the south are off to the races, chasing gobbling birds through the swamps and pines. Meanwhile, much of the rest of the country waits for the temps to finally warm and the last of the snow to melt, still a couple weeks away from thinking about turkey hunting. But what if there was a way for you to hunt turkeys RIGHT NOW, weeks before the season begins in your state?

In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast, Josh talks with Paul Campbell about extending your turkey season by heading south. Paul is a diehard turkey hunter from Ohio, and he's no stranger to traveling to turkey hunt. This year, he got his earliest start ever, and it resulted in him taking his very first Osceola Turkey. Give this one a listen as the guys discuss turkey hunting stories, tactics, and some tips for those hoping to extend their turkey season.

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Show Transcript

What is going on everyone? Welcome back to another episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast, which is brought to you by Tact Camm. This is your home for all things outdoors in the Badger State, and I'm your host, Josh Raley. Thank you so much for tuning in with me this week. We've got a great guest. I had a chance to catch up with Paul Campbell.

Now, if you don't know who Paul is one of the hosts of the [00:01:00] O two podcast here on the Sportsman's Empire Podcast Network. He's also the host of the How to Hunt Turkey podcast, the the other side of the coin, if you will, for the to the How to Hunt Deer podcast that I also host.

Paul's a great dude, very serious Turkey hunter, and he got a chance to get his season off to a wonderful start down in South Florida. And I thought it'd be a good time to get him on the show to talk a little bit about extending your season. One of the things that when you hunt Wisconsin, can be tough.

Number one, the season starts so much later than a lot of the rest of the country. You look at, Florida, I think came in March 4th this year. So if you're a Turkey hunter and you really love it, you're sitting on go for a long time before you can really get started hunting. Paul, he got a pretty good early start.

And so I wanted to ask him, what would be your encouragement to guys? What would you tell guys to do? What would you, what do you think they should, how do you think they should approach it if they wanted to start their season a bit earlier this year and get a jump on things? So that's what we're gonna talk about today.

We're also gonna talk about his [00:02:00] excellent Turkey hunt down in. We're gonna talk about him hunting with the guys from Woodhaven, which is a, an awesome story that had some great hunts. So yeah, just a good conversation all around as far as a little bit of a personal update for me. Man, I'm looking forward to getting out with a gun in my hands for Turkey season.

If you don't know already, you probably do, if you've been listening to this, I moved down to Georgia in July of this past year, and it's weird yeah, to still hunt the Wisconsin Sportsman podcast. But I'm keeping the content focused on Wisconsin. I love the state and I still hunt and fish in Wisconsin about as much as I do down here in Georgia.

But I was able to get out this past weekend with my kids for Georgia's youth season. And man, lemme tell you, it was a good one. We did not get a Turkey on the ground, but I got both of my kids on birds, so they got to have, the gobbling and the moving around and chasing birds around, which was fantastic.

My son, my six-year-old son, dude, absolutely surprised me. We got out there early, [00:03:00] we sat through a thunderstorm in the car, just bad weather cleared up, no birds gobbling doing anything until about eight 30 in the morning. We finally hear the first gobble. We make a move on the bird, make another move on the bird, make another move on the bird.

Finally, a four-wheeler drives through. Spooks the bird off the bird, never gobbles again. But my son wants to keep going. Next thing you know, it's five something in the afternoon and my son and I are still going after it. And the dude is just a trooper. We are six miles in to our hike.

We walk for six miles trying to strike another bird. We didn't have any luck. Strike another bird. It was a weird day. It was hot, it was muggy. And I'm sure a bird was gobbling somewhere, but we didn't find it. We did though see on cell camera pictures and that kind of thing that the birds were really henned up still.

Every time that I saw on cell cameras and that kind of stuff had a bunch of hens with it. It's a tough time of year to try to call one in. They'll start [00:04:00] breaking up here in the next couple of days or weeks. And the Turkey hunting should improve pretty dramatically. Had my daughter out the next day, though we didn't cover nearly as much ground as as my son and I did.

But we found a bird that was ready to play that morning. And we made a couple of moves on him. Ended up making a full circle almost around the Turkey. And the Turkey got into this spot where he wanted to just stand and gobble and strut. He didn't wanna move, he didn't want to come to our calls.

He was more than happy to, to respond to our calls, but he did not want to move. And so we ended up pushing the envelope a little bit. Got I think under a hundred yards from the Turkey. Tried to make another move to get a little bit closer because we had the terrain to our advantage, but what we probably didn't have, carrying an eight year old or taking an eight year old through the woods with the sound advantage.

And so he probably heard us, but he quit gobbling. He boogered out of there, I'm sure. But hey, we've got a, we've got a good pen now on where we wanna hunt that Turkey in a couple of weeks, hoping that he doesn't get killed here in the next when [00:05:00] general season opens up. But I'm gonna be getting out here.

April 14th, I get to head to Iowa. I've never hunted Iowa. I've never even been to Iowa. I've dreamed of hunting Iowa. And I've also got three preference points already. Come May, I will have my fourth preference point in Iowa for deer. So this is a great spring for me to make it to Iowa to try to, see what I can see when it comes to maybe doing a little bit of postseason scouting.

But my main reason for being there is turkeys postseason scouting for deer might happen if I get a Turkey on the ground, or hey, if I just get distracted by deer sign, but that is not my first. Mission are my first priority there. So I'll be hunting Iowa April 14th through I think the 18th. And then my tag there in Wisconsin is good for April 19th through the 24th, 25th maybe, something like that.

But I'll be there hunting and catching up with my buddy Pierce. Hopefully he and I are gonna not only get some Turkey hunting in together, but also some [00:06:00] fishing in together. Then I have big plans to hopefully swing through Ohio on the way back from. Turkey hunting in Wisconsin. Catch up with Paul Campbell.

You'll hear us talk about that a little bit in this week's episode. So big Turkey season coming for me. Super excited, thankful to my wife that she puts up with me and allows me to do the kinds of things that I do that are crazy. So also very thankful for your support. You guys, you listen to this show week in, week out.

I couldn't do what I do without you if it wasn't for all you guys that join every single week and listen to me interview guests and ramble on myself. Man I appreciate you so much. Thank you so much for listening. It really means a lot to me. I am, I sit back and I'm just in awe every now and then.

I can't believe. That I get to do something that I'm really passionate about for a living. So very thankful to all of you guys. Also, very thankful to our partners. Do need to say a quick mention of them. Pay the bills right first. UPT Cam, they're the title sponsor of this show. Had a great conversation with them last week.

They will [00:07:00] continue to be the title sponsor of this show for 2023 and into 2024, so very grateful for their partnership as well. Guys, if you're getting out Turkey, We're fishing this year this spring. Let me encourage you head to their website, tact cam.com, check out their 6.0 camera. It is a fantastic option for getting getting your hunts, getting your fishing trips, getting whatever you want to on film.

It gives you 4K footage, 60 frames per second. It's waterproof. You push one button and the thing starts recording. It works with a remote control, comes with all kinds of mount and adapter options on their website. Doesn't come with 'em, but if they're on their websites, you can go there and pick those up as well.

They've had some pretty great deals going on. I think one may have just ended yesterday. Whoops, now that you're listening to this, but hey, maybe they'll have another sale here soon. I do encourage you though, go ahead and pick that up. If you're thinking about beginning self filming even if you're just thinking about it for deer season, go ahead and grab that 6.0 now because you wanna start shooting your bow with it here [00:08:00] over the summer so that you are used to having a little bit of extra weight on your bow.

They're pretty light. You really don't notice it that much. But I did find, there, there was a little bit of an adjustment to, to not an adjustment. Let's say there was a little bit of a learning curve when it came to learning to shoot with something extra on the front of my bow. That's not usually there, especially after the shot.

If you're filming your shot, you draw back and you shoot, you typically wanna drop that arm. If you have a camera on the front of your bow, you don't wanna drop that arm. You wanna follow that animal with your bow arm. Yeah, so all that to say, there is a learning curve to being able to use that, especially on your bow.

So head over the website, tact cam.com. Go ahead and pick one of those up. Next up, hunt worth guys, I was out this weekend. In the Hum Worth gear, in the Tarin pattern in the Piney Woods of Georgia. It's starting to green up around here. Things are looking good, and I'm looking at the color of these pine trees and I'm like, man I don't know.

I can't tell if this is gonna blend in real good or not if I'm posted [00:09:00] up against this tree. And then I, we did a few experiments there with my kids and the pattern works fantastic. It just, it, I honestly I'm there for a second. I was like I don't know how this is gonna do, but man, when you step just a little bit away, you very quickly realize that pattern works super well, even in the Piney Woods down here in the deep South.

So if you're looking for some new camo clothing, especially some lightweight stuff, they've got a lot of good lightweight stuff. Like the Durham pants that I was wearing this weekend. They got a little bit of stretch to 'em, which is nice when you're covering a lot of ground and you're jumping over logs.

Squatting down, standing up, doing all that stuff that you do for Turkey hunting. They're great pants. They also have reinforced seats and reinforced knees, which is really nice when you're crawling around on the ground for turkeys. So head over to their website, hunt worth gear.com and check 'em out today.

And last but not least, this episode is brought to you by the OnX Hunt app. Guys, I cannot tell you how reliant I am on the OnX Hunt app for my Turkey hunting. I'm, I like to running gun and I'll, when I get [00:10:00] to Wisconsin, I'll probably hunt a couple of fields and that's a lot of fun. I do enjoy having a little bit of a relaxing morning on a field edge.

Maybe with a couple of decoys out. But we were running a gun in this weekend and that OnX came in handy. Number one, we were tracking everything that we did so we could tell, okay, where was I exactly when we did this little loop or when we turned up here, or was able to look back and see, okay, exactly what course we covered.

Not only that though, I was able to really triangulate where the Turkey was roosted early in the morning. So we were able to walk down and say, okay, he sounds like he's a hundred yards that way. Then we walk further up the road. Okay, it sounds like he's 50 yards straight in front of us. Walk a little bit further.

Okay, now he's 120 yards back this way. Really got a good pin on where that bird was roosted and we ended up being absolutely correct about where that bird was. And that would not have, I don't think, would not have been possible with without the OnX hunt app, without using that feature. We ended up getting within a hundred thirty five, a hundred thirty six yards of where the bird was roosted and I think [00:11:00] we have a good gameplay for when we go in there next time because as we made the loop that we made, we went in, we found where the ger, where the bird was roosted, we found where the bird was just gobbling and strutting for basically three hours that morning.

And we marked that on OnX and you better believe we will be back in there. So if you have not started using OnX yet, guys, I don't even know. I don't know what to tell you, but you should go give 'em a try. Head over to the app store of your choice and you can find 'em just by searching the OnX Hunt app.

Now with the commercials outta the way, let's jump right into this episode, talking about extending your Turkey season and becoming a better Turkey hunter with Paul Campbell.

Paul, before we get too deep in, man, you arm my counterpart, let's say from Ohio. You host the oh two Podcast along with your co-host Andrew Muntz. You guys do an excellent job. We met for the first time in person at ATA this year, which was We did, yes. A ton of fun. You're much taller than I knew you were[00:12:00]

Yeah, and Andrew was much shorter than I knew he was, so it worked out really well. Yeah, I'm like a foot tall than Andrew. Yeah. I'm. His height. So I felt really comfortable around him. But anyway, then turned out you and Dan Johnson are both giants, which is funny. Just giants. That's great, isn't it?

Just gigantic dude, Dan's a big dude. Yeah, Dan was big. It was cool meeting him in person. Yeah he's he's a big dude. But anyway, man, why don't you tell me a little bit about your, yourself, your podcast, and what you do for a living, because I find that really interesting. Yeah. Thanks man.

So I spare time. I'm the co-host of the oh two podcast for the hundred months. We cover all things Ohio. We like to say that we're Ohio focused, but nationally relevant, very similar setup to this guest. We ask all the questions, they answer 'em, they're the entertaining ones for the episode.

And we'll do an intro and talk about news within the state. And so it's been really well received within the state. We've got just some really fantastic listeners and really grateful for that support. Earlier in this year, 2023. Started the How to Hunt Turkeys podcast also on Sportsman's [00:13:00] Empire, which is something that I'm very passionate about, Turkey hunting.

I'm fortunate enough to work for the National Water Turkey Federation, so I get to talk about wild Turkey hunting and Turkey hunters and turkeys every day of my life. And so it's very easy for me to talk about this. It's something that I'm really passionate about and just grateful that I get to, to talk to people and hunters about this pursuit and this animal that I care so much about.

I've been Turkey and I didn't grow up in a hunting family, so I started hunting in 2008, and my first animal that I hunted just happened to be a wild Turkey. And people hunt turkeys for all, various reasons. They love they go at you, it's interactive.

You get to move. It's not cold, for me, like the reason that Turkey hunting is so important to me at the time that hunting just as a hole came into my life. I was, 2008 for those who remember. The economy was really bad. We were in the middle of this huge recession. I was working on golf courses at the time.

I was going in and out of jobs just because the economy was so bad I couldn't keep a job. My dad had just died at 54 years old.[00:14:00] I was a mess. I was a mess, man. Wow. I was an absolute mess. I was drinking. I was really in free fall in my life. And my best friend, he grew up in a hunting family, hunted dairy fish.

He hadn't Turkey hunted. He said, Hey, man, do you want a Turkey hunt? What the hell's a Turkey? Like people do that. I'm like that's a thing. Like people walk through the woods and shoot turkeys. You gotta be kidding me. That's not real. It's going on. It's a real thing. So Josh I go out I buy like the cheapest Walmart camo that you could get.

I borrow a shotgun. It was Winchester 1300 by Prima's Power. Crystal was the first Turkey call I ever own. I go, I try to kill my first Turkey. Not only did I not. Kill a Turkey that first year. I didn't even see a Turkey that first year. What did you hear one? Yeah. Didn't. I did. Okay. I did. And that's, and so the first Turkey gobble that I heard, man, something in my life changed, something in my mind, changed my heart, whatever you wanna say.

I was hooked from that moment. And I just remember thinking like, I've gotta see that animal. I've gotta, I've gotta shoot it. I've gotta put my hands on it. I've gotta hunt this animal for the rest of my life. [00:15:00] And it really started at that time, it gave my life kind of purpose. , I didn't I had a son.

I was a single dad. I didn't have the, the wife and children that I have now. But, at the time, it gave me purpose and something to look forward to. And it really pulled me out of a dark hole man. That, and, I did, I don't know if I would've gotten out of without the wild Turkey.

So I, I owe the, I owe that animal a lot. And that's why it's so important to me and I work as hard as I can to promote the conservation of the Wild Turkey. Man. That's amazing. I lo I love, hearing a story like that I think it's, I think it's stories like that, that, that bring me back to the saying that I hear Dave Owens and others say, pretty often, that Turkey hunters are different.

And I think a lot of it is because of the, like you said the hold and the sense of purpose that wild turkeys bring for a lot of folks. It's not the same kind of obsession as any other old kind of hunting it seems like. It's, yeah man. So just to hear the way that it's very, [00:16:00] I was just gonna say, the way the Wild Turkey story is woven in with your life is, Yeah, man, that's deep.

Yeah, it is, man. It's very personal for me. It's very personal for a lot of people. And I think that, like you look at the ho the Hayes family of Masio, their father Fox Grant toy's, father shot his first Turkey in 1944. And, their lives have revolved around Turkey hunting on some level for generations.

Yeah. And so it's very important in their business, their, their families, so it's and that's just that's a huge example, that's a really successful example, but there's just so many, there's so many hardcore Turkey hunters that that it's woven into the fabric of who we are as.

It's not just something that we do for four months or four weeks out of the year. It's this way. It's a way that we define ourselves which is weird for a lot of people. And then, Turkey hunter, we get it, I'm like I get it. I understand. You don't have to, you don't have to explain it to me, man.

Just give 'em a hug. We're on the same page. Have a good day and move on. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. [00:17:00] Man, you have you have recently had a heck of a spring so far. I don't know anybody that has had the level of spring that you have had. I feel like, I, it was wild. I don't even know what category to put it in because I feel like I've had a great spring and that's because, yeah.

Georgia Youth Weekend just came in this is where I live. I do about 50 50 hunting here in Georgia and hunting in Wisconsin. I know it sounds crazy to people who are listening. They might be like, you drive. 14 hours to hunt. It's Yeah, a lot. Yeah. So yeah, no I don't judge me. I get it. But, so I do about 50 50.

I probably won't hunt turkeys for myself personally in Georgia until maybe the last two weeks of the season. Last week of the season, something like that. But I got to get my kids out and both mornings we were on gobbling turkeys, and both mornings we had a real chance and had turkeys responding to our calls and that kind of thing.

Oh yeah. Just, could not have been better. Got the kids [00:18:00] hooked and dialed into Turkey hunting, I feel like. So I feel like I've had a heck of a spring. And then I look up and Paul Campbell has a bird on the ground in Florida, a new subspecies. He's hunting with he's hunting with S just a bastion, if you will, of the Turkey hunting Yeah.

Community. Tell me about what you've been up to so far. Because it is March, I don't know, what is it, 27th. And I feel like you could just be done for the year. I hope I'm, I hope I'm not it's definitely the earliest that my Turkey seasons have ever started. I went down, I have a really good friend who lives in southwest Florida.

He's got him and three other guys own a little over a thousand acres. And so they invited me to come down to Turkey, hunt their place with them. And you tell me that I'd freaking drive to Argentina, if you're like, Hey, you got a thousand acres. No one Turkey hunts it. I'm on my way, man.

Yeah. So the, I went down a little early. I wanted to hunt big Cyprus. Which is like [00:19:00] one of the only non quota public hunts that you can get in the South Zone. And so I went down a few days early before I was gonna go to this private property, and I just wanted to experience the Everglades.

It was cool. I'm glad I went. I met some cool people. I saw some wild stuff. I kicked up a Florida panther with my tube call. That's how loud it was. Like it's, I scared it and it like yelled at me and took off running. It was just like a sleep under a tree. I didn't know it was there. That was really neat. I saw some gators.

As far as like Turkey action, nah, that place is nuts, man. If you're going to Big Cyprus to Turkey hunt public land, you kill a Turkey down there, you are one of the best in this country. And I just, because of the train everything wants to kill you. So I went up I killed my first wild pig.

On Friday evening. Nice. And then I killed my first Osceola on Saturday afternoon. Holy. So it was just, man, it was insane. We went out and it was one of those I didn't really know the property. And they're like there was a guy that killed a Turkey here last week or two weeks ago.

We, so [00:20:00] we just, I didn't know. I didn't know what I'm doing. And so we set up right along this Cypress Swamp, and they're gobbling inside of the Cypress Swamp. They never come out. I wanna be there. That's where I wanna be. I want to, like I said earlier, as where the turkeys are, I wanna be where the turkeys are.

And so I asked my friend, I was like, is there anything in there that would like, hold these turkeys? And he's oh, there's like this, like one acre, like open grassy field in the middle of the Cypress Swamp. I'm like, oh, take. There right now. . Let's go right this moment. Yeah. Finish your lunch.

And let's go. So we, man we take off to that little opening that cypress spot and we're there for two and a half hours. Dude, it is 90 degrees. I'm calling every once in a while. Thermic Cell was working. I'd sprayed down with bug spray. The mosquitoes were insane. I'm like we're maybe at this point, like a hundred yards off of this like swamp, right?

This Cypress Swamp. I pull my mask down, I turn around and look at my friend and he's 50 years old. He's, I've known him for years, man, great guy. And I look at him and he is, he, this [00:21:00] is his first Turkey hunt, right? I'm like, dude, this is miserable. I'm thinking in my head like, he's having a shitty, sorry, he's having a terrible time.

And I turn around and look and he is just dumping sweat. And he pulls his mask down. He's dude, this Turkey hunt stuff sucks. I'm like, no, it doesn't. This is just, this is how it is. It's gonna be okay. And we're talking full volume, man. Both of our master down, my legs are flat on the ground. My shotgun's laying down.

Like 30 feet behind me. What Turkey? Gobbles. Gobbles, dude. As loud as I've ever heard. I'm like, oh my God. So we just both slowly pull our face, mask up, I grab my shotgun trying to pick it up, ba it fires off again. I'm like, oh, here we go, man. He's right over my left shoulder. And he, I ola is you see it, like on hunting public and day bones.

Like you hear 'em like knocking and drumming and spitting and doing all of these different vocalizations that you only hear if you're like on top of 'em. And I've heard it some, but this was like, this was the loudest drumming I've ever heard. Really? Oh, the loudest. You could feel it.

I'm like, oh, I'm freaking out, [00:22:00] man. I had to close my eyes because he's coming now. I could hear him walking. So do you think he was coming to your calling and stuff? A hundred percent. That is out. Okay. Yep. And he got close enough. I had a Hindi Quay out in this little field and He, he just, he, I think he got there and he was just like, I'm here man.

Let's dance. And he gobbled a third time and I had just turned just enough man so that I could like, see where he was coming in my peripheral vision. I didn't wanna turn my head. Like I just, I had cocked my head the tiniest little bit, and I see him coming into the field. I'm like, oh, here we go.

And I had built like this little palmetto blind to sit behind and there was like the tiniest little opening that I was exposed because I had just put most of the blind material in, in front of me. And he picked me out, dude, he stops and he turns around and starts to run.

And I, he's 15 feet from me. [00:23:00] Holy man. I turn and shoot super close. I the closest I've ever been to a live wild Turkey. and I shoot and it goes right over his head. And I'm like, oh, crap. And so he's about, so I like ship my body, lean over, get down, focus, calm myself down. I got plenty of time. I shoot him about 25 yards and just rolled him.

And man, it was just like, ah, like screaming. My buddy's he comes up to me and he's I had no idea. That's what they sounded like. I'm like, I was trying to tell you man, like this is awesome. This is the best hunting you can do. He like, that was amazing. We gotta find another one.

I'm like, okay, let's go see this one first. And he's having a total meltdown. I'm having a total meltdown, man. It was just special, that's a really cool trophy, within the Turkey hunting circles south Florida Osceola. So that was my, excuse me, that was my personal Turkey.

I, a couple days later I go north. I've got an an N W T F donor hunt, Turkey hunt that I was doing. We had some guests coming down. And some of our guests couldn't make it. [00:24:00] Kinda last minute they called cancel. And I, I've got a guy coming down from Buffalo and then two other gentlemen couldn't make it.

So they're like, Paul, do you know anyone close? Oh, I know Mike Pentecost from Woodhaven and see if he'd be interested in coming down. So I called Mike. This is Tuesday a this is Tuesday morning at 10 in the morning. I called Mike and say, man, I got this Turkey on. Starts tomorrow. I got two turkeys.

You wanna kill him? Where is it? Florida, central Florida. On my way. That's literally all it took. . He was easy to talk into it, huh? Oh, he was just like, it wa it, he was just like, I'm on my way. And he texts me and he's can I bring a camera crew? I'm like, eh, lemme talk to the landowner.

And they didn't care. So Mike brought his. Isaac a cameraman. Dylan, real young guy, one of the former TP interns. Just a really good guy. Great dude. He's a Wisconsin guy. He might listen to your show. Yeah. I had him on two or three weeks ago. Yeah. Good. Yeah. So he is good dude.

Really good dude. Awesome dude. Yeah, man I helped get him his first Osceola. Man. Look at that dude. That's awesome. This a little four show jumping ahead. And then Phil Philip Vander [00:25:00] Pool, which is a longtime cameraman and friend of Mike Pentecostal. We went out. It was and so it's funny, man, like we go out and do all the scouting, myself and my coworkers, Zach, we find turkeys, in the morning on Tuesday morning.

We build blinds in these areas. And so Wednesday morning, Mike and the guys, we go out to Turkey on and I'm sitting on this tree. I'm like, this is where we're setting up turkeys. Were roed over here in this area. And so we built this blind into this live oak. It's beautiful man. We got enough room so that four people can sit in.

And so the cameraman Phillip was like, Hey, where should I sit? Cuz he wanted to get a different angle of the decoys and everything. I was like, dude, I got the perfect tree. We found it. We actually thought about this. We found a good tree that is like elevated, that looks out. You're gonna have like great angles.

Cause I would imagine the turkeys are gonna come this way and this way. And so we get there. Mike Pentecost is tearing my setup apart the moment we sit down. But in a really nice, friendly way, not like aggressive, [00:26:00] but like in, in the way that You like the way that like a dad does, like you do something stupid as a kid, he's you really shouldn't have done that.

This is how I would've done that. And yeah, you just like, but like in a teaching way, it was great. I loved every minute of it and he is you should have set up there and this is why. And he's looking at the tree line. He's like, where'd you say the trooper attorneys were roasted?

I'm like, they were roosted over here. And I had heard these turkeys from 500 yards away, right? He's it's too thick. They're not roosted in there. He's he leans over and he is like, Paul mine's a Turkey I'd roo in that tree right there. And he points at the tur, the tree that Phillip's sitting on.

And he is and also I'd probably roosted that one if I had to. And then he tells me why, he is like, there's no, it's in a cow pasture, it's easy to fly up. Yeah. You got these good branches and this is five 15 in the morning. Half hour goes by and we're sitting there and he's still like picking it apart and just teaching me things and do this Turkey fires off in the rim, in that tree that Phil's leaning on.

What? [00:27:00] So like directly over him. The eight dude directly over him. . And so you guys must have gotten in quiet. Dude, we were real quiet. We got in early and so like the entire time before that Turkey gobbled, I'm thinking that I've wrecked this hunt. Like Mike Pentecost is gonna think that I'm an idiot.

Like I'm in full meltdown. Dude, there better be turkeys out here. Cuz nothing had, they had started gobbling the day before about six 30. It is 6 52 when Mike leans over and he's you sure turkey's on here? Yeah, . And I'm like, they're here man. I know they're 6 55 that Turkey finally gobbles. And it was just like and Mike leans over was like, I told you, he's in that tree right there.

And it like one of those moments in my life that I will never forget, it was funny, just the way that he just tapped me on the shoulders, told you and his, so Phillip's under this tree, he ring leans up, kicks the camera on Dylan's under the tree, leans up, kicks the camera on, and this Turkey is just gobbling his head off.

Got other turkeys that are [00:28:00] gobbling their heads off. And it flies down dude. And it's so funny cuz you've got guys that are like ultra experienced that filming really good Turkey hunters. I'd just shot this Turkey like as soon as it hit the ground of puffed up. Boom Don. Yeah. Like it's there, it's 15 yards episode and they let it work in.

Yeah. Hold on. Sorry. Oh, no worries. My Siri was recording all of that and and it was, I could hear her talking. They let this Turkey work in man. And this, this thing is just ripping the decoy, spinning the decoy round, jumping on it, gobbling and just putting on a show.

And the entire time I'm leaned up, like I've got my head like rested on Mike Pentecost back because I'm watching all of this go down on the screen Oh. Of the camera that Dylan's running. Cause I couldn't see the Turkey. It was off to, it was, off to my left too far. And so I watched this whole thing go through this little three inch camcorder like screen.

And it was, man, it was cool. But it was just, it was neat to see. [00:29:00] And like the way that Mike called to that Turkey and the limb, it's the second time that, that Turkey called that little cluck and per pot that they make, he started calling on it. Tree yelping soft clucks purin. The entire time he did not stop.

This is like 10 minutes. And that Turkey was beside himself when he hit the ground, really just absolutely beside himself. And so later in the day, Mike showed me, he's let me hear your calls so you knows take out my calls and I'm scratching on 'em. And he's just you're a good caller.

This is how you go to the next level. And he shows me these tricks and tips. I'm like, oh my gosh, man. Just amazing. And yeah, man, it was just, it was such a unique experience getting to hunt with, like you said, like a bash of the Turkey hunting, industry and world. And just a really cool guy.

And the camaraderie that was formed, with that crew man with one hunt. So Isaac shot a Turkey. As soon as he shoots, I'm like, dude, there's [00:30:00] more turkeys coming. They are coming. I'm like, Mike, there's more turkeys. And they're, we could hear 'em. They were pretty far off. They were gobbling hard.

He pulls outta that box call and he's just cutting on it, purring on it, yelping switching calls back and forth. And these turkeys are losing their mind. In that 200 yards, they gobbled probably 60 times. It was just, ow they were fired up. They came running over this hill, see these decoys puff up and they just go into attack mode, man.

And it was just . It was cool. The Loyola double up with the Woodhaven boys, but it was unbelievable, man. And then the hands, so they've got two dead turkeys, so I'm ready to jump up, I'm like I'm at this point, I'm like losing my mind that this haunt has gone down like this. Yeah. Cause I've never seen anything like this.

I'm ready to go. I just wanted to like freak out and Mike's oh, there's some hens over there. Let's get those on video. So he starts calling these hens and pulls these hens across the [00:31:00] field and they come right up to the hill and they're just looking at us and they're clucking and yelping and purring and doing all this stuff.

And it was just a masterclass on, on Turkey calling from Mike Pentecost. And then it was some of the finest he calling that I've ever heard, cuz it was 20 feet from me. And then more turkeys started gobbling and coming in, I'm like, you know what? I'm gonna have a heart attack. Someone's gotta stand up.

This has to stop. I can't take anymore of this. We had gobbling turkeys around us for four hours now I can't take anymore. Wow. So that was it, man. That was my woodhaven, Mike Pentecost hunt my next hunt the next morning with my guy from new. Two turkeys came out, had three hens, and I was just like, you know what?

I'm gonna do what Mike did, man. I took out that clucking per pot, and I just started working that thing, man, the aggressive cutting or the aggressive purring clucking. And those turkeys were Goble go. And I'm like, oh man. They're going they just, they were following the hens. I was watching this whole thing happen.

I threw a gobbler yelp at him. They were like, whoa, not today. And they started coming in. [00:32:00] I'm like, got 'em. And they just worked in man. And he, he was able to put just a devastating shot on on this guy. But yeah, it was cool, man. It was just an unbelievable spring to be a part of that. Sorry.

That was a long answer, man. Sorry, I took over there. I'm so jealous at this point. I can't even, that was unbelievable. I'm jealous myself. And I was there. I may never have something like that again. Yeah. I live probably 30 minutes from Mike. Okay. So I'm close. I need to get over there again and beg him to take me to Yeah.

I just to watch just to watch him Yeah. In action. Because I feel somebody with that level of experience and to do what he does in the Turkey woods is amazing. Not to mention the way he calls to turkeys on the limb, cuz they're, the Turkey hunting world is divided, right?

When it comes to Yes. Calling to turkeys on the limb. Do you call to him on the limb? Do you cluck three times and then, as others say, if he responds to you, just take your call and throw it, or whatever. What do you do? Which is the right course. And I think different ways, people get it done both.

I think a lot of [00:33:00] it's probably reading the Turkey too, but Paul, yeah. The one thing that, the one thing that surprised me most about the calling on the limb is how quiet it was. Really. It was not loud. I'm literally like, we are, like, our shoulders are touching when we're sitting in this blind.

And it was the softest calling that I've ever heard. And later in the day we were talking about it, I'm like, dude, I could I could barely hear that. And he's turkey's got best eyesight in the woods. Everyone knows that. He's as hunters, we underestimate their ability to hear interesting.

And he's and like I just said, I was talking to my friend full volume and this Turkey obviously hurt us, but it didn't deter him because at some point he he was so worked up, he's ready to die. He was so worked up. His point was, we don't need to call loud at these turkeys.

And all, the only loud calling that he did was when the two times were pretty far away and he was getting on 'em to get 'em worked up. The rest of it was, it was much quieter than my calling has ever been. Wow. And that's [00:34:00] something that, that as soon as he started doing it, I'm like, I'm stealing this.

This is how I'm going to call from here on out because it makes sense. I don't need to be that loud. Especially with the Turkey that's 35 yards, 40 yards. And he was just like, dude, these turkeys from 200 yards can hear you soft calling on a pod call. They can hear it. You don't need to hammer 'em.

And that's where I think a lot of people, myself included, go wrong. We're like, oh man, Turkey, 200 yard. We're just hammering on something. Yep. And it'll work. You for sure kill turkeys that way. Turkey hunters, Turkey killers. Sure. That's I'm trying to get to that Turkey killer stage, and that was one of those moments where I'm like, this is how you doing.

This is how a killer does it right here. Just wanna take a quick minute to let you know that the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast is brought to you by tcam makers of the best point of view cameras on the market. For hunters and anglers, they're on the cutting edge, making user-friendly cameras to help the everyday outdoorsmen share your hunt with friends and loved ones.

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TCAM makes all of that a breeze with their line of mounts and adapters. This fall, I'm gonna be using their stabilizer mount on my bow with the 6.0 camera and their Bindi clamp paired with the 5.0 wide camera for a second angle. And to make sure I don't miss any of the action. To learn more and check out their full line of products, head over to their website, tcam.com and share your hunt with tactic cam.

Man I think, man, that's huge, that difference between a Turkey hunter and a Turkey killer. And I think that one of the things that sets those kinds of people apart too is that they can get it done in a multiplicity of places, right? Like Mike, yeah. You call him, right? [00:36:00] In Alabama, he hops down to Florida and on off to the races as soon as he gets there, right?

Yep. Can get it done in multiple places. For me I've been Turkey hunting for, this is my fourth season. I've had a good bit of success. In the first three seasons I've killed eight birds, so not nice. Yeah not a bad run. But those are Wisconsin birds. I don't wanna say they count for less, but there was Turkey's a Turkey man.

Yeah, turkey's a Turkey. But those are Wisconsin birds. And boy, these birds in Georgia given me the runaround this past weekend. But one of the things though that I wanted to talk to you about specifically was beginning to extend your season as a Turkey hunter, because, in a place like Ohio, when your season doesn't start until April 22nd.

Yeah. That's tough on your heart, man. And when it is, when does your season end? So we have two zones. We have North Zone in the South Zone, so the North Zone will end right the Sunday before Memorial Day. So [00:37:00] you guys do not have a lot of time, you just have to No, we don't have a, we don't have a lot of time.

So you take that it's five weeks total. Five weeks total. Yeah. So not a lot of time. So what you did this year, jumping down to Florida, obviously extended your season quite a bit, obviously learning a lot. Okay. So talk to me about, if a guy is sitting in Wisconsin right now, cause we're talking about the Wisconsin Sportsman podcast or airing this on the Wisconsin Sportsman gimme some tips, gimme some keys, gimme some some, I guess encouragement maybe to begin to broaden that season out.

Cause I know a lot of guys and I think it's just a difference between Southern Turkey culture and Northern Turkey culture. Northern Turkey culture, the guys, they get their one tag a year and they go out and they hunt for the, for their week and they get their bird or they don't or whatever.

And that's just kind of it for the year. It's not odd to them. Meanwhile, in Alabama a few years ago, they dropped from five Turkey limit to a four Turkey limit, and people lost their minds over, over lowering [00:38:00] that limit of birds. And I know, and that's not to say in Wisconsin, there aren't serious Turkey hunters.

There are a lot of 'em out there. I just mean that they're, it in large in large part, a lot of folks are just, they're happy to get their one Turkey for the year. Cool. Yeah. Not have a super long Turkey season. So tell me, yeah. How would you encourage somebody or tell somebody to get ready to begin extending their season?

Yeah, I, I, just to touch on the point that you just made and I hate to admit it, but I think culturally, Turkey honey is woven into the fabric of just hunting more so in those southern states than it is in Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, whatever. Yes, there are diehard Turkey hunters, but it's a different level down there.

And I didn't realize that until I started traveling to hunt and. So I, I'd been I'd probably Turkey hunted I don't know, like five or six years before. I'm like, okay, man I'm not waiting, I can hunt in Tennessee three weeks before my season starts. I can hunt in Mississippi a month before the season starts whatever it [00:39:00] may be.

And I think the one thing is that people need to do is you can do it. I know that it's a financial investment, yeah. And you can do it. You don't need to get an outfitter. You don't need to get a guide. One of the things that I do, like my method when I'm traveling outta state and I don't have anywhere to go, I don't know anyone, or, I'll look at like the harvest totals of the counties.

So I'll see. Okay. These, this area of the state is produced in turkeys, so I know that there are a good population in turkeys, but there's also a good population of hunters there. And so I'll look for that, like that upper level, second tier, if that makes any sense of like the Turkey harvest counties.

Yeah. And then I start going in and looking at, okay, this is, these are the WMAs, this is national forest, and I'll make my determinations there. So I think that the biggest thing is it's not as scary as you think to hunt out of state. If you've never done it, like you said, man you can be in the middle of Wisconsin in 14 hours, you can be hunting [00:40:00] turkeys to tomorrow, if you really wanted to.

Oh yeah, absolutely. And like for me from where I'm at, I'm right smack D in, in the center central part of Ohio, go bucks. It was a 19 hour drive to Southern Florida. That's a ton. That's a lot of driving. But I did it in one shot. It's possible to do these things.

And it's not it's not that it is intimidating, but I think that, once you start looking at like the numbers, find a place to hunt and you're like, okay, boom. This wma this is away from a city center. It doesn't seem to get a ton of people, but it's still producing good numbers of birds.

This is where I'm gonna go. And a lot of states have hunters camps. I know Ohio has 'em, Wisconsin has 'em, I bet. Where you can, if it's hunting season, you can state these camps for like free or 10 bucks a night. Oh wow. Okay. So if you're talking about like saving, like this, the camp that I stayed at in the Everglades was $10 a night.

Wow. Yeah. It was great. And they had bathrooms and, they were just, they were nice bathrooms. They were yeah. I think the biggest thing is Don't be intimidated and just do your research. That's the number one thing for me is [00:41:00] find those areas, that you can get into and not have you hear all these horror stories, like the guys would go out like opening day in, in Mississippi and there's 50 people hunting the same Turkey.

Oh yeah. It's not an exaggeration. 50 people that sucks. Like I've been there, that sucks because only Dave Owens and Mike Pentecost are coming away with that Turkey , I'm not coming away with it. But yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I think just being willing to get off the beaten path a little bit.

I don't mean walking more, but I mean hunting an area, like smaller properties or something that, that may not be as popular, with with the Turkey hunters that do travel. Yeah, that's a good point. I think too, one thing I would probably throw in to add onto that, that I thought of just as you were talking is like making that experience and what you learn.

Kind of like the trophy that you're pursuing from the trip and just being okay with eating tag soup. It's it's okay. Like it's all right to make the trip and make the journey. Yeah. And not get a bird. It was [00:42:00] worth it either way. And maybe you say to yourself, it's not worth it.

If I don't get a bird, that's fine. Yeah. But I think if you can think through like how heading down to South Florida or heading down to Mississippi or heading down to Alabama or Georgia. Georgia opens up this weekend going to those places is gonna expand your Turkey hunting skillset and knowledge.

Yeah. Because of the different terrain, because of the different birds, because of the different pressure. You're gonna learn so much that you take home with you that are gonna, Mike, you said you hunted with Mike one time, now all of a sudden you're gonna do things differently moving forward. And you didn't kill a bird on that part of the trip. Same thing. If you come down, maybe you don't kill a bird, but you're gonna learn things that are gonna make you hunt different almost certainly as you move forward as a Turkey hunter. Yeah, for sure. And that's a great point.

And, for Turkey Hunter like me I like the challenge. I don't, it's not often that I get to sit in a field and call a Turkey in 40 yards off of a tree and shoot [00:43:00] it. That's not happened much in my life. Sure. You have to just grind it out, man. And so I like pushing myself.

Like I was in the big national forest down there in Alabama last year, and it's freaking mountains everywhere. And I'm like, let's go man. And, I, so I like pushing myself physically. emotionally sometimes with, when you're dealing with a Turkey that seems to be smarter than you or people, so I like that challenge. And I did an interview with Dave Owens on the How to Hunt Turkeys podcast. And his comment to me, and it stopped me in my tracks and I wrote it down, we touched on it, was success, measured on effort is like his, that's his debt success meas measured on effort.

I thought that was really, I thought that was really neat. Yeah, that's good. That's good. So Paul bef, wrapping up the conversation, not ending it by any means but tur taking a turn for kind of maybe what's our last topic of discussion, right? I want to hear about what you've got going on with how Hunt Turkey's podcast.

I'm interested in that because I host another podcast, I don't know if you've ever heard of it, called How to Hunt Deer? Yeah. Wow. And so we are we are either [00:44:00] compadres or adversaries however you wanna look at that. . You got the two, the big, definitely not adversaries, man. No's two there hopefully no adversaries in the war in the Turkey was there.

So we should just start an all out war against deer hunters and Turkey hunters. Just you gotta pick a side and if you don't pick a side, then what are you even doing with your life? Yeah. You're not, it's funny man. I'll take cheap shots at deer hunters. I like to deer hunt.

It's not something that I do a ton. I'm a Turkey hunter thrown through and it's funny man, like you the woods are usually, you really full. With hunt of hunters like the first couple of days, especially on public land. Yep. And my friends are like, oh, this sucks.

It's bull crap. I'm like, dude, those are just the deer hunters just wait. They're gonna realize that they suck at Turkey hunting and that it's hot and they're gonna be outta here. So by that second Wednesday of the season, they're just like, there's nobody in the woods. Yeah. And I'm out there, and then no one's killed a Turkey.

And I'm like, all right boys, let's get, let's get to work. So yeah, it would, yeah the all out war would be fun to start oh yeah. For sure. So tell me, you know what, actually, let me circle [00:45:00] back just a little bit to a point that you just made. Yeah. So I'm hunting a spot in Georgia this year.

I, I ended up getting in on a lease. Got a lot of guys on this lease. Hunting clubs down here are big. We got a lot of land. We got a couple thousand acres, but there's a lot of guys on the land as well. A lot of those deer hunters will be . We'll be out in the woods chasing turkeys around, at least for the first two weeks.

Come may. I'm gonna guess the woods will be empty. It will be 90 degrees too. So it'll be hot, but it will be pretty, pretty, pretty dead in the woods. How do you adjust your tactics maybe when, you've had this big wave of pressure that comes through. Yeah. How do you hunt different after that wave is gone?

That's a great question. And so the last, like couple of turkeys that I've killed in Ohio have come in either the second half of the third week or the fourth week. Okay. When all of those, the pressure has gone, a lot of the hen pressure has [00:46:00] subsided. So you really if you haven't killed a Turkey and you've got, it's the latter half of the season, there is some really good Turkey activity going on there.

And so for me, like the number one thing. and I think that people don't realize like that second half of the season everything's leafed out, right? Like it's the noise doesn't travel as far. So if you get a Turkey goin, they're right there. Yeah. They're within 50 yards of view in some cases.

So for me if I'm killed Turkey in Ohio, or if I'm anywhere on the back half of the season I really start to put more time and effort into roosting turkeys the night before. Okay. Yeah, because the weather's good. There's no one in the woods. It's quiet, it's warmer. I can hear them, so I can get into positions.

Hoo. Listen, whatever it may be. and then I know that, for the next morning, like it's dark, it's quiet. I [00:47:00] can get I will get more aggressive with getting in on those roosted turkeys than I normally would cuz you know, they're gonna see a comment, they're gonna hear you, whatever it may be.

But you've got all that foliage, you can use that to your, to your advantage. And just be a little more aggressive. So first half of the season when they're gobbling like maniacs on the limb in the morning, I don't roo turkeys, I got kids, man. I get a wife, I gotta keep happy. I'm not out until nine o'clock at night, on a Tuesday listening.

But that latter half, I'm for sure that's where I start. I start roosting. I put more effort into that so I can just get closer, like the last couple trigger I've killed on the, in that, into that last half of the season, ro night before. And I'm within like 50, 40 to 50 yards of their roos tree the following morning.

I'm right there, man. Wow. I'm ready to go. Getting close. Yeah. Oh yeah. Would you, do you think that turkeys are more, at least for where you're at in, in Ohio, do you think they're more cullable after that point? They're gonna be gobbling less in the morning, right? They're just, they, one of the, one of the real late season [00:48:00] birds that I shot in Wisconsin I was 25 yards from his roo tree and did not know he was there.

He never once gobbled, but he flew down, landed directly in front of me, and I shot him and it was over. And I was like, yeah, he never gave me the show. He didn't gobble, he didn't strut, he didn't, nothing. I just saw redhead and beard. I just saw redhead and a big swinging beard. And I was like, I guess I'm gonna shoot it.

I don't know. Yeah. I was so confused when it got done cuz I was like that was a Tom, I, . At first I saw all these things. Did I get that wrong? I don't know. Yeah. But so do you think turkeys are more cullable at that time of year? I think they are because and I'm not a biologist.

I've just heard, people talk about this, that the breeding cycle for turkeys can go well into June and July. Yeah. And because hence they've got nest to get destroyed and they panic. And so they're still breeding. So there's breeding activity going on in a reduced capacity. But weeks after our seasons are over.

And so if I'm a, if I'm a Tom, and people always ask me, what are we looking for? We're looking for the [00:49:00] Turkey that's willing to die. That's what we're looking for. And so if you can get, if you get in there and they're, on the tail end of that bell curve and they hear a hen that's that, you've got that purring, that clucking, that soft yelping, that sexy Turkey talk that Scott Ellis always talks about.

That's the stuff, they will gobble. they'll commit quick man. Yeah. Has been my, because they're like, this is my last chance. Yeah. Yeah. There's this literally be maybe the last chance that I ever get to mate. Yeah, for sure. And they, yeah.

And they come hard and fast, man. When it has been my, my with those late season haunts, and the human pressure, I think a lot of that subsided at the point. And, in terms of calling, that's those turkeys have been yelped at by deer hunters, on a freaking box call dude for two weeks.

So you don't have to beat, you don't have to like, clam all over 'em, yeah. You can be just real soft, real, real easy and, you're in their area. That's, and that's I guess that's that's my strategy and, the end of the year I'm gonna roost them. I'm gonna get as close as I can [00:50:00] and I'm just gonna play it.

Cool. Yeah. I like that piece. And especially about the. , knowing where they are, roost them, know where they are, know where they want to go, that's part of that. Yeah. But I have viewed late season turkeys in the same way that I've viewed like those like late morning turkeys, you find that bird at 10 45 and if I fi if I get a bird fired up at 10 45, I'm like, yeah, you're probably dying.

That's a Turkey that's willing to die. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. And so you don't find a lot of 'em though. At least I don't strike a lot of late morning birds, but when you do, you got a pretty good shot. And I view the same way with late season. Like it's not every day you find a late season bird that's fired up on the limb, but if you find one that's fired up on the limb in the morning, dude you're, you are in the game, you're in the chips.

Cuz he's probably not roosted with he. He's probably roosted by himself. Yeah. And so you, you could be in, in real good shape. Paul, before I let you go, man, I gotta hear about Turkey seasons. So you're not just the host of the Hot Turkeys podcast, [00:51:00] you also have this new project going on that I didn't know about until it was like, Hey, it goes live in five days.

I was like, ah, what? Yeah, how did this happen? Yeah. Yeah. So it's, and thanks for letting me talk about it. It's Turkey season.com is the website. So it's it's a collection of content from people from all around the country. And I've got some really neat articles up. You've got some blog posts.

I've got some videos that people have submitted, through YouTube channels. I've been, creating some content that's gonna go up there. It's just a really neat kind of, Content aggregation site, if you will, of some of the best Turkey content that's out there. On the backside of it, there is a store, so I've got, Woodhaven Rolling Thunder, bone Collector, wicked North Newcomb.

I've got just a ton of products that are coming in. They're geared towards those. You're not gonna find a $5 mouth call on there. Yeah. Yeah, these are definitely geared towards people that, that are, that have been Turkey hunting for a while or want to step up their their equipment game so to speak.

Grounded vests, hunting vests, which I run. I love those things. Those are [00:52:00] gonna be up for sale in no time. So it's a really neat website. It's been a ton of fun to, to work with and get that up and running and just the different content creators that, that, that are helping me out and sending content.

And you'll see some Turkey season content coming very soon as well, awesome. Yeah, that's it. Turkey season.com. It's the Turkey season on Instagram. I don't have anything up for TikTok yet. These guys, they get they get toss or Instagram and they never use it, it's just like a

I, yeah, full disclosure, right? You're in the, you're in the podcasting world. Yeah. You know that this is a time of year when we are talking with partners, partnerships, that kind of stuff. We're kinda on the back end of some of that. At least that's how it's worked out for me. You have trade show season after trade show season, you end up with a lot of negotiations, a lot of talks going on, yada, yada.

Tons of people were asking this year about my TikTok and me not being on TikTok, and that's crazy. And I was, I, dude, I just had to take a moral stand. It's I'm not going to beat No. Yeah. I'm just not gonna be on TikTok. I, [00:53:00] so I've had a TikTok for a couple years now, and it's not necessarily Not necessarily my thing, but I've put some really neat like Turkey videos on there, and they're going nuts, man.

Are they real? Dude that, see, that's what I, they're going nuts. Yeah, dude. The number of views that, that stuff gets on TikTok, first of all, it just blows my mind. And then when I see on Instagram, somebody's Hey, I've got 4,000 followers on Instagram, but I've got half a billion followers on TikTok, , or whatever.

They have that like in their little, yeah, in their little, like in their bio or whatever. It's yeah. Here's what's important to know about me. I have 4,000 Instagram followers, but over on TikTok I'm a big deal. Yeah, I'm not, that's a big deal anywhere. I can tell you, I can tell you that right now.

And honestly, man, like my most successful social media platform is Go Wild Rich. That's the one that I, yeah, that's the one that I enjoy the most, man. That's the one that I have the most interaction, engagement with people. It's it's a tight community, man. I love it over there. Dude, that's the one.

The TikTok has been fun because I'm like, [00:54:00] holy crap, 10,000 people watched this video aren't you? That's crazy. So that is crazy. Yeah, it's cool, man. I haven't, I have not done Go wild yet, and I'm almost ashamed to say that I should have done. Yeah, I know the guys from Go Wild. I got to meet them at ata.

They're great dudes, like great guys. Yeah. I would highly recommend people getting on Go Wild just to be like, enjoy it. Yeah, because it's built by good dudes. Their podcast is now in the Sportsmans Empire Podcast Network work, by the way. The info that you get just from like other hunters though, is really, it's really good.

Yeah. There's a lot of value to that website to that app too. Yeah. And just keep an eye out. Hold. Paul Campbell's doing some video work with those guys. We got a special cameo appearance coming up. Oh. So you'll have to watch that. Yeah. Nice. Very cool, man. Besides Turkey season.com, where can people find you and your podcasts and all that good.

Yeah, so the podcast you got oh two, the Ohio Outdoors Podcast. You got the How to Hunt Turkeys podcast. You can find both of those on all podcast listening platforms. You can [00:55:00] find me on Instagram at Paul Campbell 3 22. Go Wild is Paul Campbell and TikTok I think it's just Paul dot Turkey season.

Some schmuck had Turkey season taken ah, gosh. Why would you have Turkey season? Come on man. That's just, yeah, you're not even a hunter. Let's go, uncalled for, you know what I found the other day? Somebody has, somebody owns the domain how to hunt deer.com cuz I was gonna make a website for the how to hunt deer.

Cuz to me that tons of opportunity for content, right? Yeah. They want five grand for how to hunt deer.com. Yeah, it's too much. So I didn't buy it, obviously. Yeah. I was amazed that Turkey season.com was available. Yeah. That's crazy. Yeah. That's crazy. Yeah, man. Crazy. Since you're doing. How to hunt Turkey podcast and Turkey season com.

No. I might have to see if deer season.com is for sale. It is. It's six grand. I looked at it. Oh, no kidding. Yeah, I was gonna buy it too. I'm like oh, not for that price. And so like duck [00:56:00] season.com. I, I'm like, in my mind, I'm like, do I gonna do this whole brand duck, deer, Turkey, peasant, whatever, and duck season is owned by Warner Brothers of all people because of Daffy Duck.

Remember how him and Bugs would do the duck season? Rabbit season? Duck season? Yeah. Dude. Rabbit season. Duck season are owned by Warner Brothers. If you go to one that goes, it goes right to warner brothers.com. No kidding. suckers. What a smart PR department. What a weird thing.

Paul, thanks for coming on the show today. Thanks for telling me. My pleasure. Here they can find you. Yeah, thanks for having me and man, I look forward to talking with you more because my hope and plan right now, I leave here on the 14th. I'm gonna go to Iowa. I am okay. Hopefully gonna get a bird in Iowa.

There's a good chance I've got permission on some good ground, and if not, there's some good public right down the road. So I'll be able to do that then jump into Wisconsin. I would love to, to get one in Iowa before I head to Wisconsin and then be able to jump to [00:57:00] Minnesota and it's been like a day there.

Then Wisconsin, then swinging your way to Ohio. If I can kill a Turkey early enough. So let's go man. Make it happen buddy. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Yeah. I'm doing, I'm gonna go down to Alabama here in a few days. Huh? With the Woodhaven boys down there. Nice. I got an invite in Georgia. I don't know if I'm gonna make that happen.

I don't think I, I honestly don't think I can, but I'm gonna go to Michigan Missouri and Montana are my other, obviously Ohio, maybe West Virginia. I got some family land in West Virginia. Then, so when my mom sent me a picture that like my dad's cousin lives there now and there was like 40 turkeys in this field.

I'm like, you text her, look right now. I'm like, give me permission right there, right this moment. Dude, so you're going to Montana. Yes. And you'll be hunting Miriam's. I am. Yeah. So he, and here's where it gets interesting. Osceolas in the books first base. I'm, I hope I got a lot of Eastern opportunities.

Let's just consider that done. And then Mon Montana, if I get the third, if I get [00:58:00] three of the four for the Grand Slam, dude, you gotta go. I told my wife, I told my wife, I'm just gonna go hunt Rios until I kill one and I'm not coming back. Until I do. And she's can you just do a yes, next year?

I'm like, you don't understand. If I can do the slam in one year, dude, I'm going to do it. And so I, if you've got an Osceola, that's gonna be the hardest one. Yeah. In my opinion, obviously. Yeah. Everyone says that. Yeah. That's done that. Yeah. They say the Osceola is the hardest one dude.

Yeah. First base dude, you're gonna have to do it, man. I've not planned anything for the Rio cause I don't wanna jinx it. Yeah. So I did an interview with some guys from Louisiana team Wing Bone. Great. Great group of guys. Yeah, dude, they're, I used to live 10 minutes from them, man.

They're awesome, man. I love those guys. Yeah. And so I told 'em about my plans and they were like, don't get stuck on third base. So that isn't echoing in my mind. So I have refused, I haven't looked at a single state regulation season for Rios anything. I'm like, I'm not gonna look at it the moment [00:59:00] if I'm fortunate enough to kill Miriam's.

I'll start pulling it up. Yeah. I'm not even considering looking at it. I have I've no idea. Yeah. Dang. I know I te I need to check John Hud Smith to see if he's got turkeys down. If he's got Rios down there in his section of Oklahoma. Dude, I don't know, but I know he's got turkeys.

I know he is. Got Turkey down. He's got Turkey. What they, yeah. Oh man. Don't get stuck on third. Oh, man. All right, buddy. That's a good place to end. Thanks for coming on. Thanks, man. Thanks for having me. That's all for this week's episode. As always, thank you so much for tuning in. If you dig this show, be sure to subscribe to this podcast wherever it is that you get your podcast.

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