Focusing on Target Deer, Misses and Data Collection

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Rocky Burrus (SA Farm Management Service) discuss focusing on target deer, misses and data collection. Rocky explains the difficulties in finding ammunition, and long-distance shooting. Rocky describes his failures and not killing a target buck and having a friend/worker kill his target deer.  Jon and Rocky detail their weapon choices and how to care for and handle weapons.

Rocky and Jon discuss client success and questions being asked by clients. Rocky discusses the number one question that is asked about managing deer, what we can control as it pertains to deer and age class objectives. Rocky explains the tough decision passing deer and choices he made this season.

Rocky and Jon examine aging deer with pictures, the best techniques and thinking more about the time of year and weight status of deer. Rocky explains when the best time to age deer is via trail camera pictures. Jon discusses antler scoring deer in pictures and using this data as a baseline to establish quality. Rocky explains how to get out comparanoia of deer antlers and regions of the US.

Rocky discusses late season trail camera strategy. Jon discusses all season trail camera tactics. Rocky breaks down where to hunt bucks and does and the reality of passing deer late in the season.

Show Transcript