Turkey Scouting, Coffee Sippin', & Cow Patty Flippin’

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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, we’re reminded that Dan almost died in his tree stand: A PSA to make sure you’re tethered properly! We discuss our individual coffee withdrawal symptoms, who makes the strongest pot, and we’re excited to try out a new brew called Wildland Coffee. Jacob did a little shed hunting, turkey scouting, and set up some trail cams on a new property. Find out why wild turkeys are attracted to cow pastures. Brad was also going to hang trail cameras but realized his older SPYPOINTS had gotten disconnected and couldn’t find the right memory card for his new TACTACAM Reval X. Did you hear about the new unlimited data plan that’s coming out from TACTACAM??

Dan gets some seasoned advice about scouting for turkeys: Find water, find the roost, and find the food. The “How to Hunt Turkey” podcast is a great resource for turkey hunters that covers tactics, gear, and so much more. Being close to a spitting and drumming big boss Tom will change your life! We answer Arica’s question about how to be stealthy using turkey calls when they’re coming in close. Don’t miss Ted Boogie’s TikTok on how to select a turkey diaphragm call. What is your favorite first sign of spring? Be sure to check out the GoWild store, we have butt tons of new fishing gear and many new brands coming!

[UNCENSORED] by GoWild kicks off your week with shameful nonsense, inappropriate convictions, and unfiltered tales from the woods, waters and whatevers. [UNCENSORED] is a behind the scenes look at our adventures, failures, wins, embarrassing moments at trade shows, hilarious tales from the warehouse, and a good rant or three about the most recent tyranny from the Dark Lord of the Sith himself.

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] How did you almost die? Tale of two Dance. I was being dumb in a tree stand and, uh Oh, yeah. Knew that story. Yeah. Yeah. I lost my, lost my tether. I fell out of, uh, my saddle this year or off the platform, but I was tethered properly. I haven't done that yet. Yeah. So between the two of us, we'd all our mistakes, somebody definitely would've died.

Mm. So make sure you're tethered properly. This ad brought to you by the Hunter Safety Commission Administration. I don't know, is that a thing? There is a thing like that. There's a tree stand. Yeah. Tree stand safety or something like that. Yeah. Yeah. There's a, all those brands work with, it's like governing body.

Yeah. And I think they're working on that for saddle hunters. They are. Yeah. Yeah. So that, that's common. Which is good. Like to get under the same, uh, regulation. I think it's such a new thing. They haven't really got a group that's governing it yet anyways. We kind of like. Rolled into this, uh, I feel like everybody's a little sleepy today.

Fumbled into it. Yeah. I'm cutting back my coffee, so I'm, I'm like a third, third brained right now. I [00:01:00] feel like, not myself. So are you jittery? No, it's the, I get sloggy. It's like a. My, and, and in the afternoon I just feel sleepy. So usually when I cut back, I know I'm experiencing withdrawals because my eyelid will Oh, see that I don't get the twitch on like cup number five.

Uh, that's when I usually get over caffeinated enough to start twitching. No, this is when I come down. Yeah. I know. I'm saying I'm on the other end of the spectrum. Like I only twitch when I've had too much. Yeah. Uh, when I'm like this, I just feel, I feel sick and. Like, I just want to go lay down. So how's that gonna last, do you think?

I don't know. Your whole life. ? No. . I don't know. I've cut back before. I've cut completely before. Back when I used to do it for deer season, I don't do it anymore. But What were you up to? Like, how many cups a day are we talking? Oh, don't worry about it. Listen, it's no, the, the, it was like a members wanna know.

Yeah, at least four, sometimes five, and then sometimes another one in the afternoon if somebody here made a fresh pot. Did you hear, speaking of fresh pots, did you hear [00:02:00] about We had some, uh, some visitors at the office, which is, which is rare for us to have outsiders in the office. and Jacob and Braden went to that fishing expo thing and left the office.

Jacob made a pot of coffee, I guess left the office and you guys down that, that pot of coffee with the guests. And Donovan comes down, he's like, Hey, we need more coffee. Can you guys make it? And Eric, can I look at each other? He was like, you a make coffee? Well, we, we do, but not to the standards of special guests.

Oh, right. Well, Jacob makes it, and it's usually very strong when Jacob makes it. And I've learned that Chris is like a step above Jacob because Chris just like, no matter how much he's making, seems to fill it to the top with coffee, which is way too much for even a full pot. Uh, so Chris, Chris is, is like, it's like drinking three espresso shots in a cup.

Well, we had to call Jacob and ask him, walk us through how make a good pot of coffee. We called Jacob and I go, I whispered because [00:03:00] you guys were upstairs. I was like, Hey, Jacob, how do you make the coffee? Oh my gosh. We're giggling. We were just giggling, like, well, Donovan just was like two scoops for every one cup, and the only scoop we could find was like a two scoop or one cup.

One scoop for every two cups, is what you said. They almost brought. Coffee flavored tea, like that's what you all were about to do. Speaking of coffee, uh, my. Zach from Wildland reached out and he is like, Hey, can I give you guys the coffee for Uncensored? Uh, cause he's, he's seen us drinking. And I was like, yeah, sure.

So those are the coffee pods. Yeah, they're awesome. Um, he's, they're, they're, they're not just pods, like a lot of brands have the pods that they can drop in, but there's a couple problems with that. You either gotta fish it out with your fingers or a utensil. . And then if you throw it in a Yeti or something, it's gonna plug the lid.

His is a tea bag, so you have a string, you can drop it in eight minutes later. It is seriously like French press quality coffee. It is so good. So he's gonna send us some [00:04:00] of that to, to have on the show. Cool. It is an awesome product. He's a, he's a startup, so if you wanna look him up, I think his website's, wildland.co co.

Uh, check out Zack. I love his product. I've been talking to, I've been trying to help him a little bit with things. just talking to him here and there as he gets his brand off the ground. But it's growing like crazy. Uh, and my buddy that is a coffee snob said it was good coffee. Well, the, he works with one of the top roasters in the country, so it's, I mean, it's, it's fantastic.

Starbucks, no , Starbucks coffee, Starbucks. It's actually like they, they, what I've learned is they apparently do such a large roasting. That it, they can't make it not super acidic. Mm. Like, is that It tastes like chem. There's like a certain taste. Starbucks. It's like a chemical taste. It's, I think they burn the crap out of it.

Yeah. Oh man. I don't like it. I, I do not like their black coffee. Like they're, I would rather, no kidding. Probably have a cup of black from McDonald's than Starbucks. McDonald's does. I think they [00:05:00] have really good coffee. They have black coffee. Some money. Yeah. And, uh, so anyway, Zach is gonna give us a little, pick me up so I might have to restart my caffeine addiction.

So, mm. You know, to be able to drink a couple extra cups of that delicious nectar of the gods. What'd you guys do this weekend? You scouted, right? Go ahead, scouted. Yeah, I was supposed to scout. I, um, my story fell apart real fast, I'll tell you in a second. I had, uh, camera batteries die, so I needed to. put new batteries in it and I decided to just move that camera to the new farm cuz we haven't had any cameras running out there.

Um, and in the process I wanted to move the camera to an area where I think I'm gonna Turkey hunt. Like set up early new property or Yeah, the new farm. Okay. And so I did that move the camera, I actually did a little bit of shed hunting while I was getting the camera and kind of checking, actually checking the beds, um, the bedding areas and the, the other farm and just kind of walking.

and [00:06:00] moved that camera over to the new farm. But where I wanted to put it, I don't have a good tree, so I may actually steal that fence. Did it get thrown away that one fence post? No, it's out in the garage. Garage. I may steal that one fence post that we had laying around the broken one. Um, cuz I don't have a good tree to set this camera up on, but it's, it's a, there's a creek bed, there's like a prairie on one side of the.

And then a field with a tree line and another huge field on the other side. And so I'm thinking I can hopefully find some turkeys roosting along that creek bed. There's great lump that like trees around there. So anyways, I was gonna move a camera there. Didn't have a great spot, so I ended up moving it over closer where I shot that buck this past fall, just cuz there's a ton of traffic and I figure I'm might as well see what's running through there.

Did some shed hunting out there. Didn't see anything still. I mean, I am shocked at how like, it looks like a four-wheeler or maybe a, like a a two-wheeled four-wheel. [00:07:00] Tire had just driven through this one area, um, near that creek where deer have just beat it all to hell. Like there, there's just a lot of activity back there.

Mm-hmm. So I'm hoping that camera will catch something cool. There was a dough on it this morning and. , uh, no turkeys, no footprints, no feathers. So I still am kind of at a loss for, for what I'm gonna do. Turkeys you just go out like one morning at sunrise and yeah, hit 'em with some crow calls or something.

Um, yeah, and the good thing a about that property is it's an old cow pasture cow farm. And so there's rolling hills and there's big open fields and then trees on one perimeter side of it, pretty good size, you know, wooded parcel. And so I'm think. , I can get up on the top of that hill and be able to hear really well into the, the woods.

So yeah, it has potential, but you know, I'm just going into a blonde, not knowing people that own the property before. Yeah. From what I've seen on that one. The problem with yours is probably gonna be like mine, like the, the, it's a small, I mean, say smaller, like [00:08:00] sub 100 acres, right? Yep. Yeah. So 50. Yeah. So it's like they on those tree lines, they got so many different avenues they can.

That's what happens at my property every year. Like nine out of 10 times they go up into the other property, which after talking to Derek, I've realized it's cuz there's cows over there. Derek was talking about how they like to go up and flip the cow patties over. And I never thought about that. I don't know where those cows are, but I can hear 'em so well.

That's the other great thing. So where that creek runs through and then kind of cuts one corner of the property where I shot my deer is 20 yards from a cow pasture. Mm-hmm. . So from the thicker woods. , there's a creek and some protection that they can go along to get over to the cow pasture. And so I'm, I'm just hoping you might have luck on the evening hunts, man.

That, that's what I tried last year and cuz I, I couldn't catch 'em on the way out. I couldn't get in close enough. Well, I could, but I'm like, they're definitely gonna go the other direction if I come in. Cuz I have a, it's about a quarter mile walk down into the creek where they roost and it's noisy as I'll get out getting.

And, uh, last year when I started evening [00:09:00] hunting it, when they come back from the cow pasture, that's when I started really getting good birds. Yeah. So what's, what's the deal with the cow patty? They, they flip, Derek said they flip 'em up and they'll eat all the bugs and everything that kind of get under there.

Mm-hmm. , I mean, just like flipping a rock, right? Mm-hmm. , I mean, that's what Derek was saying. I had never heard that. Uh, I, I trust Derek though. that seems, that would be, that would make sense on why they're going up to that property so consistently. Mm-hmm. versus mine, because there's really no difference in the, the, like everything else is the same.

Um, it is a little bit easier to get out on that side, but I don't know if that's really the reason, you know, it's a shorter walk. It's like a hundred yards up the hill versus quarter mile. Mm-hmm. out the other direction. So, um, it may not even be a quarter mile, but it's, you know, a lot. up and down ridges, which I don't think, again, I don't know if that's necessarily it.

I think they're probably just driven by food. Uh, they're going out that way. But last year when I got in there on the day I shot at my Turkey, and I may have hit stick in between , uh, hit the [00:10:00] verde. But it mostly just surprised him. Uh, I've, I've told that story. I think I won't tell it again, but the, you know, I mean, I had tons of action on them coming back into the roost.

And, uh, that's when I, I got the boss heading going, and then she came in. She was fighting right in front of me with this other hen he comes in, would've been the biggest time I've prob, well, I dunno if he'd been the heaviest time, but really good bird. Really good bird, and would've been really happy with him.

But, I'm gonna, I'm probably gonna do that game plan again unless I, I want to get permission on that other side. Um, I would to, yeah. The, I'm gonna, I'm gonna talk to, uh, the guy that I, um, hunt his property. I wanna talk to him and see what he thinks. Uh, he's told me before. He's like, yeah, that's all cool. We all know each other like property line's.

No big deal. Yeah. Like if it's on the line, it's, it is not one of those like, oh, I can't go on that property. And you're not, you're not asking to go halfway into his property. Mm-hmm. , you're just like, Hey, those 20 yards on the other side, it's a literally 20 yards. Makes a huge difference. Yeah. Yeah. And so I'd like to get a little, because if I could sit on the other side, [00:11:00] that's the thing.

If I could sit 20 yards on the other side of that, that, and then get 'em when they come back, that's all I need. Mm-hmm. . I was gonna go out and hang cameras this weekend and I found out my spy points were in the, you know how they, they had to dis, like it wasn't them, the, the, the old ones got dis the link, the link got discontinued on a lot of the cell services.

Mm-hmm. And that's why Spy Point had to do this big offering. Like I didn't buy anymore because I wasn't sure if mine were gonna get impacted. And cuz they, they sent out an email two years ago. Saying, or a year, year and a half ago saying like, these, these were gonna be, the cell service had changed and they weren't gonna work anymore.

And they were offering like really steep discounts because of it. Um, and so I found out the hard way this weekend that mine were not working. I get all my cameras set up and I'm like, oh, these won't connect anymore. So I pivoted and was like, well, I happen to know a place where I could get some, uh, other cameras.

So I bought, bought one, came over here and got it, and then. Did not realize first that those take 12 batteries, not eight. So I had to [00:12:00] go back home. Mm, yeah. And then I go in the house, get, get, you know, the, uh, batteries come out, start setting it up, and then realized that the, the camera I bought, the tact cam app does not.

It tells you if your card is a good card or not. Like you pick the brand, you know, every card I had, it was like, this card might not work. And so I was like, I don't wanna drive. I mean, it's gonna be a two hour process getting out there and like it would really suck to go out there and hang cameras that don't work.

And so I couldn't find a card like, I was looking online. Nobody had cards that I needed, so I spent 40 minutes this weekend doing literally nothing towards my trail camera project. So Well got Do you any cards back there? You got on the way? I don't think we have any cards in the, where I already bought one.

I'll have it today. Um, I bought it online, um, but I bought the one that they said, okay. I went through and it. It tells you this card may or may not work. Uh, and it can apparently impact if it will send, I don't know what the deal is, but it, I mean, I'm glad they do that. It's better than to find out the hard [00:13:00] way, but I bought a card that said will work.

So I'm gonna, I don't know, get out maybe this weekend and hang it maybe some evening. Um, I'm kind of surprised they don't include one in the pro. I didn't buy the pro. Oh, okay. I just picked up the other one cuz the pro the pro's nicer. Um, but for what it offers, like, I was like, I don't really need that.

I'll probably get a pro for my deer season. Cuz now I've got a, all my, my spy points are dead. So I've, I've, and uh, I'm gonna buy the tact cams, uh, that we have here. And so I'll switch over to that and have all that on one plan. tech Cam's also got that unlimited plan coming out, the $10 plan, which is cool.

Uh, I think that's coming later this summer. That Wait, what? They got an unlimited plan for 10 bucks. Mm-hmm. that you can add, you can get as many photos and cameras on it as you want. You can get multiple cameras on one plan. Mm-hmm. , that's $10 a month. Yeah, that's what, that's what they were saying. And that it actually tells you that when you sign up, it's like, Hey, the unlimited plans come in this summer, so I'll probably buy a pro for my Deere at that point.

Uh, for this one I was [00:14:00] like, I'll just get the reveal X now. Um, cuz the differences are, I think you can, uh, I know it records video, but it also has a, weren't you at gaos? Weren't, isn't this committed to Memory Pro has? That's what I'm trying to run through right now, Dan. Uh, but then it has a little bit better, uh, black flash.

Like you get like 12 extra feet or something. It's not like a huge, they both have. ? Uh, they both, yeah, I think the, it has the LCD screen. The LCD screen. And then, but I think on this ones Is it only the pro though, that you can pull the 4K video to your phone? No, I think both. Yes, they both do that. Request the video through that.

I thought there was something with the video feature too. Um, so maybe it's not committed to memory Dan. Uh, but anyways, the, uh, I'll upgrade to the Pro. I'm, I'm gonna run a couple cameras and then I'll probably. I might even get a third one. I, I'm still really intrigued by, uh, my urban hunt spot. I'm telling you, man, I saw that massive road kill [00:15:00] deer.

I saw another large buck next to the road. I mean, and I'm talking quarter mile from that buck. Yeah. The, the one I really want to hunt is the one that I got. Like serious poacher problems in, that's the one where my blind got trashed. Those guys were walking around with shotguns. Um, and I just don't know if I'm gonna deal with that.

I, I that, like, that legit freaks me out a little bit to be out there. Um, bow hunting when guy, I mean, yeah, I could carry a pistol, but. There was three dudes with shotgun. Yeah, well there was three dudes walked into my, that property with shotguns. And I'm just, and it's not, it's not a saddle friendly spot.

There's no trees that I could saddle, um, on, on that property. Uh, but that, that seems to be the one that had the better deer on it. But I still think the other one has really good potential. Um, it's, it's, it's tucked into a, a good spot and it's just a, a, it's a bigger property. It's also right on a neighborhood, which I don't necessarily mind, but I've thought about that.

I'm like, If I shoot a deer and it runs straight into somebody's like pool or something, that's gonna be, oh God, . Yeah. Hey, well at least it'll be a good [00:16:00] story for the podcast. That's right. That's right. So do it for the story. As a Turkey newbie when you're scouting for Turkey, they, they won't roost the same tree every night.

Correct. They will RoCE same areas? Generally. Generally, yeah. So you're, it'll be different in the spring than where it is in the fall, or it can be. So you're just pretty much trying to see if there are. suitable turkeys on the property, and then just generally what time they're being active. Not even, I mean, I, I know there'll be turkeys on my, my, my situation's a little different than his.

I'm just more curious of how many Toms mm-hmm. . Cuz I haven't, I haven't run cameras now. I, through deer season two, I mean, there were a. Tons of turkeys out there. Um, I know there's turkeys there. They generally, well, I've got a creek running through. They like roosting above creeks. Um, the, that's usually the best spot to start when you're looking, if you have running water.

Um, but yeah, it's, it's all about food. I mean, they're gonna move out to where they can get food. And so if you start scouting now, you can find [00:17:00] when they come through, And, and there's six or eight of 'em, they'll make a mess. I mean, they'll, they'll, they'll dig out big spots. Um, if you, if you know what you're looking for, you can find them.

Uh, especially this time of year, like deer aren't necessarily gonna make, it'll look like a scrape. When they come through digging for food, um, and then you'll find Turkey poop and, you know, you're, but you're really, I've also learned that they'll also travel. I mean, they, they're often taken the path, path of least resistance too on, on the properties.

I've hunted my experience with turkeys, which is way, no way less than some of the people we talk to, but they seem to travel like the same general areas of path of least resistance. So, you know, the. , the, the areas I find them are pretty similar to where the deer coming through Now they'll, they might wander off a little bit because there's food, you know, they're eating bugs or something.

Um, but that's, that's where I'm gonna start. The best thing I've found to do is, what I told Jacob though, is just go out at sunrise and, you know, take a crow call and see if, where like right this time of year they'll, they'll, they'll shot gobble. So, yeah. [00:18:00] Yeah. I recommend, since we're on the topic of turkeys, that if you have not given a listen.

Paul's how to hunt Turkey podcasts that he just started highly, even if you have been Turkey hunting, it is Paul, I'm sure I would learn a ton. Such great stories. And it's not, they do some tactic stuff. They do like gear stuff too. It's kind of the full gamut. Um, but just listening to these guys and their approach to stuff and, um, what I would consider like old school minded Turkey hunters.

And it's, it's a really cool podcast I've enjoyed listening to so far, and some of the people he has on. Um, I think some of 'em run podcasts, write books and that kind of stuff, but they're all like super chill, very laid back people. They're not flamboyant characters at all. And so it's, it's a pretty sweet Listen, what's, what's the name of the podcast?

How to Hunt Turkey. Can you Self-explanatory? Can you tell like a Turkey Nest? Roost [00:19:00] from another one other than like, can't seeing the Turkey in it, right? I mean, yeah. But they'll, they'll roost in all kinds of different trees, even Well, they, they nest on the ground. Roosting trees. Yeah. Yeah. You won't, won't see like a bird nest, traditional bird nest in a tree.

No. But you can find, oh, okay. They, there are certain things to look for, you know, they're gonna pick an openish tree that they can get into. Mm-hmm. , uh, you know, branch size matters. Like they're gonna, they're gonna be looking for something that they can lock onto. Mm-hmm. . Cause when. Lock on there. They're, they're, they're locked.

Mm-hmm. , like the wind and stuff won't pull them off cuz they're, they actually will lock onto the branch, so they want something they can actually get around. Mm-hmm. . But I've seen 'em in all kinds of different trees. I know the pros that you'll talk to will know a little bit better of what to look for with that.

But, um, you know, generally, Uh, like on that creek bed. Um, they're up in some sycamores where I'm at. Ooh. Uh, yeah, I got some of those. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that's just where I'm seeing 'em, but they almost, I mean, it's the same dozen trees every year where I'm [00:20:00] at. Okay. That in the spring doesn't mean it'll always be like that.

That's just, it seems to be like, , it's got moving water, it's close to the food source. You know, they've got some open field that they can get up into. I know there's turkeys there though. Mm-hmm. . I'm just really curious to see what's out there. And it would be nice, to Dan's point, it would be nice to make sure that they're moving up through that spot.

At least like every three days, um, would be, would be nice. I, I have tried. Turkey hunting on the other side where I used to see them on camera, but it was like every 10 days I'd see a bunch come through. Hmm. And I've just, through experience I've learned over by closer to the roost is better. But then two scouting, like trying to come up with a game plan of how you're gonna get, if you're gonna morning hunt 'em, you wanna get in as close as you can.

Uh, how are you gonna get in there, you know, how, um, what's the game plan gonna be? Even on a property you hunt all the time like mine, you know, getting in there and trying to figure out a path in is still, I. Because cuz obviously fields change, you know, as things grow and change every year. Have [00:21:00] you Turkey hunted ever?

Mm-hmm. ? Well, Derek and I went out okay. I don't know, five, five days. Wow. Like every, like every weekend for like five days. Have you experienced turkey's gobbling? Yeah. Okay. I was gonna say like, you should totally come out to the farm with me when I go one morning soon. If you had not, but you're still welcome to.

But yeah, that, that experience just like hearing them gobble in the morning, getting them to respond. Yeah, it's cool. We, we saw a bunch too. We just couldn't call 'em in into shooting range, unfortunately. But, um, Easters are tough. Yeah. They, they. Are tough to pull in. Uh, well that's what I was wondering with, uh, with the trail cams, cuz we would set up one spot and Derek would be like, oh yeah, I saw some here last weekend.

We'd see nothing. And then walking out of his property, we'd see some, so then we'd set up there and then there'd be nothing. So I just didn't think that they were. , um, as habitual as a deer is, as far as you know, I guess if you have a really well determined game [00:22:00] trail, like what you're saying you have on your property, the chances are pretty good.

But on Derek's property, which is just a ton of, of open fields, trying to choose where to set up seems kind of like a crap shoot. So Well, and one of the episodes on, on the How to Hunt Turkey podcast. I forget who the guest was. He was kind of diving into a little bit of the difference in how they react to weather, wind, sun, cloud, cover, rain, like all this stuff, and where it dictates where they go for the day.

Mm-hmm. or where, you know, where they hang out and I, I'd never, some of this stuff, you know, it's like if it's raining, they're gonna go where they can see better. So they'll go out to the fields and some of this stuff I'd. Even thought, thought of, I just go set up on a field with my decoys out there and call and what aret we talking about on slack?

Patterning, shotguns. Was that you saying that? Yes, that's me. Yeah, I need to go do that. Weren't, didn't she say we all need to go somewhere? Yeah, we can go out to the farm. Okay. Which one are you gonna go to? The new one. New one? Yeah. Y'all can check it out and see it. Cool. Yeah, I'm in. I haven't go out there and shoot, I [00:23:00] didn't pattern last year and maybe I should have, yeah, same

I'm, I'm actually debating, I'm debating taking the red.off of my shotgun and just using the. . Um, I mean, but most of the time that's the longest shot I'd ever taken on a Turkey. Usually I, I'm like 15 yards. You, it's kind of difficult to miss. So I also feel like I'm seeing a personality change in you maybe after the trailer lock incident or when you realize you should have done something last year and the next year rolls around

Oh, you haven't heard my deer hunting? Uh, cuz I even, I called it, I called what I was gonna. Uh, I ended up getting a good buck, but, uh, like on a podcast back in August, I was like, I'm gonna do no prep. I'm gonna go out, I'm gonna have to figure out the whole thing in action and I'm gonna shoot whatever shows up.

And that's what I did. I ended up with a nice buck, but, uh, I had to put together my game plan in real time. Turkey's a little different on same big, uh, where I'm at. There's really the turkeys. I'm hunting a 75 acre. , the turkeys [00:24:00] hang out in 25 acres of it. They're either there or they're not right now. I did.

The difference is I went out there with Tony Cagiano on that sweepstakes and Tony can pull a bird. Like I can't, like that's what I was saying, like you and Derek can pull, try to pull a bird, but Tony just knows every trick in the book. I watched that guy call that Turkey for an hour and a half and we , I've told this story before, but just, just, uh, like he would.

And these three young birds would come up the hill from where I'm always trying to pull 'em from. And they would gobble, gobble, gobble, like young, you could tell they were younger birds. Uh, and then the big boss bird would call and it was like gobble, gobble, gobble, like so raspy, the rast bird I've ever heard.

And it was obviously stuck. It had a, Tony was pretty sure it had a hn with it. We couldn't see it. But it was a hundred yards away and we could hear it spitting and drumming like, and Tony's like, that is a monster bird, if we can hear it that far away. Like the fact, cuz it's like, you know, they do that, that weird.

Have you heard [00:25:00] that? Mm-hmm. . You ever heard that once you hear that in person? I haven't heard that. When you hear it in, it's, it's something that you can, it changes your blood flow. You can, it does insane. It rewires your brain to, is it pretty loud? It's, it is, but it isn't like you can't really hear it until they, it's.

Sound to it too. Like it's, it's, yeah, it's, it's weird cuz it's also hard to pinpoint. Um, but once you've heard it, they'll, it's like a Mm, and and they'll, they'll run Maybe I haven't heard that. It You have to be close. Yeah. I mean usually it's like 50 yards in, in, you'll hear it when they're, it's when they're swollen up and they're pacing around.

Yeah. But you'll hear it like a, like a suck sound almost. And then they'll, they'll kind of, it's called spitting and drumming. And then so we could hear that bird for forever way Tony. Pulled out every I, at times I was like, this dude is getting way too aggressive. And then at times I was like, holy crap, will you call, you know, I would, I would've been just calling consistently, but it was such like watching him, I learned a lot just from that one hunt of what everything I do wrong, which the next year I, I did really good at [00:26:00] calling last year for my skillset.

I can't do. Like work the whole range of calls as well as he could. But with the diaphragm, I was really proud of like attacking the hints and talk from talking to him and a couple other guys like Scott, I've, I've learned of when to be aggressive and when not. Um, but that makes a huge difference on if you can pull the, the boss hen in, you know, and, and she brings, uh, the, that one I did last year brought the other hand with her and then the Tom just came running in cause his hens were leaving him.

And uh, but watching Tony pull, I was like, Never be able to do that. It's like you're watching, you're, it's like playing basketball with an NBA player, you know? Yeah, yeah. I, I got the pot call down pretty good last year. I think this year I'm gonna try the diaphragm. Just learning. Start now man. Cause it's a musical instrument.

I mean, they all are, but like the mastering a diaphragm is, is, takes practice. Usually just carry 'em in my car or when I'm driving and just do it. I mean, with no one else in there. Cause you're gonna blow their ears out. If you're solo though, you probably need the diaphragm. Because like can you do the pothole and then [00:27:00] like you gotta pick up your gun, you just need to set up smart.

Have your gun shouldered. Yeah. A stick really just all depends on your setup. I mean, some people will hunt with a little pop-up blind in front of 'em and you can do, you know, you can work a pothole in front of you. Right. But yeah, the diaphragm's nice cuz you know I was calling, um, It's the only way you can call and see the bird.

Cuz if you can see them, they can definitely see you. Right. So you're just, you know, just a little bit of movement right here, which you usually have a mm-hmm. a mask up. So, but yeah, those are, I'm already stressed out about it. No, no, you should, you should go. Do we, we have some woodhaven here, don't we? I don't think have frames.

Okay, well, they're on our website. Grab a couple of those and just start playing with them. The other thing I'll tell you too, it might take you a while to find a brand that fits you really well. Um, I've, I've been through like three or four brands before I really woodhaven, you know, or, or those work really well for me.

Um, but I've, I've kind of through talking to other people, like just finding one that fits your pallet. Uh, you might have to cut it down, you know, um, Dan Dan's a large. [00:28:00] Man, large pallet. You, you probably got a large pallet, so you want to, I've got a trash pallet, but a trash palette. Uh uh, Ted Boogie has a video on it, does how to make one outta a latex glove.

Yeah. Um, disturbing. Yeah. Very disturbing. Yeah. Butter glove than other things. . Yeah. But yeah, it's . . What other things are you talking about? Other forms of latex . Interesting. But yeah, weather's getting nice now. I think Wednesday's gonna be 75. Dude, the beepers were out this weekend. When I hear the beepers, that's the peeper.

Huh? Spring pees the frogs. Oh. Oh, I thought you were talking about birds. I thought you were talking about like pedophiles. Yeah. spring pees. Come on guys. The pedophiles. Spring the pees were up. People at their, at the wood with their binoculars. Yeah. No spring pees. Little, little high pitched Croy frogs you hear in the spring time.

I've never heard of that. Dude. Beepers and turkeys like that is spring. That is the sounds of spring. That must be a Kentucky thing. I've never heard of [00:29:00] that phrase. Pees. Oh my. I'm sorry not, that's not in North Carolina. We didn't say pees. There's pees in North Carolina. I'm sure there are, but I never heard anyone refer to 'em as peepers.

Well, they call 'em pedophiles. , yeah, the pennies. Um, but no, so we're, I think I'm probably this week on Slack. I'm gonna try to get a bunch of us to go out, do that. Uh, Dick's River Kayak trip, which is my favorite in Kentucky. And then we need to go back up to the falls. You weren't there. That was fun. I wasn't there yet, but that's a good, you can do a half day on that, you know?

Cause it's in town. I really want to do that Dick's trip because I've fished the Kentucky River up to the mouth of the dick's and kind of as far in, you can go a little bit, but. I would, the amount of species back there that you can catch is very, very, and just floating out on the Kentucky and you're going under that high bridge where there's those big pylons and it's 40 foot deep there and I'm sure there's some river monsters.

I [00:30:00] would pay money to know what was on. That's, it's fine. I would pay money to know what was on that catfish. Rodt I found, because I think it was still possibly hooked. I think it something picked. Went to the bottom and that rod just got popped outta their boat at night and they didn't know. Yeah. I mean, oh, you found a rod, I found a catfish rod fish on it.

Yeah, dude, I, I, I pulled and pulled, I went above cuz usually if it's stuck, you can go upstream and pull it. It wouldn't come out. And I, I'm on a. Kayak. So I had no leverage to be able to pull a 60 pound fish off the bottom, if that's what it was. So I had to cut the line. It was a really expensive setup, but I'm like, I am never gonna use this thing.

I just didn't wanna leave it in the water. A, it's trash. Uh, but B I'm like, this is a really expensive catfishing setup. So I got back to the, the, uh, the takeout and there was this dude standing there fishing, and I was like, You ever catfish? And he's like, yeah. I was like, I just found this. And I am guessing this reel alone is like a multi hundred dollar reel.

I mean, it's a super nice, huge, it looked like a salt water setup. Yeah. And um, the rod was some kind [00:31:00] of catfish specific brand. It was like nine foot tall, massive, sturdy rod. And I was like, you want this thing? He's like, oh yeah, dude. He took it. He like starts playing with it right there. Uh, but whatever was on there, I think I, I had this experience.

Derek had this experience and Braden lost all of his line of hooking up to a horror movie monster that just sucks out all your line . And for me it was sucked it out, hit some drag, try to stop the drag, pop the lure off. Derek, I think it sucked out all of his line. And then he was able to get the lure for you.

But you guys were talking about, you're like, dude, these fish are hitting like salt. And I was like, okay, I'm, I'm gonna go try, like, I went up there, remember they bent the hook, like the, the, we were casting into that flow out and like, you know, you're not getting snagged on anything. No. There's nothing to get snagged on right there.

Yeah. And it would hit and it's like, pull you up and you're trying to fight it back. And literally the multiple times I brought up hooks that were bent, mine was, you know, it was going down with the flow of the [00:32:00] water, which was pretty quick. But then all of a sudden, Fetal that set and then just goes, really, fuck yeah.

The other direction is some, some takes off. I will definitely go back if we go there. That was really fun. I did terrible that day. I don't think I caught a fish, but, uh, I caught some fish. I've also about broke my tail belt four times. Yeah, it's, I I would have to think through that set up again. I'm not bringing, I'm not bringing cross kicks, that's for sure.

the, I don't know what I would wear, but it. Uh, think through that again. I think I had cross kicks on too. I might, I might wear my waiting boots. Yeah. I would wear felt bottom waiting boots. Yeah. I think felt bottom boots would be better. Um, but it, it was a good time. It was fun. All right. Well, uh, I don't think w the four of us didn't do a hold at this weekend.

Sounds like, so. Sounds a little bit of. Prepping on the gardening and whatnot. So, we'll, we'll cut this one out. Uh, got Dan Hood, Erica Johnson, Brad Leal and Jacob Knight here. Make sure you log this on. Go out, hit plus log time. You can find our show up top. It's that uncensored. You can pick which episode you're listening to, and then you'll get points to earn for rewards, which you can [00:33:00] redeem in our shop.

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All right. Thanks guys. Tons of fishing stuff coming. Oh, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. We do have a lot of like tons, like butt tons, right? Yep. Like, uh, metric butt tons. So, uh, we also have, I had a guy messaging me on the platform asking about a couple brands like Badlands, which is coming. So Badlands will be here soon.

And then, uh, we have an probably another. 40,000 Pro 30,000 products we're about to add here. In the next couple months, they'll be mostly gun related stuff, firearm related stuff. You know what? Our people love guns and fire firearm related stuff. Another good thing about fishing, if you looked at fishing last year, we were bundling a bunch of lures together to make shipping make sense.

Now we're not doing that because we do charge. Less than $50 shipping. Yeah, we had to, [00:34:00] but that means, but that means if you're buying a tact to cam and you also just want one pack of lures, you can just buy one pack of lures as an add-on and, and not have to buy these bundles that we were creating, uh, last year.

So steps in the right direction based on member feedback. Yep. All right. Thanks, y'all. We're out. Bye.