2nd Amendment Foundation

Show Notes

On today’s show with GunBroker.com, we’re at SHOT Show talking with Adam Kraut the executive director of the Second Amendment Foundation. We open up with Logan asking Adam to give us a run down on some of the “wins” that correlate with the Second Amendment. He brings up Bruen and gives us an in-depth analysis on why this was such a huge win for the Second Amendment. One of the main focuses of Bruen is the right to bear arms outside of our homes. Although a big win, quite a few states and cities are still currently fighting the Bruen case. Be sure to listen to this episode presented by GunBroker.com to hear all about some recent wins for the Second Amendment across the United States.

Up next, Logan brings up how the Second Amendment Foundation is celebrating its 50-year anniversary this year. While it’s an amazing accomplishment that we all celebrate, it unfortunately means that they’ve been having to fight for firearms rights for the entire time. Adam gives us a history lesson on the Second Amendment Foundation, including the first years and how it became able to file lawsuits. Since the organization’s inception, it has been involved with over 260 cases fighting for Second Amendment rights with 58 active cases currently. The current lawsuit is to challenge the federal prohibition on medical marijuana users in Pennsylvania.

Allen brings up the Gun Rights Policy Conference. The main point is to get everyone involved in protecting Second Amendment rights together, to collaborate and work together to help keep the needle moving. If this is something you’re interested in, you can go to the 38th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference this year in San Diego, California. Logan also brings up pistol braces and the current legal landscape. Adam gives us the rundown on pistol braces, so listen in to hear all about it!

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