First Lite, Best Light w/ Josh Hillyard

Show Notes

This week on the Ohio Outdoors podcast, the guys get the chance to sit down with Josh Hillyard of First Lite. It’s not surprise to many of you, that both Paul and Andrew are huge fans of the clothing that First Lite has to offer. Josh gives the background about the company as initially a clothing company for western hunters, and how it has evolved to whitetail, waterfowl, and more. Learn about how to “build a kit” and some of the pieces that each of the guys likes the most.

Around the state, there is a lot of news… but most importantly, DEER SEASON IS HERE!!!

Officially the statewide archery opener is September 24 th . Also around the state, we have more wetland projects being completed, Tree and forest management workshops upcoming, conservation stories, and more. Paul and Andrew were lucky enough to be guests on the Missouri Woods and Water podcast this week, and have been working to get ready for the season opener. Oh yeah, and be sure to join the Pro2 Staff on Patreon! Good luck to everybody that is able to get out this weekend!

Show Transcript