Game Changing Food Plot Strategies: Hold them Season Long

Show Notes

It's that time of year where final preparations are coming together for archery season.  Food plot planting is in full swing throughout most of the country and beginning to pick up here in the northeast.  Social media is blowing up with guys tilling and planting, promoting different seed blends and manufacturers.  But how do you really know what fits best for your situation?  This week on the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch dives into a fall food plot discussion of tuning fall food plots with hunting strategy.

Topics of interest include 1) assessing species requirements based on browse pressure and soil capabilities, 2) maximizing the amount of tonnage for season long hunting, and 3) effectively hunting and holding the local herd with this food plot rotation.  We also touch on some potentially simple poor man no-till food plot options.  Food plots truly can change the quality of hunting on private land to the point of no return.  Anyone who has not experienced this has likely made a fatal mistake in their program that produced poor results.  Those mistakes can be avoided and are addressed in this episode!  Don't miss out!

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