Food Plot Design, Practices and Cropping

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Perry Battin (Drury Outdoors) discuss the latest strategies and ideas surrounding food plot architecture. Perry introduces himself and converses about the latest turkey season in his area. Perry also discusses how food plot decisions are made on the Drury farms in both Iowa and Missouri.

Perry discusses the planning that is required during the late winter months to ensure the correct seed, fertilizer and equipment is ready to go for spring planting. Perry explains all season food plot strategies and the Drury teams’ focus and the related benefits of summer and fall food sources for the deer herd. Perry also recognizes and justifies his approach of all-season food and the results of having more attractiveness on the landscape.

Perry breaks down the key shapes and sizes of the food plots, and specific layouts and food plot seed choices (biologic) that will create a successful hunt. Jon and Perry discuss the fertilizer dilemma that’s occurring, and Jon points out options for those considering alternatives to fertilizer. Perry explains the importance of access, and how food plot layouts are built around hunting locations. Both confer about improvements in and around food plots and how timber management and specific access or pinch points drive deer into the best hunting locations. Perry gives details on relative distances that he considers when separating food plots and deer bedding areas. Perry discusses special tactics that make large destination food plots more huntable.

Perry and Jon end with the most cost affordable food plot seed options and how these choices will be the best option for hunters all season long.

Show Transcript