Live Fire with Larry White

Show Notes

In this Episode of Huntavore, Summer has finally arrived!  Schools out, temps are up, and outdoor cooking is back.  Nick is joined by Larry White, the Wildgame Gourmet to chat about wildgame and live fire.  Larry gives some insight to meat care, making a smoke bomb to regulate your smoke output, and what his goto hardwood of choice is.  Nick does some investigating on Larry’s DIY clay oven, gets skeptical over flavored charcoal briquette, and gets excited over Larry’s dish, Chili Colorado.  Kick back and enjoy this latest episode of Huntavore.

Larry White hails from North Carolina, and enjoys playing with his wildgame and applying his culinary craft.  Larry ran a restaurant and food truck and like anyone in hospitality realized that when was starting a family, he had to make a choice.  Now he creates amazing dishes where gamey isn't even a thought.  Nick brought Larry on to chat about live fire cooking, and his construction of a DIY outdoor clay oven.  Summer is here and cooking outdoors over open flame is a great way to kick it off.  Larry loves oak on his barbecue, especially over wild pork that he takes off his home swamp.  A true property problem to plate solution.

In the two dish breakdown Larry lays out a dessert on the grill,  grilled peaches.  Sprinkle some brown sugar and drop onto some direct heat.  The peach will char and take on some smoke.  Serve with rosemary infused cream or french vanilla.  His second dish is a chili Colorado.  Not to be mistaken as a normal chili, but a hearty stew braised in a red chili sauce.

Show Transcript