Gone To The Dogs: John Sturgill Tribute Hunt

Show Notes

When host Steve Fielder was a young hunter attending coonhound events in Virginia and West Virginia, prior to his registry days, he often hunted with John Sturgill and Les Bolen.  The duo were coon hunting buddies and were a force to be reckoned with in competition and on the numerous pleasure-hunts our host enjoyed with them in those days.  Each man was noted then and now for having world class Plott Hounds.

Recently, Jamie Estep, who joins Sturgill and Bolen in this episode, designated the annual National Plott Hound Association’s West Virginia Plott Sectional the John Sturgill Tribute Hunt and Show.  Sturgill was honored throughout the recent three days of hunts, shows and bear events.  Estep invited Steve to judge the bench show on Friday, setting up the perfect opportunity for the friends to get together and recall old times.

This is a feel-good conversation centered upon hunting in the rugged West Virginia mountains with Plott dogs.  Estep recalls Sturgill and Bolen as role models for his own career which now includes the title of Field Representative for UKC and anchor for the YouTube video coverage of the popular Tournament of Champions for coonhounds.

Steve is betting you will really enjoy this one.

Show Transcript