If You Don’t GoWild, You Don’t Know Brad

Show Notes

What a week it’s been for the crew, but for some of the wrong reasons. Paul took a trip to the south, his parting gift was a helping of covid. Andrew’s knee is repaired, but now on for a quick recovery. Corey is…. Corey is….. no idea. Around the state, ODW will be hiring 20 wildlife officers, and a lot of the hunting seasons are in full swing.  The heart of the talk is with Brad Luttrell from GoWild. GoWild is an online social commerce platform, that offers some social media aspects, shopping, and connecting all of your hunting needs in one spot. Brad gives us a look into the dark side of social media, and its dark, but also the upside of using different programs like GoWild. We discuss some of the recent topics from a rather loud industry voice. Learn more about GoWild Here Merry Christmas! O2Podcast on GoWild @the.o2.podcast -Instagram @Ohiohunt- Twitter Ohio Outdoors is Powered by Simplecast

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