Filming and Deer Talk with Hype Outdoors

Show Notes

Jonny Griffin joins the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast this week to talk about his company Hype Outdoors. Hype Outdoors is about pretty much anything that gets you excited outdoors, from hunting to rock climbing. Jonny's true passion though is definitely big whitetails. Jonny and John start things off talking about filming your hunts and all the work that goes into it, especially self filming. Jonny walks us through a morning in the life of a self filmed hunter, from waking up hours earlier to slowing down to film all the small things that make a big difference in the long run.

Jonny is also involved with Quest Hunt Co. and is helping bring the deer hunting competition to Oklahoma. The contest is made up of two person teams that compete for prizes at the end of the season. Lastly, the two just talk a little deer hunting. Jonny talks about what he looks for in a stand site, and how he scouts public land. Jonny puts a lot of time in on OnX and Google Earth before ever stepping foot in the field, and contributes a lot of his success to that method. If you are looking for a reason to get excited for the upcoming deer season, this episode will do that and more!

Show Transcript