Summer Scouting for Big Bucks

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Steve Sherk (Sherk’s Guide Service) discuss summer scouting for big bucks. Steve discusses the importance of summer scouting and Jon details food sources that attract deer. Jon identifies cover and food sources combined and the related benefits and usage. Steve explains the importance of areas that have heavy timber cuts and why he focuses on these locations.

Steve explains his process of inventorying deer in the summer months and why he values this information. Jon identifies how some properties are more conducive to attracting deer in the summer months and how to make a property more attractive to deer throughout the summer and fall. Steve and Jon discuss the cover that is used by deer in the summer months. Both contributors explain specific considerations such as usage and accessibility, and how this information explains how deer value certain habitat.

Steve explains where to put trail cameras, and how he creates interest at specific locations to help inventory deer. Steve explains options for scrapes and minerals and why these are important tools for surveying. Steve discusses how often he checks trail cameras and the importance of evaluating the trail camera data to understand more about deer and their landscape usage. Jon gets into his process for creating a positive environment for deer and how this technique can lead to a good outcome when you enter the property and the concerns some may have with disturbing deer.

Steve and Jon talk about why they monitor certain areas in the summer months for deer usage. Further, monitoring tools such as cellular cameras are discussed in detail. Jon explains what will be discussed in the future and how both contributors have their eyes on certain bucks they plan on breaking down in future episodes.

Show Transcript