From the Vault: Understanding Thermals

Show Notes

Late July/early August is a great time to do some digital scouting and hang some stands. Understanding thermals and their impact on wind currents can help you take your scouting and stand sight selection to the next level. Thermals can make or break a hunt. Not only do they influence how deer move across the landscape, but hunting with thermals in mind can be the difference between you watching as a white tails bound off through the timber or you getting a chip shot at your target. But thermals can be tough to understand and predict. 

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer podcast, Josh talks with Eric Ives of Red Bearded Predators for a little thermals 101. Eric hunts the hill country of southwestern WI, so he is no stranger to thermals, how they impact your hunting setups, and how deer use them to their advantage. Tune in to learn how to capitalize on thermals where you hunt!

Show Transcript