Food Plot Overload

Show Notes

On last week’s episode, we began to prep everyone about the reality of food plotting challenges in 2022. The herbicides we typically use may be in short supply and expensive, and fertilizer won’t be much different. Mitch mentioned that planting a summer cover crop as a “green manure,” which will release nutrients mined by plant roots to the soil’s surface when terminated, as being a viable option. This is not a new concept to agriculture, but it’s begun to gain more traction in the food plot community. With that, this week’s episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman is going to branch off into a bit more detail about green manure in food plots with Tad Dalgewicz.

Tad is a spokesman for the Whitetail Institute and does seminars throughout the east coast. He has an intensive background in agriculture, and between his part time farming and food plotting history has nearly 30 years of experience. He discusses a new product released by the Whitetail Institute called “Revive” and how this product along with a green manure planting system can be utilized. Tad is one of those guys that when you chat with him, it’s plain to see he has intense passion for food plots and managing soils in a sustainable way. Tad is no stranger to relating his food plotting to quality hunting, and has taken numerous wall-hangers in Pennsylvania. With that passion, be prepared for Tad to go on some tangents about food plotting, property management, hunting strategy and more! You may find some of the information in this episode to be a little over your head if you are new to food plots. But rest assured that the information from Tad’s mind is quality mixed with quantity!

Show Transcript