Fieldcare and Meat Care with Travis Stockstill

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On this episode of Huntavore, Nick calls up Travis Stockstill, member of team USA butchering team and host of The Meat Block Podcast, to talk about field care, and prepping your carcass for better quality meat. Using his expertise from over a decade in the butchers trade, he gives some tips and tricks hunters can use whether it's taking your animal to the processor or the DIY butcher job. If you are a fan of geeking out over meat, this is the episode for you. Travis Stockstill lives in California, but has spent over a decade mastering the craft of animal butchery. Getting his start on the slaughter floor, knocking a holstine on the first day, holding just about every position on the cut floor, and hosting a podcast about butchering and meat cutting. While having not a lot of experience as a hunter, Travis had his fair share of time butchering venison. He explains that bringing your venison to the processor in pristine order should be a concern of yours. Not just for your peace of mind, but for the other hunters as well. When cutting at home, taking good care at the start will help with your final product. Travis says hide off to get any contaminants in the hair away, and to spritze the carcass with vinegar to stop bacterial growth. He also touches on surface and knife cleanliness, using 180 degree water to sterilize. Cleaning with soup is a start but now adding a sterilizing process to your home butchering is a good idea. Travis also claims that when people ask what is his favorite cut of meat, that it's ground. Versatile, no meat loss, delicious, hard to screw it up. A good argument for full animal utilization.     Huntavore is Powered by SImplecast

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