Getting a Moose to Michigan with James Zandstra

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by James Zandstra of The Fair Chase Podcast.
This past fall, James went on an epic adventure, hunting a Moose in BC, Canada. On top of
that, determined to bring the whole moose back to his own freezer here in Michigan, all by
driving. While finding and shooting the moose was one way up the mountain, getting the prize
back home is the way down. If you are thinking about a bountiful long distance meat hunt, then
this is the episode for you. Lots of heavy hauling on this episode of Huntavore.
James shares his experience of hunting moose in British Columbia. He discusses the
preparations he made for the hunting season and the planning involved in going on a moose
hunt. James also talks about the challenges of transporting the moose meat back home and the
process of processing the moose. He shares an exciting encounter with a grizzly bear and
reflects on the overall hunt. James concludes by recommending future hunts and the joy of
sharing the moose meat with others. James discusses his experience making sausage from
deer meat and shares his recipe. He also talks about his love for charcuterie and recalls a
memorable podcast episode with a charcuterie board. James then mentions his involvement in
creating hunting memes and his use of a recurve bow.
Takeaways: Proper planning and preparation are essential for a successful hunting season.
Transporting and processing the meat after a hunt can be challenging but rewarding.
Encounters with wildlife, such as grizzly bears, add excitement and adventure to the hunting
experience. Sharing the meat with others is a fulfilling way to enjoy the fruits of a successful
hunt. Making sausage from wild game meat can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.
Charcuterie boards can be a creative and impressive way to showcase homemade cured
meats. Creating hunting memes can be a fun way to engage with the hunting community on
social media. Using a recurve bow adds an extra challenge and enjoyment to hunting.
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