Getting Hooked on Texas Fishing

Show Notes

On this episode of The Nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks to Landon Rowlett, a podcaster and avid fly fisherman from Texas. Dan picks his brain on what makes Texas a great destination for all sorts of anglers.

Landon is a fly fisherman that likes to chase after a wide variety of fish. Every year he plans a destination fly fishing trip with his friends that takes him to locations around the world. Landon has spent time managing a fly fishing shop, and being a whitewater/backpacking guide. Landon currently lives in San Antonio where he is within hours of a wide variety of fishing opportunities. He is passionate about introducing new people into the sport that he loves and runs a podcast called Honeyhole Hangout. Dan and Landon discuss fishing destinations, techniques and the possibility of Dan heading to Texas to see what Lonestar fishing is all about.

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