How Greg Litzinger Uses Maps to Scout for Deer

Show Notes

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer Podcast, I catch up with Greg Litzinger to hear what he keys in on when map scouting for deer in the big woods and salt marshes of New Jersey. Greg, aka the Bowhunting Fiend, hunts highly pressured public land in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. All the competition means Greg needs every edge he can get to seal the deal on big bucks. Map scouting is one of the tools Greg uses to get himself away from the hunting pressure and on the deer.

While map scouting is a common tool for big buck killers, everyone has a little different technique and approach depending on their hunting style and the terrain they hunt. For Greg, map scouting is a year round endeavor. During the hunting season, the map serves as a starting point for Greg. He’ll then use it to scout his way in and set up and hunt over freshest sign. In this episode, Greg shares how he uses maps to find the kinds of properties he’s looking for, the specific features that he keys in on, what would make him write a property off, and his top advice to help the average hunter kill more deer.

Show Transcript