From Super Bowl Champ To Outdoor Philanthropist

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan chats with Super Bowl Champion, avid outdoorsman, and philanthropist, Matt Light. Straight out of the womb, Matt was introduced to the outdoors through his father and grandfather, learning just about aspect of hunting, fishing, trapping, and living off the grid. Believe it or not, Matt's grandfather was even friends with the GOAT, Fred Bear. From the outdoors to the gridiron, Matt excelled as an offensive lineman in high school,  at the University of Purdue, and then an 11 year career with the New England Patriots where he not only helped his team win multiple Super Bowls, but played with and against some of the greatest names in NFL history.

Now that Matt is retired, he has turned his focus to the foundation that he runs with his family. The Light Foundation, helps kids get involved with the outdoors through hunting, fishing and a variety of programs designed to build the next generation of leaders. Another excellent episode where we highlight someone who is passionate about the outdoors and sharing his passion with others. Enjoy and Share!

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