From Beans to Bucks: Eddie Speckman's Story of Coffee and Hunting

Show Notes

Welcome to the Antler Up Podcast with your host, Jeremy Dinsmore! In this episode, Jeremy sits down with special guest Eddie Speckman!

In this conversation, Jeremy and Eddie discuss various topics related to hunting and entrepreneurship. They talk about Eddie's journey of starting Our Grounds Coffee Company and the challenges he faced along the way. They also discuss Eddie's hunting experiences in Maryland and his passion for exploring different hunting avenues. 

They touch on the realities of entrepreneurship and the importance of support. Overall, the conversation highlights the dedication and hard work required to pursue one's passions. This conversation explores the journey of starting a coffee roasting business and the importance of building trust and relationships with customers. The hosts discuss the desire for help and improvement, taking on DIY projects, and learning new skills. They also delve into the challenges and rewards of starting a small business, the support and growth of a community, and the importance of supporting each other's endeavors. 

The conversation highlights the value of genuine relationships, the power of positive feedback, and the aspiration for growth and success. In this conversation, Eddie discusses his collaboration with local businesses, including the Sipsters and Brick and Brew. He emphasizes the importance of building relationships within the local community and how it has helped his coffee business grow. Eddie also shares his idea for a coffee rub and his interest in turkey hunting. The conversation concludes with a discussion about hunting plans and the fear of missing out on hunting opportunities in different locations.

So, grab your coffee, gear, sit back, and join us on this episode as we Antler Up with Eddie Speckman on today's episode of the Antler Up Podcast.

 Stay tuned, stay safe, and Antler Up!

Show Transcript