Girls, Guns, & GAOS

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman we chat with Brandy Adam. Brandy works for the National Rifle Association and plays a huge role in planning the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg each year. We kick off with the prep work for the show. A lot has changed since the NRA has taken it over in 2014, and we would argue it's bigger and better than ever. From here, we learn a little bit more about Brandy's journey through the world of hunting and outdoor recreation.

Brandy did not grow up in a hunting family, and has grown from a borderline anti hunter to an extremely successful woman in the field. This part of the show provides a ton of perspective most men will typically never see. Guys, if you've wanted to get your wife or daughter involved in your passions, there is a lot to learn from this episode. Brandy not only hunts harder than some guys, she has a desire to help grow hunting and shooting sports in local clubs, and inspire other women to navigate the unique journey of being a female in the outdoor world.

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