Fly Fishing for Mountain Stream Native Trout

Show Notes

With spring approaching we have new ways of shaking cabin fever out! This week’s episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman we chat with John Kolb. John is the founder of the Suffering Outdoors YouTube channel which showcases outdoor adventures in the Northeast, especially around his home in northern Pennsylvania. Even though John is a diehard whitetail hunter and can often be found wandering in large tracts of public land, he still enjoys spending this time of year fly fishing.  

Opening day of trout season in Pennsylvania is nearly a state holiday itself with thousands of anglers lining the recently stocked creek edges. However, the length of streams stocked is a fraction to the 80,000+ miles of streams throughout the Keystone State. There is more opportunity to catch native trout then most would think. John enjoys the challenge of tying his own flies and casting his fly rod into pools that are sometimes smaller than a half ton pickup truck. Everything about this type of fishing is a challenge – sometimes hiking long distances, wary fish, narrow windows to maneuver a fly rod, and John adds an additional element with a camera! Make sure you tune into some of John’s fly-fishing videos that you will find informational and entertaining. While you are at it, you just might find yourself scrolling through the reels of deer hunting videos.

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